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  • Erobrtse0307

    hey, I have to say, im a loyal follower posting anonymously, but my recent ex gf is a regular poster on your blog. I have done a lot to help her out, but she hastnt done anything to return the favor exept bust a hole in my wall and break one of my windows… would love to talk to you, my email is

  • Jen

    Hi Megan!

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!

    Its the perefect mix between eating healthy
    and fitness (running is my personal fave!)

    I wanted to tell you about an amazing new
    site that I am using and its awesome! 

    I too have found it hard to find people with similar interests, and in my case, running buddies!
    It is a perfect site to set fitness goals and meet them through:

    -Planning games with your friends and
    other people in your area (and sync them with your everyday calendar)

    -Discover and create groups that match
    your interest and skills

    -Setting goals and have your network
    challenge you to improve

     When you can workout with other people or
    have challenges in your calendar, you are more likely to stick to them and

    Check it out!!
    Twitter: @SLockerroom

  • Jen

    Social Lockerroom…helps you find people around you with similar interests! I found a running group here. try it out!!  Working out with people is so much more fun 🙂 and makes you stick to your goals.

  • Meghan M. Sullivan

    I see that you have a pair of the Saucony ProGuide 6. How do you like them? I recently ordered a pair and am apprehensive about them.

  • New to your blog and already a fan. I run (not as fast) and cook (not as healthy) so I GET it. You’re a cute girl but the main picture of you running looks like a 40-something mom racing…sorry. Don’t be offended cause I really think you’re pretty in the rest of your pictures. But you have to change that one picture cause I thought I stumbled onto the blog of a Moving Comfort veteran runner member.

  • Megan

    Thanks for the input Jones, but the photo was from a race, not a beauty pageant. So…fuck off.

  • Eric Weber

    My name is Eric and I am with promoting the Patriot’s Day 5k race. Can we post this link on you site?