Runner’s Kitchen Coaching – contact megan.kretz at gmail dot com for more info!

Option 1: Individualized Training Plan
If you’ve been running for a while and just need some structure for an upcoming training cycle, a stand-alone plan is probably your best bet. After an initial phone or in-person conversation about your running history, injury history, goals, and preferences, I’ll create you a customized 12-week, 16-week, or 20-week plan. It will include weekly mileage, speed workouts, long runs, and cross-training. Once you’ve got the plan in hand, you can choose to follow it exactly as is or modify as you go along. This option does not include on-going updates to the plan or email/phone check-ins.

**SPECIAL OFFER! 4 or 8-week trial plan: $20-$40 (Not ready to commit to 3 or 4 months of training? After our initial consultation, I’ll create a 4 or 8-week plan to jumpstart your running program.)

12 week plan: $50 (Ideal for 5k/10k runners as well as full and half-marathoners who already have a few months of base mileage)

16 week plan: $75 (Classic marathon or half-marathon training plan)

20 week plan: $100 (Best for marathon training, assumes no/very little base mileage)

Option 2: Virtual Coaching
Looking to complete a new distance (first 5k? first marathon?) or set a PR? Or maybe you just need the guidance and extra accountability that a professional running coach offers. If you’re looking for more interaction, virtual coaching can help you become a better, faster, stronger runner. We’ll begin with a phone or in-person discussion of your running history, goals, likes/dislikes, etc. From there, I’ll create you a plan to will help you achieve your goals. Whether it’s running your first 5k or qualifying for the Boston Marathon, I can help you get there. In addition to the phone consultation and customized training plan, virtual coaching also includes on-going email/phone support. Had a tough workout and need to vent? Call or email Coach Megan. Can’t fit in a long run this week and need to revise the schedule? Call or email Coach Megan. Not sure what to wear for the big race? Yup, you got it – call or email me! Throughout your training cycle, we’ll cover basics such as workouts and mileage, but we’ll also discuss sports nutrition (what to eat before/during/after runs), running shoes/gear, and injury prevention.

4 weeks: $100
8 weeks: $200
12 weeks: $250
16 weeks: $300

**The phone/in-person consultation is always free. After we speak, if you decide not to move forward with me as your coach, no payment is due. I want to make sure we’re a good fit!