Running Lately

Hello! Are you here for the running talk? Good! Because that’s what I’ve got on tap for today. I always have so many ideas for blog posts, but then I feel like starting a post is overwhelming, so I don’t do it…maybe the answer is shorter, less edited posts?

Last time I checked in, running was going so-so. I was able to start up fairly quickly postpartum (after about 4 weeks) and while I didn’t feel great (it was July/August and hot AF), I didn’t feel terrible either. I was pleasantly surprised with an 8:00 pace 5k just 7 weeks after labor/delivery. As August marched on, I was able to build up to 7 miles and I thought maybe I could be in the double digits by early fall and maybeeee run a half-marathon. I knew it wouldn’t be a PR, but I thought training for a longer race might be a good goal (plus I had a automatic entry in to a local half that I deferred from last year). Ah well, that didn’t happen.

I had to have some minor surgery which necessitated a bit over a week off, smack dab in the middle of September (when I was supposed to be doing those double digit runs I talked about…) and then we had a bunch of travel which was fun, but meant I really only had time for 3-ish miles most days. Also, once Teddy was about 3-months old, I started working more. I’m only working part-time (15 hours a week-ish), but I only have babysitting help a few hours a week, so between taking care of the babe, working a few hours a day, and trying to keep the house in semi-presentable shape (hah), it doesn’t leave much time for serious training. If I really, really wanted to, could I wake up extra early and run 6 miles instead of 3 or 4? Probably. But I also really need sleep! Teddy is a little over 4-months old and while he’s a pretty good sleeper, some days are better than others! These days he’s sleeping from about 7/8pm until 5/6am, with a few (unpredictable) naps throughout the day.

Most weeks I kind of just go with the flow when it comes to running. I’ve been aiming for 5 days of running per week and 1 strength training workout (even if it’s only 15-20 minutes…or just raking leaves). Some weeks I fit it all in, some weeks I don’t. Most weekdays I can manage a 3-mile run, but much more than that is kinda tough. And on the weekends I’ve been trying to do a longer run (5-7 miles). I haven’t been doing much in terms of speed work, but I did run a timed mile on the local high school track. Just barely sub-7:00! That was about a month ago, so I should probably try this again soon.

Timed Mile

I’ve run a few races in the past month, which has been fun and kind of surprising. After a very erratic running schedule for the month of September, I wasn’t sure what to expect for a 5k time. I lined up at a local race on Saturday, October 8th and surprised myself with a 22:15 finish (7:10 pace, I think). It’s been a long time since I posted anything close to that fast (especially for 3 miles in a row), so I was pretty pumped. The next weekend, I ran a 10k in 48:06 (7:44 pace), which was also pretty surprising as I hadn’t run over 4 miles in over a month. And then this past weekend, I ran a 5k in 21:57 (7:04), which was maybe only a minute slower than I had been racing 5ks pre-baby. I’m pretty pleased with these times although to be honest, I’m not sure I quite deserve them, if that makes sense. Maybe it’s postpartum hormones or something? I thought I read something once that likened pregnancy to blood-doping? Anyway, the plan moving forward is just to keep doing what I can and hopefully run a half-marathon in the spring. When or where that race will be is TBD.

Greenwich Fire Department 5k goblin gallop

Things I’m loving lately

Lisa recently wrote a post about the Privilege of Being a Stay at Home Mom and it really spoke to me. I feel like sometimes I’m in this weird middle ground, privileged to be able to stay home with Teddy, but still figuring out a way to work part-time from home. With his inconsistent nap schedules, it is not easy! More than once in the past few weeks I’ve had conference calls that have been interrupted by a crying babe. I’m not really sure what the future holds, but for now this set-up is working for our family.

I have been loving podcasts lately! My favorites are all the usual NPR shows (Planet Money, Hidden Brain, Invisibilia), plus the shows produced by New Mommy Media. I have been listening to the shows since I found out I was pregnant (starting with Preggie Pals) and did some work for them back in the spring. Right now I’m loving their Boob Group episodes, a podcast for breastfeeding/pumping moms. I also really like Lindsey Hein’s podcast, I’ll Have Another. It’s nice for a walk, run, folding laundry, etc.

Kale ice cubes. I had some kale from the farmers market that needed to be used up, so I blended it with a cup or so of water in the vitamix and made ice cubes. I figure these will be good for smoothies when we don’t have fresh greens on hand.  kale ice cubes

The whole wheat voonder bread from Earth Sky Time Community Farm. This is a local farm/bakery/commune?? (unsure about that last one…) that makes the best bread I have ever eaten. I realize this is pointless unless you live near Manchester, VT but if you’re ever in the area, GET SOME. And then make a grilled cheese.

earth sky time bread grilled cheese

Question for fellow running mamas….do you have a running stroller? And if so, do you think it’s worth it? I am contemplating asking Santa (Brian) for a dedicated running stroller for Christmas, but they are awfully $$$ and I want to make sure I use it enough. We already have the UppaBaby Vista for every day use, so that will likely remain our primary stroller.