Wine in the North fork

The countdown begins – 6 days until the Philly half! I was calculating what kind of splits I want to run on Sunday and nearly had a panic attack when I realized how fast they need to be. The plan is to run the first 3 miles at a “relaxed” 7 minute pace and then after the 5k, start bringing the pace down to 6:55/6:50. To run sub-1:30, I need to average about 6:52 per mile, so by starting off at 7:00 pace, I’m counting on the fact that I’ll be able to negative split…by a lot. Fortunately, that’s usually my jam when it comes to longer races. Let’s hope the plan works out on Sunday! Will I be able to accomplish my goal? I honestly don’t know, but as my friend Kate (and Yoda) reminds me – “Do or do not. There is no try.” For once, I’m not going to hem and haw about my goals – I want to run 1:29:xx and if I don’t do it, I will be disappointed. Will it be the end of the world? No, of course not. Life will go on, I’ll live to run another day. But I’m going to give it everything I’ve got on race morning. Balls to the wall, sub-1:30 or bust. And damn, I’m nervous.

I scaled back on training last week and here’s how things shook out:

Monday, November 7 – 9 miles a.m.

Tuesday, November 8 – REST DAY, it was awesome.

Wednesday, November 9 –  10 miles a.m.

Thursday, November 10 – 7.25 miles a.m., 7.25 miles p.m. including a 4 mile tempo workout

Friday, November 11 – 4.5 miles a.m.

Saturday, November 12 – 10 miles a.m. (still felt pretty beat up from the workout!)

Sunday, November 13 – 4 miles a.m.

Total: 52 miles

The plan for this week is to run about 30 miles between now and Saturday, with at least one rest day. I don’t have any workouts planned, but I might run 2 miles at half-marathon pace at some point to keep my legs fresh. I’m also focusing on quality sleep this week and cutting down on junk food/alcohol consumption. However…my pre-race prep did not stop me from going on a wine tasting tour of Long Island yesterday. I bought bus tour tickets to celebrate my younger sister’s birthday and we lucked out with the weather – sunny and 65 degrees in November is awesome! The tour company picked us up in Manhattan around 9:30am and we headed out to our first winery – Pindar vineyards. I don’t know a ton about wine, but it was fun to spend the day with my sister, drinking wine, and eating cheese.

We tried 5 different types of wine at Pindar. I liked the “winter white” blend and Rachel was a fan of Pindar’s 2010 Reisling. Out of all the wines we tasted, these were the only ones we really loved.

Happy Birthday Rachel! Wine has antioxidants, so it’s a totally acceptable thing to drink at 11:30am on a Sunday…right?

Our next stop was Baiting Hollow Farm and Vineyards – small, family-run, and in additon to producing wine, they rescue horses. That’s pretty cool. Rachel and I split the Merlot meatballs and BBQ chicken sliders for lunch. I definitely want to try making mini Merlot meatballs at home. I bet I could make them in a slow cooker to serve as a party appetizer.

Horses that were saved from slaughter thanks to Baiting Hollow’s rescue program –

After some wine tastings at Baiting Hollow and a trip Long Island’s only vodka distillery down the road, we spent the remainder of the afternoon sipping (more!) wine and sharing a cheese, hummus, grapes, pepperoni, and cracker basket. Overall, the Long Island wines didn’t blow me away, but the sun was shining, I was feeling a little tipsy, and there was cheese to snack on. That’s a pretty good afternoon if you ask me!

Have you ever been on a wine tasting tour? Favorite type of wine? The holidays are coming up and I anticipate a lot of vino consumption!

Anyone else running Philly this weekend? I’ll be at the expo in the early afternoon on Saturday, so give me a shout if you’ll be there!

  • AR

    Seneca 7…Seneca 7….Seneca 7… <3

  • Ali

    1. I’m so excited for you to kick the shit out of Philly this weekend. Really pumped. Also for the post-race festivities we have to plan.
    2. Do any of your runs this week venture you into Central Park in the early hours? Say yes.

  • ahh, what a fun weekend! glad you were able to show your sis a good time.

    i’ve been on two wine tours on long island two years in a row with the same group of people. one ended in a somewhat scandalous way, the other, SUPER dramatic. have i told you these stories? if not, we’ll have to chat on wednesday 🙂 teehee.YAY PHILLY HALF! i am excited for you.

  • Tammy6270

    Megan, my friends/family and I go on a girls weekend every year to the North Fork.  Glad you had a great time.  We love it there!!

  • Looks like fun! I only started getting into wines in recent months. I love Rieslings and Moscatos. Sweeter the better. 🙂

    You will do great this weekend! I hope that 8:00 will someday be a “relaxed pace” for me. 🙂

  • the* sweeter the better

  • does your story involve a party bus? and a FIGHT? heh, if so, then yes…i might be familiar with your antics. i will require a refresher on wednesday!

  • Nicole R.

    You are speedy. Best of luck in philly! My sister will be running the marathon on Sunday (her first) and I will be there cheering for her. If I see you, I will cheer for you too!

    I love taking the wine tasting classes at NY Vintners in Tribeca. They have so many different ones to choose from. Best thing is they sometimes have them for half off through Groupon.

  • sarah

    yes yes yes

  • Anonymous

    guys…i am completely on board for that. i think we should seriously think about registering. it’s cheaper if we do it before christmas!

  • Ah, wine. Yes, perfectly acceptable at 11:30 am, especially if you’re just tasting… As for what to drink, I love love love anything Ridge. If you can get your hands on a bottle of Ridge Santa Cruz Mountains (a Bordeaux blend), DO IT. I also highly recommend checking out some Oregon pinot noir (Sokol Blosser if you can get it) and/or Central Coast (CA) pinot noir (I love Byron, but there are tons of excellent producers in Santa Barbara County). I could go on, but I won’t. 😉

    Good luck in Philly!

  • RunTheLongRoad

    I’m nervous about Philly too.  I just ran a crappy 12K on Sat so now I reevaluating my goal time.  I hope to see you there.  I’ll be at the expo on Friday though 🙁

  • Anonymous

    ooh, what a fun sister trip! I’ve only been wine tasting in Napa, nowhere local around here. That place looks so cool – I love horses. 

    Good luck this weekend! I love your balls to the walls outlook – I think it’ll pay off! You’ve been working really hard and are kind of a speed demon. 🙂 

  • I am so excited for you! Are we able to stalk you? No? Just wear something orange and channel Grete’s and it will be awesome!!! Remember, the pain can’t last forever — there is a finish line.

  • Kari

    I can’t wait for you to run Sunday!  I recently ran a half that I was shooting for sub-1:30 because I have been going back and forth between 1:31 & 1:32 that past year in a handful of races.  I finally got my goal and finished in 1:28:57!  My suggestion would be to start out with the pacer if there is one for 1:30 and then after mile 5 is when I started to slowly kick it into gear and the last 10-13.1 I made sure I was clipping along.
    Worked out well but you’ve put in so much mileage and great tempos I know you’ve got it in the bag! Good luck…I love horses…and I can’t wait to read your recap!  Email me if you’ve got any questions!

  • That sounds like a perfect weekend day. I’ve done several wine tastings in NC, but no mega-tour yet. Wishing you a great race in Philly – your speedy fast times & distances covered are inspiring! I’ll be doing the half there on Sunday too.

  • Megan Wei

    Hey Megan! I’m also Megan and I absolutely love your blog 🙂 I was supposed to run the marathon this weekend, but unfortunately my IT band had other ideas… I will actually be at the expo picking up my stuff on Saturday, so if you’re around + potentially planning a meetup, let me know! I’d love to join. I actually had my own blog a while back, but ever since starting working 100+ hours a week, I haven’t had time to keep up with it.

    Good luck this weekend!! You’ll do awesome!

  • Colin is picking up my race packet for me, but I’ll be racing on Sunday! Maybe I’ll see you at the finish (even though you’ll be done about 30 minutes before us…)

  • Anonymous

    yayy, i hope i get to see you guys! i have a friend running the full, hoping to finish under 2:30 (omg), so i’ll definitely be sticking around the finish for awhile.

  • Anonymous

    congrats on the PR! i feel like i’m so close to 1:29:xx, but yet…the pace i need to run still scares me. i’ll definitely keep my eyes open for a pace group, pretty sure there’s going to be a 1:30 group.

  • Anonymous

    great wine suggestions, thanks! pinot noir is one of my favorite varietals 🙂

  • Anonymous

    if these stories involve fights on a party bus, then i think i am somewhat familiar. i will require more details on wednesday- preferably while drinking pumpkin beer!

  • Good Luck with Philly! Your rest week (last week) is more miles than my peak week in marathon training. I have no idea how you can handle all that mileage.  

    I did the Philly full last year. The first half is the best part! Good luck!  

  • yes. party bus fighting and more. yayyy beerfest!

  • Good luck!! Yes, the pace is fast but so are you! You are totally prepared for this. Negative splitting a race is definitely tough but I think your plan sounds like a good one…as long as you can definitely stay relaxed during those early miles. My biggest problem is always getting way too excited at the gun, going out at sub-7s and then blowing up later. Not exactly the smartest race strategy.

    Rest up this week! We will all be thinking of you on Sunday!

  • You are a miles monster! Good luck this Sunday, I’ll be running the full (it’s my first!) and looking forward to it!

  • Good luck!  I am running my first full in Philly, so I will finish a good 5 or 6 hours after you 🙂 
    I’m sure you will crush 1:30!

  • New reader here– will be running the 8k the day before, see you at the expo and GOOD LUCK!

  • I was just wine tasting in Malibu….it was about as fabulous as it sounds!  We should do a Sweat Squad wine tasting tour……love.

    Good luck in Philly!!

  • Katie

    You and your sister look SO much alike! Same smile and eye twinkle!

  • Anonymous

    aww, thanks! that makes me happy.

  • rae

    hi! i’m a new reader, and wanted to say that in the past few days i’ve been going back through entries of your blog every day before i go on a run.  i’ve just started running again, and plan on doing a 10k in exactly a month.  reading about your runs and motivation always helps me get my head into my run 🙂 so keep up the inspiring posts!!  if you ever want to run the hills in the boston marathon like it ain’t no thang, fly over to the best coast and run for a bit here in tacoma.  bitching hills and great wine!!

  • I went on that same exact wine tour a few weeks ago–the day before my 20-miler! (That was interesting.) And good luck this weekend!!!!!

  • very excited to meet you in philly!! should be a great weekend.  I am not a huge wine drinker, but I did this bike/wine tour in Napa and it was super fun

  • Corey

    That looks like an amazing trip! The only vineyard I’ve been to was in Italy, but I’d love to visit other ones someday. You and your sister look a lot alike 🙂
    Can’t wait to hear how Philly goes for you this weekend!! You are so ready for this, and I have no doubt your many hours spent training every week are going to pay off big time!

  • I love wine tasting! Looks like a fun trip – I’ve heard so much about the wineries on LI. You and your sister look so much alike!
    Getting pumped for Sunday! Weather looks perfect??
    Let me know your plan for tomorrow – looking forward to meeting up!

  • I live less than an hour away from the Niagara region in Ontario so I visit wineries all the time!  I’m already stocking up for the holidays!  Reislings and Pinot Noirs are my faves from Ontario!  Ohh…and Ice Wine for dessert.  Runs fueled by wine and cheese are the best lol 🙂

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