Rolling with the punches

First up – congrats to Laura (LunaChickRuns) for winning the cookbook give-away! Laura – email me your shipping info at runnerskitchen [at] gmail [dot] com

Laura’s comment: Hope your foot feels better soon! My all time favorite cookies are Ranger Cookies! It is a recipe that my mom cut out of the newspaper probably in the 80’s so I can’t link to it. But they involve oats, rice krispies, chocolate chips and coconut. So good!

Anyone have the recipe for these Ranger cookies?? They sound awesome!

As far as running goes, I have good news – whatever the heck was wrong with my foot last week, seems to have gone away. I still have some weird twinges every now and then, but I’m able to run normally, so I’m trying not to stress out too much. Last week was much lower in mileage than I anticipated (40 miles vs. my planned 60 miles), but in the end, I know it’s not a big deal. As much as I like to have a training plan and follow it 100%, sometimes my social life or a sore foot or work take precedence. And that’s OK! Running is important to me, but it’s not the only thing that’s important.

That being said, I was super pumped to run long with Meggie and Susan on Saturday. I started off from my apartment, ran up through Williamsburg, into Manhattan and met them at 59th & 1st Ave. This is mile 16 of the NYC Marathon and their goal was to run the last 10 miles of the course (yay, race day visualization!). I hopped out a little early, but ended up running about 15 1/2 (maybe 16?) miles for the day. I’ve been running sans-Garmin for weeks now and I don’t miss it at all. I’m sure I’ll still use it occasionally, but I can usually figure out how far and fast I’ve gone simply by feel (and my Timex stopwatch).  The run felt nice and easy and I was glad to be able to run without foot pain. I’ve been doing a good job with mileage, but I really need to log some tempo runs and speed workouts. Must do a workout this week – no excuses. T-minus one month till the Philly half!!

Later in the day, I met some lady friends (Ali, Meggie, Kelly, Susan, and Lindsay) for yummy yummy pizza at Pala on the Lower East Side. The decor was super cozy with lots of wood and candlelight and if you’re vegan or gluten-free, this place has a dedicated menu. We chose four regular crust/dairy cheese pies to split and they did not disappoint!

Pizza #1 – lamb sausage, scallion pesto, pecorino cheese, and mozzarella.

Pizza #2 – Butternut squash puree, pecorino cheese, balsamic reduction (whoa! my fav)

Pizza #3 – spinach, parsley pesto, garlic, ricotta, and mozzarella
Pizza #4 – marinated zucchini, goat cheese, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, and rosemary

And thennnn, I led everyone on a wild goose chase through Chinatown. The end goal: free cones from The Chinatown Ice Cream Factory!! ScoutMob ( a food and drink deal site) was giving out free ice cream if you downloaded their app. I like free. And I liked the zen butter flavor (sesame seeds and peanut butter combined!) that I devoured post-pizza.

Photo source: Serious Eats

These foods prepared me well for a late night out in Brooklyn and a 5:08am bedtime. Happy Birthday Leslie! I’m sort of glad you’re only turning 26 once. Hehe. Needless to say, Sunday was a very chill day. I ran 5 miles, roasted some squash, and caught up on Gossip Girl. My first lazy Sunday in wayyy too long. I loved it.

The plan for this week is to run 60 (ish) miles. As long as the foot keeps feelin’ good, here’s the plan:

Monday, Oct 24 – 9 miles in the a.m.

Tuesday, Oct 25 – 8 miles in the a.m.

Wednesday, Oct 26 – 10 miles run commute to work

Thursday, Oct 27 – CPTC tempo workout, 10 miles total

Friday, Oct 28 – 6 miles easy

Saturday, Oct 29 – 12 miles, including a 5k race (possibly)

Sunday, Oct 30 – 6 miles easy

Total: 61 (but subject to change!)

And now I have  another fun give-away for you! The other day, I received 2 packs of the new drinkable Oikos greek yogurts. Organic, full of protein and calcium, delicious! What’s not to love? I’ve already tried the vanilla flavor and it makes a great post-run recovery snack (especially if your stomach isn’t quite ready for solid food)!  The prize is a shipment of Oikos drinks, plus coupons to purchase more at a later date. The product is currently in limited markets (like Whole Foods), but you can print out a request form and give it to your local grocery store.

To enter the give-away, leave a comment telling me your favorite thing to eat after a workout and I’ll choose a winner on Wednesday, October 26.

  • jc

    i love greek yogurt fruit combo

  • Ali

    Free cones? You lie. Mine was not free. Not at all.

    So glad your foot is feeling better!

  • Do glad your foot feels better! Nothing like a little rest.

    Those pizzas look a-MAY-zing. I may have to try out that butternut squash combo at home — yum!

    My favorite post-run eat (sort of) is chocolate milk. Good stuff. Carbs, protein, calcium, tastiness — it’s all there.

  • Immediately after a workout? I’m never hungry right away, so usually just water and chocolate milk. About an hour later? A bagel and cream cheese combo (usually Asiago with lox cream cheese if I want savory, or cinnamon sugar with strawberry if I want sweet). Yeah, boring, I know. But I love me some Greek yogurt! haha
    Glad your foot is better!

  • Megan

    I’m not usually hungry right after either so I go for a huge glass of chocolate milk. Sooo good!

  • adria biasi

    any type of pancakes and peanut butter!!! more recently candy corn as well just to be in the spirit of halloween 🙂

  • Stephanie

    I like peanut butter crackers or some almonds right after. Then, since I usually work out before work, almost every morning I’ll have a egg-cheese-veggie-sausage-english-muffin sandwich once I get to the office. I pack my breakfast and my lunch the night before!

  • Katie

    I was due to have a baby almost 2 weeks ago and still haven’t, so I don’t really remember what I eat after workouts b/c I haven’t done a strenuous one in quite awhile! BUT, I love the greek yogurt so trying out the drinkable variety sounds fun!

  • Cerfj2

    I love toaster waffles, w/ peanut butter and bananas cut up on it with a glass of soy milk and lots of water.

  • Alexis

    Im thinking about getting pizza for dinner tonight after seeing that yummy pizza!

    I usually do my runs in the morning, so after I have a big bowl of oatmeal with Greek yogurt mixed in, chopped apple, flax, and cinnamon. I know there are lots of options for a good post run meal but I love this!

  • Mary Hart

    Greek yogurt + cereal is my favorite post-run snack. I’ve actually been wanting to try these for that very reason! 

  • Holly

    Very impressed with your mileage and the run to work! Great job!

  • Madeline

    Bread & Chocolate Milk!

  • ummm basically anything warm and carby…so pizza, pancakes, or waffles all work 🙂

  • Rachel

    I love coconut water after a workout, especially in the summer when I’m so dehydrated and super sweaty

  • Jjcarr27

    chocolate milk! And pretty much no matter what time the workout is I always follow it up with a bowl of Kashi cereal. Something about cold skim milk and super crunchy cereal gets me every time 🙂

  • Kristin

    I usually have chocolate milk followed by eggs and toast of some kind if it was a morning run..and lots of water or gatorade. I have half a baked butternut squash in my fridge- it may become pizza before the week is over. I have tried all kinds of greek yogurt after being very ehh about regular yogurt so this could be great!

  • This is really boring, but toast with peanut butter and banana never fails. I really like super-seedy multigrain breads (my mom bought me a loaf of “seed-uctive” bread from Whole Foods and it was delicious!) and it’s so satisfying after a chilly run to eat that with melty peanut butter and banana. Also oatmeal. Lately I’ve been stirring pumpkin puree into my oatmeal. Delicious! 
    P.S. I’m glad your foot is feeling better! I get totally worked up and anxious every time I feel the slightest twinge of pain in my legs or feet, so I can imagine how nice it must be not to feel worried any more. I’m sure you’re going to rock the Philadelphia Half!

  • trigirl

    My favorite thing post workout is chocolate milk! Easy, cheap, protein, and carbs all rolled into one! Can also do the boxed horizon organic milks if you have to drive home after your run and need a recovery drink asap!

  • Crystal Perkins

    Mix1 drinks are my go-to post-workout snack.  Like you, after a hard workout I often can’t stomach a big meal.  I’ve heard about the new Oikos drinks but can’t find them anywhere.  Would love to try them!

  • Crystal Perkins

    Mix1 drinks are my go-to post-workout snack.  Like you, after a hard workout I often can’t stomach a big meal.  I’ve heard about the new Oikos drinks but can’t find them anywhere.  Would love to try them!

  • Elizabeth K

    yumm I am usually a low fat milk+vanilla protein powder refueler. Or a power bar

  • uhm… how about PIZZA as a post-workout favorite? acceptable? i also really enjoy a cold beer after a long run these days. who am i??

  • Anonymous

    mmm, beer.

  • If I finish my long run during brunch hours it is always eggs benedict and a bloody mary, if it’s slightly after noon then a bacon cheeseburger deluxe and a giant glass of beer.

  • Cellabella

    My favorite thing to eat after I work out is a bowl of cereal with milk and banana – who says breakfast is only for the mornings 😉

  • Shaya E
  • My favorite post-workout food is either a smoothie or overnight oats.

  • Like Ali, mine wasn’t free either, but oh-so-worth the money. Delish. Last ice cream before the marathon – oh yeah.

    My fave post workout snack rhymes with ricky cars — take a wild guess as to what it is…

    So glad to catch up and thanks for leading the sweat squad through the Bronx!

  • Catherinegoode

    My favorite thing to eat after a workout is probably either an egg sandwich with an iced coffee…. or a big bowl of greek yogurt with fruit and granola.  Unless it’s yoga, working out makes me hungry 🙂

  • Allispin

    whenever i come back from a good workout, i always reach for a handful of cashews and a piece of fruit, along with a nuun (so far i’ve only tried the strawberry lemonade flavor). good long with your race, i’m hoping to do my first half in the spring (i live in new england so it’s a little late in the season at this point).

  • Ellie

    Green monster smoothie!

  • Anonymous

    mmmm delicious pizza and ice cream! So much fun with you guys. Many hours after a workout, I’d have to say pizza is right up there with my favorite. And if I could have that lamb sausage pizza, even better. So good! Also, very glad your foot is ok! See you again soooon I hope 🙂 

  • Christina

    My favorite thing to eat after a workout is a bowl of frosted shredded wheat with ice cold milk. Yum!

  • Those pizzas look amazing. 

    I think my favorite post-workout food is anything involving peanut butter. 

  • Mindyb

    Iced, cold chocolate milk…through a straw for childhood memories sake.

  • Katie

    OOH, I am on such a pizza kick… I’ll have to add Pala to my list!

    Hmm, after a workout (if I’m not too ravenous and haven’t already eaten random things from the kitchen) I like banana and peanut butter. 

  • jen

    I go through phases. I usually love pretzels and/or a banana with peanut butter. I’m trying to be better about getting the right nutrients in so I’ve been focusing on not just snacking on random things that sound good. Today I made a chocolate smoothie. It wasn’t what I was craving, but thought it might be the best option for recovery.

  • Sarah

    Oatmeal! I love to have a bowl staged and ready to eat when i come back from a run (adding almond milk, raisins, flax meal & sometimes a scoop of pb). Knowing that…and coffee…are waiting for me keeps me motivated.

  • Jennifer

     I like to have yogurt with fruit, nuts, and cereal! Yum!

  • Karen

    Anything salty- almonds, cashews, pretzels and peanutbutter – and definitely sparkling water…. And sometimes beer 🙂

  • JAKretz1161

    Meg, very happy your foot is feeling better 🙂 And the pizza pics looked really yummy! Keep on running in good health and spirit 🙂 

  • Anonymous

    I love a good breakfast sandwich after a run! But those drinkable yogurts look delicious too!

  • Fav thing to eat after a workout is a cold smoothie with frozen bananas and chocolate protein powder.  Sometime’s I’ll add some iced coffee (leftover from morning) if I need a pick me up!

  • I love peanut butter and apples after a workout.

  • Frances Killea

    after a workout, i’ve been really loving chocolate coconut milk. So Delicious makes a thick, almost kefir-like consistency coconut milk…it is so refreshing and delivers a really good boost post-run.

  • I’m not sure whether or not I’m too late for the giveaway but my favorite thing changes depending on the season or how I’m feeling. In the summer, a smoothie is the first thing I usually want but in the fall/winter, I look for some comfort food like an egg and cheese sandwich.

    More importantly – I’m glad your foot is feeling better! Hope this week has been going well so far!

  • Amanda

    Glad you are feeling better!

    I am usually pretty bad about eating healthy after a workout but I think my go to snack is a glass of skim milk.  I read once that it is better at hydrating you than water and the added vitamins help too!