What’s Next

So, the Philly Rock ‘n Roll half is done and run and I’m trying to figure out how to approach future training. I mentioned it on the blog a few weeks ago, but my next goal race is going to be the Philadelphia half marathon in November. Why so many Philly races, you ask? The timing worked out (no weddings or out of town trips planned for that weekend!), the weather should be cool, and the course is mostly flat.

My training this summer was decent, but it took me a longggg time (like 6 months!) to finally recover both mentally and physically from last year’s NYC Marathon, so it was slower going than I anticipated. Now that I have a few months of mileage under my belt (I’ve been running 50-60 mpw since late July) and the weather has cooled off, I’m getting ready to step up the training. It’s not the right path for a lot of people, but I’ve noticed that when I increase my mileage, it leads to better performances in the half-marathon and marathon. I don’t think I’m going to create an “official” training schedule this time around, but I will make a rough schedule for mileage and workouts each week. The plan is two-fold:

1) Increase mileage to 80 miles per week in October. Last year during NYCM training, I maxed out at 73 (74?) miles and while it was a challenge, I felt pretty good. I’m taking this week really easy (I haven’t run since Sunday’s race), but next week I’ll ease back into full training. I’d like to reach 80 by mid-October and then alternate 50-60 mile weeks with 70-80 miles weeks. I think the volume will go a long way toward increasing my endurance. Of course, if I find myself feeling overly tired, burnt out, or injured, I’ll back off.

2) Attend a CPTC team workout at least once per week, non-negotiable. Team workouts push me to run faster and they’re an important part of my social life. If for some reason, the weekly workout falls through, I’ll make plans to run the tempo or intervals on my own. Not ideal, but better than nothing!

More miles and workouts will probably also mean less social time (womp, womp), more sleep, and more food. So friends – I apologize in advance if I go MIA during October and the first half of November!

I’m feeling really excited about training, I’m injury-free (knock on wood), and the fall weather is going to be excellent for long runs. I haven’t felt this positive about my running in awhile – and I’m very thankful that my mojo has returned.

Obviously, the goal for the Philly half in November is sub 1:30. As my blog buddy Kate wisely quoted: “Do or do not. There is no try.” – Yoda

It’s going to happen.

I plan to take some time completely off from running around Thanksgiving and Christmas and then begin Boston (!!) marathon training in late December/Early January. It’s still too early for me to decide what my goals are for that – right now I’m trying not to think about snowy, cold long runs (yuck). Stay tuned for updates!

I also have some sweet race photos that I “borrowed” from the race photography site. Um, thanks. I like the last one with my medal, but the other three are just…funny. Facial expressions while running can be priceless.

In other (less narcissistic) news, a new company based in Palo Alto contacted me last week. Lollihop provides a monthly “healthy snack” service. Order a subscription (1 month, 6 mos, 12 mos) and every month you’ll receive a box of tasty goodies. They sent me a box to sample and they want to give away a box to one of you! People, these snacks are good. I’ve already made my way through most of the box!

To enter, “like” Lollihop on Facebook or follow them on Twitter (whichever medium you use most) and then leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite healthy snack. I’ll choose a winner next Monday, Sept 26th.

Andddd go!

  • Brittany

    Following on facebook now. And my all time, never-gets-old, snack is a granny smith apple with LOTS of peanut butter.

  • Brittany below read my mind. I love apples and peanut butter. Really peanut butter on anything. I probably eat too much to make it healthy, but I’m addicted! I’m liked lollihop on facebook!

  • Sara Stell

    I just liked them on Facebook!  And my favorite healthy snack is a sliced banana with peanut butter!

  • Sarah

    I have seen way worse race photos, believe me. I always look like I want to die in the pictures people take of me while I’m running. 
    My favorite snacks are frozen blueberries (My mom and I went blueberry picking in August and spent the last four weeks eating what must be 50 pounds of delicious Upstate NY blueberries straight from the freezer — they’re so sweet and satisfying, almost as good as ice cream!) and, of course, bananas and peanut butter. Who can NOT like bananas and peanut butter? 

  • Anonymous

    Truth re: banana + pb. That is a solid snack! These race photos are def better than usual – at least I look like I’m actually running! The photographer usually has a knack for capturing that instant when gravity is piling everything downnnnn!

  • Meganring4

    My favorite healthy snack is cocoa almonds from Emerald Nuts. Yumm! I’m “like”ing them on facebook as we speak!

  • ohhh favorite snack that’s tough. Favorite bar= chocolate chip brownie Larabar!

  • Kristan

    I think apples are my favorite healthy snack, especially around this time of year. I tend to go a little apple crazy. At any point between September through December, half of my body weight is actually made up of apples.

  • Kristan

    And congrats on an amazing half marathon, of course!!

  • Nicole

    congrats on the race! cheese and crackers…does that count?

  • Nicole J Roos

    congrats on the race! cheese and crackers…does that count?

  • Nicole

    congrats on the race! cheese and crackers…does that count?

  • Mandy

    I see my favorite brand of bar in that box! Oskri fig bars are amazing, low cal and the perfect snack in my opinion. Of course, pb and banana rocks my world also!

  • Madeline

    I just liked Lollihop on FB 🙂  I have a couple favorite healthy snacks – greek yogurt mixed with fresh mango and almonds, and squaw bread toasted with fig jam and peanut butter!

  • Sun

    i love this idea! a few of my favorite snacks: pistachios, apple with string cheese and apple pie larabars. 

  • Kate

    snack boxes are brilliant.  I swear I’d be more excited if my boyfriend sent me those than flowers. 

    kidding… but only sort of…

    my current go-to snack is a nice crunchy fall apple with EITHER sharp cheddar cheese OR super chunky Teddy peanut butter.  delish!

  • Courtney Sanders

    i love the new Chocolate Almond coconut CLif Mojo bar. yummy chocolate, salty & sweetness!

  • So exciting that you’re working on that type of mileage! I’m just getting back into the 40-50 range for the first time in about a year, and I agree that just adding miles per week makes SUCH a difference in performance. Once I get past my winter races I’d love to start adding alternating higher mileage weeks — it sounds like a good plan for getting in extra miles without risking injury too much.

    Following Lollihop on FB & Twitter — looks tasty!

  • Janine Sutton

    What a great idea! My favorite healthy snack is a (barely ripe) banana with some crunch peanut butter! Good job on the rock n roll half! 

  • Following on Twitter. Lately my favorite healthy snacks have been peaches or plums, or my old standby, banana + creamy peanut butter. 

  • Bgregoline

    Popcorn with nutritional yeast!

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  • Postalbbg

    Love me a honey crisp apple with almond butter.

  • Bethany Schmidt1

    Terra beetroot chips!

  • Cerfj2


  • Colleen

    fruit truck at work!

  • What a cool idea (now following them on Twitter)! I love Greek yogurt as a healthy snack (eating one as we speak!).

  • I’m following Lollihop on Twitter! I love apple slices with peanut butter and carrots! 

  • Janine

    Liked Lollihop on FB. Traded in my old snack of Mike and Ikes (not so healthy) for wasabi and soy sauce blue diamond almonds. Salty, spicy and comes in a 100 calorie bag which makes them easy to pack and leave a few in desk drawers and purses. I order direct from BD by the case!

  • fmzk

    Just Liked lollihop on Facebook!

    My favorite healthy snack? mini salads with a handful of arugula and a sliced apple. So good.

  • Michelle C

    Oh! Fun! My favorite healthy snack is hummus and baby carrots.

  • Lindsey

    my favorite snack is anything with peanut butter!  greek yogurt, apples, rice cakes, toast, tortillas, pretzels… really anything that is helpful to get peanut butter in my mouth (fingers, etc.)

  • Fun giveaway! I “liked” Lollihop on Twitter. Thanks for the recommendation. My favorite snack as of late is a a toasted bagel thin, earth balance butter and a sprinkling of nutritional yeast.

  • Anne C.

    I am always looking for new snacks but sometimes get overwhelmed at the plethora of items available – so Lollihop is defiantely something that would help me expand my snacking horizons.  I just “liked” them on Facebook since I am still trying to figure out Twitter.

    My favorite go to snack at the moment is a popcorn cake smothered in Almond butter and some sugar free jam.  Or if I am adventurous – a single lady cupcake from the blog “Foods of Eden”

  • Sue

    Thats a great idea! I love variety! My favorite current healthy snack is Clif Kid Crispy Rice Zbars!  Any flavor I can find. 

  • Alexis

    frozen banana slices dipped in hazelnut butter!

  • Lauren S

    I follow them on twitter! Lately I’ve been loving apples with PB.

  • Jenny

    My favorite healthy snack changes with the seasons, but currently I am into yogurt or oatmeal mixed with a variety of fruits and a sprinkle of nuts.

  • Robin

    Following them on twitter!
    My favorite healthy snack is probably good ol’ carrots with hummus or apple with PB.  (Though I guess it’s only healthy if my fingers don’t sneak into the PB jar once the apple is done…)

  • Erin

    my favorite healthy snack is plain greek yogurt semi-frozen (throw it in the freezer for a few hours) with some added frozen strawberries (or whatever fruit I have around) 

  • I actually like your photos! I know it’s nice to actually look good while you’re racing (something I can never quite accomplish) but I do think bad race photos just make you look hardcore. At least it’s just your face that’s making weird expressions – most of the time I look like I’m marching along the course. Maybe I should learn to pick up my feet more??

    And 80 mpw is amazing. Someday I want to reach your rock star mileage status.