Butternut Squash Season

It’s the first official day of Fall! Butternut squash, pumpkins, apples, (hopefully) crisp weather, sweaters, foliage. I love Summer and I’m sad to see it go, but I’m already looking forward to a lot of things in the months to come. This week was a super chill in terms of running. I ran 3 miles on Wednesday (plus a yoga class) and 4 miles this morning (Friday). I might run some easy mileage this weekend, but nothing crazy. I really needed this down week both mentally and physically. Starting on Monday, the next 6 weeks will be intense in terms of running. I don’t want to get burned out!

I’m pretty sure this week has involved more glasses of wine/cocktails than miles run. That’s 7 in case anyone is counting…

Wednesday night I met some of my favorite lady friends for dinner – we know how to do it right.

There was some tomato-basil and mushroom topped bruschetta to begin –

Leslie made a kale and tomato salad with cashew chive dressing. And let it be noted that she made it at 8am that morning, after we had completed an hour+ yoga class. Way to tackle the morning, lady!

I contributed a bulgur wheat and fruit salad – super easy! Mix 2 cups of dried bulgur with 2 cups of boiling water, cover, and let sit for 15 minutes. Fluff with a fork and add shredded carrot, diced apple, dried cranberries, orange zest and juice, a drizzle of olive oil, and cinnamon, cumin, and salt, and black pepper to taste.

There was also caramelized onion and butternut squash galette based on a Smitten Kitchen recipe. Pretty much the best thing I ate all week. Good work, Sarah!

Katie sauteed us up some chard and chickpeas. Simple and delicious.

Sofia (the master of dips, guac, and hummus) brought a white bean-curry dip that accompanied sun dried tomato hummus procured by Shayne. Scooped up with lots of pita bread (and my fork).

This plate full of Fall deliciousness made me feel a little less sad about saying good bye to Summer.

Plus hot from the oven apple crisp with (unpictured) Van Leeuwen cinnamon ice cream (omg) for dessert.

There were second helpings, many glasses of wine, and good conversation. I’m going through a lot of changes right now (things that I don’t necessarily blog about), so a week full of wine, good food, and lady friends is exactly what I needed. And for next week? I’m looking forward to some sweaty miles and tough workouts –  therapy of another sort.

Have great weekends everyone! And don’t forget to enter the snack box give-away. Choosing a winner on Monday!

  • Anonymous

    That all looks so delicious. Especially the galette. I hope we can have a repeat of good food, wine and catching up soon! Or a sweat squad sesh. or both 🙂 Hope you have a fab weekend, friend!

  • Wow, so so delicious! those dips and the galette look amazing!

  • Oh goodness, I’m hungry now!  That looks amazing!

  • Christine at These Happy Miles

    wow – that looks absolutely delicious! i am always amazed by your meals and creativity!

  • Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes

    I’m so happy that its squash season-love it!

  • Lukus

    Any chance we can get that apple crisp recipe.

  • Katie

    I’ve also been boozing quite a bit this week… I’m just going to attribute it to welcoming in the new season!

    Good luck with your upcoming running schedule… hope to see you again soon for more delicious wining and dining 🙂

  • Ckbullen

    All these dishes look so good!! 

  • Rebecca used this recipe http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/apple-crisp-ii/detail.aspx — with diced walnuts, no baking soda or baking powder. Seems like it’s pretty adptable. I definitely recommend 🙂

  • Running is definitely one of my top forms of therapy. That, and a good cry. Followed by wine, and perhaps more tears. Know you’re going through some changes now and I hope we can catch up soon over some booze. Hope you had a great weekend away at the wedding. This weekend was super humid and I’m ready for that crisp fall weather to come backkkk.

  • That looks amazing! Good food, wine, and running are definitely the best forms of therapy! Hope to see you soon.

  • love lady friend dinners. and you. and the fact that you referred to me as the master of dips. watch out, salsa slam, here i come.