Money can’t buy energy

20-30 years from now, I hope that I can re-read these blog posts and be reminded of how I rolled in 2011. Maybe by then I’ll live in a house that I own or a doorman building. Maybe I’ll own furniture that isn’t from Ikea or secondhand from Craigslist. Maybe I’ll have the $$ to hire professional movers. Those things definitely aren’t in the cards for me at this stage in my life, but that’s okay. Right now, I have things money can’t buy – youth, energy, health, and strength. Looking back on this weekend, I’m still not sure how I did it all. My body feels like it could sleep for 15 hours straight!

After a tough tempo run on Thursday night (I really thought I might puke…), I finished packing up the remainder of my stuff. On Friday morning, the man-friend and I picked up the u-haul (I traveled approximately 2 blocks before hitting something…oops) and he and his buddy proceeded to move me out of my old apartment, drive to Brooklyn, and unload everything into my 4th floor walk-up by 1pm. They were so clutch, couldn’t have done it without them! While they moved the heavy furniture (bed, desk, sofa, table, chairs, etc), I made approximately 13 trips up to the 4th floor whilst carrying bags and boxes. True story – I am at least as sore today as I was after last fall’s marathon. Holy quad muscles. Once we got everything unloaded, Man-friend and I took a quick trip to IKEA for some essentials, assembled my bed, and then headed back into the city for a meatball and beer tasting at the Whole Foods Culinary Center.

These events are such a great (relatively cheap!) activity to do with a date or a bunch of girlfriends. Some of the more hands-on cooking classes are $60, but our meatball and beer tasting was only around $30. For 2 hours, we learned about different types of meatballs and paired them with craft beer from Kelso Brewing Company.

The coolest thing I learned?

Malted barley is one of the main ingredients in beer, along with hops, yeast, and water and you can predict the flavor (and malty-ness/sweetness) of a beer by looking at its color. The brewer compared malt levels to cooking onions. If something has a low malt level, it’s less sweet, and lighter in color, sort of like raw onions (example would be an IPA). Then you progress to cooked onions (a bit darker in color, example: a pilsner), caramelized (darker and sweeter), to burnt onions (very dark, an example would be a Stout). Not sure if I explained it as well as Sonya from the brewery, but I wanted to share the beer-cooking analogy. Thought it was pretty interesting!

We tried 6 different meatball-beer pairings, it was a good way to refuel after a long day of moving heavy stuff!


turkey meatball with golden raisins and pine nuts paired with wheat beer


swedish meatballs paired with nut brown lager


lamb kofta with tart cherries and tzatziki sauce


curried fish balls paired with Recessionator


Vietnamese pork meatball sandwich paired with pilsner


eggplant "meatball" with IPA

I capped off the night with some Ben & Jerry’s Americone Dream and then hit the sheets (in my new apartment!) for a few hours of sleep. I was up early on Saturday with a big agenda ahead of me: long run, clean my old apartment (mopping, sweeping, etc), brunch with some lady friends, unpacking, and finally a friend’s party into the wee hours of the morning. Yikes. Dear 50-year-old self, are you reading this?? Remember when you had all this energy?!

But youth and health (and coffee) were on my side, so I got it done! I was sore and tired for most of my long run, but surprisingly still enjoyed myself. I ran solo and had nearly 2 hours to mull over my week, people watch, and occasionally blast some Ke$ha on my ipod. It was one of those times that reminded me why I love this sport. Long runs when I just zone out and feel good don’t come every day! Nothing super interesting about this run, I felt relaxed the whole time, so that was nice.

At brunch later that day, I was talking about the move and my run with some lady friends. I’m definitely not a large girl, but I’m also not stick thin. My quads, hamstrings, and calves are sizable. I like to eat well and in large portions.  I’ll always look more like an athlete than a runway model, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. These muscles schlepped countless bags and boxes up 4 flights of stairs, they ran 13.1 miles the following morning, and then danced until 2:30am on Saturday night. I am proud of my strength, I am grateful for my health and energy, and am fiercely protective of my friends. These are things that money cannot buy and I hope I always remember that. Even when I can finally afford those professional movers or $1000 sofa from Crate & Barrel in 2021.

Thanks for all the good luck moving wishes! Hopefully regular life will resume shortly. Stay tuned.

  • congrats on the successful move! Good thing you’re so healthy and have a ton of energy, definitely a requirement for 4th floor apartments. Sounds like you’ve had a great weekend! 

  • peter_bbt

    Moving’s no fun, but feels good once finished. I did a race 5 days after moving this year, and just felt a dull fatigue the whole way through.

  • Money can buy drunk brunch, however.

  • Nicole F.

    Love this post. I had no idea where you were going when your first said, “I’m not large by any means…” but now I totally get it 🙂

  • dude. this event looks awesome. and i too love this post. i feel so lucky to have my health (well, sorta) and youth, everything else is kind of secondary. energy, on the other hand, i seem to lack (says the girl who fell asleep at a rooftop bar on friday night) but whatevs.

  • Ashley

    Ahh moving. I just did that a few weeks ago and it SUCKED, I was super super sore

  • I like this post. A lot. There are many things that I don’t have right now (a job, a place to live that is not my parent’s house, a lot of money) but you’re right- I do have my youth and strength.

  • Anonymous

    Ahaha, I wasn’t much better last night. Fell asleep on D’s bed about 2 hours before the party ended…

  • Anonymous

    Lol, yeah I think the boozy brunch made my thought process less than clear 🙂

  • Moving is killer — it always takes it out of me. Impressive long run post move! I would prob be sleeping and freaking out over stuff unnecessarily.

  • congrats on the move! Not gonna lie, reading this post made me tired. I’m not sure how you do it either! But, you are awesome. Now come back and run in CP soon!

  • nice. we are winning girlfriends!

  • Moving is 10x tougher than a long run. Which is probably why I haven’t unpacked all my stuff since I moved to my place … a year ago. Yeah, I should really get around to that.

    Love the beer tasting, I would love to do that on a Saturday night. I don’t have the energy to dance til 2:30 in the morning, but I was always the one falling asleep in clubs and IHOPs, even in college. However, I still appreciate how strong my body is and what it has accomplished so far.

    BTW, I received the one-shouldered sports bra in the mail last week! Haven’t run in it yet, but I did try it on and it feels very supportive. I look forward to offending fellow running bloggers while wearing it. Thank you!

  • Wow, those pairings look delicious! Kind of a beer nerd so I would’ve loved that. 🙂

  • Moving is such hard work…way to get it done!  I love your thoughts on being healthy as opposed to feeling the need to be stick thin.  It’s important to love our body for what it can do for us! You go girl!

  • “I am proud of my strength, I am grateful for my health and energy, and am fiercely protective of my friends.” – Great quote!!
    Glad the move went well. That meatball/beer course looks awesome! I was literally just looking up cooking classes here in Philly. I’ll have to see if our WF offers a culinary center.
    Nice long run & pace! I totally hear you on the enjoyment of a long run. Kind of like meditation? I had a nice “zone-out” 10-miler yesterday too.
    Enjoy the new place!

  • Anonymous

    i’m so glad you received the sports bra!! keep me posted on any and all controversy it causes 🙂

  • i love this post! i agree, you can’t put a price tag on youth, health, strength, and energy – they are some of the most valuable things we have.  i love that we are able to do so much at this stage of our lives, and along the lines of what you said at the end of the post, i know i wouldn’t be able to do all that if i was concerned with being stick thin. i’m proud to have a seriously hearty appetite, and i think it makes us a lot more powerful (in mind and body) than we would be otherwise. and a lot more fun. 🙂

    let me know when things calm down so we can make some brooklyn planzzzz!  you know, if you’re not embarrassed by my extremely drunken dancing in your boyfriend’s living room until 3:30 am.  i’m not at all awkward.

  • Anonymous

    ahahaha, i love that you were hitting up the dance floor on saturday night! the last thing i remember was flopping down horizontally across D’s bed and hearing Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night” playing on the speakers…

    oy, that Sangria…

  • I am also proud of my strength! My upper body is quite thin (even though I can lift a lot!) so unless people see my legs I come off as a weakling.  My legs tell the story.  I run!!!
    Glad you got through the move and ran an awesome 13 miler!

  • Corey

    Congrats on surviving your move!! I remember being insanely sore after moving last year. I was shocked how many new muscles I discovered from carrying boxes up and down stairs! Must feel so good to finally be in your new place and be getting settled. And very impressive miles while all this is happening! You are awesome.

  • Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes

    Congrats on the move.  You must be so excited!!!

  • Congrats on a successful move…powered by those strong legs and arms of yours! I agree, I may not be the smallest girl out there, but I sure can do more than most and that’s success in itself! Those meatballs also look amazinggggg. Come run in CP again soon?! Miss you!

  • Congrats on surviving the move, you youthful one!  I see old people all the time (or young unhealthy people) and it makes me nervous…I don’t want to get old!!

    Yeah, you were totally zoned in on your run when I saw you in CP!

    Beer and meatballs….count me in!

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