Long runs in heatpocalypse

I’m sure by now you are aware that it is 1) July and 2) hot as balls. Needless to say, today’s long run was neither my swiftest or most comfortable endeavor. But miles needed to be run and so they were. I made a last minute decision to do my long run today, mostly because Ali, Kelly, and Maria agreed to meet at 6:20am and I’m pretty sure that’s not going to happen tomorrow when I’m runnin’ solo.

Things that made it bearable: my new camelbak hand-held water bottle (filled with Gatorade) and the thought of iced coffee waiting for me once I finished. I know I’m trying to save dolla dolla bills, but if I’m going to wake up at 5:40am to run 12 miles, I’m going to buy myself a $2 coffee.

The deets on today’s run: 12 miles in about 1 hour, 48 minutes (~9:00 pace). After running about 6.5 miles on the bridle with my lady friends, I headed to the gym for 3.5 miles on the (air conditioned!) treadmill, and then finished up by running 2 miles back to my apartment. Sometimes when the weather is atrocious, I’ll allow myself to run a few miles of my long run indoors. However, I try not to do entire long runs on the ‘mill because I don’t think it’s as physically challenging as the outdoors (no wind resistance, hills, etc). Come September 18th, I’ll be racing on the roads, so I best be training on them!

I know everyone’s been bitching about the heat, but I secretly love when it’s hot outside. I can wear as little as possible (sports bras! sundresses! flip flops!), eat ice cream outside without shivering, and take long walks to people-watch in the evening (that’s not quite as fun in January when it’s dark at 5pm and 12 degrees).

Also, I like hot weather foods better. Fruits and vegetables are in season. And white wine spritzers are an acceptable form of hydration. Last night, the lovely Rebecca hosted a cocktail party featuring St. Germain cocktails (white wine, elderberry liquor, and seltzer).  Sarah, Leslie, Sofia, Katie, Shayne, Danielle, and I brought some bites to share and I admit, I felt pretty fancy sipping white wine and eating brie cheese. Although, I do have to note that while everyone else donned summer dresses, I arrived sweaty and in spandex. Apologies.

Mmm, cheese. I bought the Chimay because I thought it was infused or aged with beer. I think I was wrong, but it was still good!

Carrot-Cumin dip, black bean hummus, almonds, olives, sauteed chard with peaches and pumpkin seeds, fresh berries…it wasn’t a bad spread.

I was most impressed with Leslie’s peach-goat cheese concoction (inspired by an Eat, Live, Run recipe). She added some red pepper and the spiciness was awesome!

Long run fuel! Good thing lots ‘o fiber doesn’t bother my stomach.

A cocktail party with friends and a long run, not a bad way to start off the weekend, I say! Here’s hoping your weekend is full of air conditioning and popsicles. I heard it’s going to be hot. Or something.

Would you rather run on a steamy summer day (humid, 90 degrees) or a bitterly cold day (windy, 2 degrees)?

  • I am going to attempt a longish run tomorrow morning and even if I leave a 6 a.m. it will already be in the 80s. Nice job on the early run and getting it done! Does your Camelback end up hurting your hand after awhile? I have carried a Nathan’s before and it hurts – maybe I’m not holding it right…

  • Steamy summer day any day. You can slow down + water + blame slowness on heat. Bitterly cold and I don’t mix well, esp with running!

  • Hmmm, as far as racing goes, I’d prefer a cold weather race (easier to PR in my case), but in general, I’d take the heat over snow any day. I will not miss NYC winters this year!

    I’ve thought about mixing in a long run leg on the treadmill, but not sure how to do it because I know it would feel endless. Maybe three miles at the very end? (My ‘mill is at my apartment complex.)

    Lastly, how do you use the handhelds? Do you drink it up early on so that your water/Gatorade doesn’t get warm? And does it get uncomfortable/heavy when you’re running while it’s completely full?

  • That peach recipe looks so good!  Sounds like a really fun night and great job on the run.  I agree that sometimes it helps to run some miles indoors.

    I would prefer cold over heat any day for running.  For life, I want the heat!!!

  • Anonymous

    I put the water bottle in the freezer overnight, so it was frozen for the
    first 2-3 miles, but slushy/defrosted by the time I wanted to drink it. I
    was worried that it would be uncomfortable to carry, but the strap actually
    made it very easy to hold. I don’t normally run with water, but this was
    worth the effort!

  • No. Just, no.

  • Nice! I need to try this interim treadmill add to long runs – good idea. Your cocktail party looks excellent – esp those peaches!
    I totally secretly agree – I kind of like running in the heat (unless I get lightheaded, like I was today). More sweat makes me feel like I worked out harder for some reason!

  • Corey

    9 min pace is awesome in this kind of heat! As much as heat makes running more difficult, I would rather it be hot than freezing cold so I try not too complain too much. I am sort of dreading my long run tomorrow, but nothing some gatorade and taking it slow can’t fix. Today I had a bit of a scary experience but that was with speedwork so I guess I should have seen that coming. Ice cream as an almost daily ritual might be my favorite part of summer 🙂

  • Shayne @ just gathering

    So lovely to see you last night, and then again this morning. Let’s hang out more often. Anytime you want company for a few miles, I’m around (for anything 8:45 and slower)…
    As for running in the heat, I’m with you. Bring it on, if it means I get to strip down and imagine I’m running through a sauna. Plus, think how easy running in the fall will feel after this ridiculousness.
    p.s. Love the sports bra. I kind of want one.

  • You are a rockstar for running in this heat. Aaack it is hard to choose between scorching heat and freezing weather but I think I would choose the bitterly cold day!

  • Sofia Frank

    yum, i agree that the peach + goat cheese boats were amazing. nice job, leslie! and jenna 😉

    bring on the bitter cold. this stuff is brutal. i actually stay pretty warm when running in the winter, after the first few minutes of sheer hell, of course.

  • Tough call but I would have to say I prefer running in the cold. I know indoor running is not nearly as challenging but it was smart of you to break up the miles on a day like this. 
    That peach goat cheese hors d’oeuvre looks amazing! 

  • Um, that peach and goat cheese combo looks absolutely delicious!!
    I’ve been in Seattle for the last week and am dreading our return to NYC. I’ve pretty much convinced myself that we’ll get back to our apartment and everything is going to be melted! Great job on the run!!

  • definitely summer!!  even with the heat wave, it’s still much, much easier mentally to get out the door.  plus summer running attire > winter running attire.

  • I love summer for everything besides running. I love being outside without shivering, eating ice cream, lots of fruits and veggies, etc but I just do not do well running in the heat. So that last question is a tough one! In the past I probably would’ve picked summer but thinking about how I ran over the winter vs. how I’m running now, I’d have to say I’ll take the bitterly cold day! 

    And I think that breaking long runs up and doing part on the treadmill can be sort of a life saver. I try not to do my whole long run on a treadmill (or at least too many of them) for the reasons that you listed but if it’s really awful out (cold or hot) I will do at least part of it inside. Sometimes I think it’s more important to get a quality run in, regardless of whether you are inside or out. And if you want to be a stickler about it, you can always adjust the treadmill’s incline.

  • Hot as balls = perfect descriptor of this entire week! I was wishing for company this morning so badly! GAH. But still, I think I actually might take days like today over really wintry days (especially with snow). I like being able to feel my extremities. Nice work getting the run done! And showing Ali and I your serious Lady Gaga moves. That was my favorite part of our morning 🙂 

  • Those peaches look great! I’m also trying not to let the heat get to me…Nice run!

  • Hands down summer trumps winter x100000000000.  It’s easier to get out the door – and as you know, it’s nice to have feeling in your hands and toes:)  The food looks delicious! Yum!

  • Katie

    Somehow you manage to make spandex and sports bras look chic! I still want that sports bra, even if it may not contain my girls.

    I’ve been running a bit lately, and I’ve just been getting up early to do it or waiting until 7 or 8- when the heat isn’t SO oppressive- to do it.  I’m still scarred by the epically long winter, so I don’t mind the heat!

  • Oh my goodness… STEAMY for sure!!!  If your smart about it there is such a sense of accomplishment at the end of a hot run

  • Yeah I live in Connecticut and I give you A LOT of credit for running in the heat this past week/weekend! SO STEAMY!!! 

  • Must I choose? 😉 

    I suppose I prefer the roads on a summer day, but I really dislike feeling like I’m running around while wearing an electric heat blanket. 😛

  • let’s be honest: i would rather do *anything* on a hot summer day than on a bitterly cold day.  death to winter. summer forever!

  • I really can’t decide if winter or summer running is better..normally I’d say summer for sure but this 95 is a bit much. I love summer days waaaay better..just not so sure about running

  • Molly

    Like many have said, definitely prefer heat for life but cold for running (the only exception is snow and ice – I’m a klutz and refuse to run on ice/snow patches so then I take it inside).

    I’m nowhere near as good as you guys, but I have recently moved speedwork inside on the treadmill for multiple reasons, heat included. Is this a really bad idea? I still do longer runs outside but I find the treadmill helps push me more? Thougths?

  • Anonymous

    I occasionally do speed workouts indoors as well – I definitely notice that
    I’m more focused and I waste less time than when I go to group track
    workouts. Every minute counts when you’ve got a busy schedule! That being
    said, your body does move differently on a treadmill vs. a track or road.
    When you’re on the ‘mill, your body is trying to keep up with the motion of
    the belt whereas when you’re outside you’re propelling yourself forward and
    you also have wind and terrain changes to deal with. If it’s the difference
    between doing a workout indoors and not doing it at all, I say do it
    indoors, but maybe try to get outside for a tempo every once in awhile? And
    if you can find friends to do it with you/push the pace, that’s even better.
    The psychological boost I get from group workouts is much greater than a
    solo workout. Good luck with your training!

  • All that food looks amazing!  Super jealous.

    Heat vs. cold?  For the rest of life, I prefer the heat because the bitter cold really gets to me!  Plus, I’m a sucker for shorts and flip flops and ice cream and taking long walks around the city.  However, I tend to run well in the cold, as much as I hate to admit it…