Lesson Learned

It’s feeling like legitimate Summer here in NYC. It was hot and sunny all weekend and I LOVED it. July >>>> January. The heat does make running a little tougher, but the fact that I can wear only a sports bra and re-fuel with popsicles and frappuccinos makes it bearable. On Saturday morning, I headed out for my longest run in a while. I met Kelly, Ali, and Lindsay for ~10 miles on the bridle path in Central Park, made a quick stop at my apartment to grab my mini-back pack, and then continued for another 4 miles, ending at Randall’s Island. I finished up 14 miles in 2:03 (~8:47/mile) – right on target for an easy long run.

 (note: I stole/borrowed/hijacked this photo from Ali’s blog)

I spent the rest of the afternoon at Icahn Stadium (USATF National Track and Field Championships) cheering on teammates and volunteering at the Long Jump pit. 4+ hours in the sun, measuring jumps, and raking the sand was hard work and I was toasted by mid-afternoon. Yeesh. I tried counting up the amount of liquid I consumed and by 1pm, I had already drunk 66 oz of fluid. And peed once.

By 3:30pm, I knew I had to get going back to Manhattan in order to shower and make it to my dinner plans. I considered waiting for the bus, but jogging the 2 miles from Randall’s Island to my apartment in Harlem just seemed more efficient. I circled around the stadium a few times, but couldn’t locate the pedestrian path over the RFK Bridge in to Manhattan. So, in the spirit of efficiency, I ran up the ramp that I guess was intended for vehicular traffic. As I approached the toll booth a rather irritated police man started blowing his whistle and pulled me off to the side. I got a little talkin’ to (no running on the highway, M’am), but then he escorted me across the entire 8 lanes of toll traffic and on to the pedestrian path. I felt really special! And by special, I mean, really embarrassed. Luckily he didn’t fine me or anything. One police escort and 2 miles later, I was back home with 16 miles under my belt. Lesson learned.

The remainder of my weekend was more low key. I took a much needed rest day from running on Sunday and made some pita pizzas last night. Nothing gourmet, but quick and healthy –

Whole wheat pita bread topped with marinara sauce, steamed kale, kalamata olives, basil and smoked mozzarella. Homemade pizza dough is good, but ready-made pita breads sure do save a lot of time. Next time I’m going to shred the mozz before putting in on the pizza – the rounds just didn’t provide enough coverage. More cheese, please.

Today I ran an easy 5-miler before work. It was early, my legs didn’t feel awesome, but I got it done. Late this week I’m going to post my Philly Half-Marathon training plan. Sub-1:30 or bust!

In other news, I just learned that a co-worker thought I was preggers. WTF?

I will be spending this evening downing a bottle of wine (no bebe for me!) and building a bon-fire for the empire dress I wore last Thursday. FYI people, unless a baby is literally poppin’ out of a lady, never ever ever assume or ask if she’s knocked up. It’s a great way to get a black eye!

The American Eagle dress in question –

Hope your work week is off to a better start than mine!

  • BAHAHAHA when I read that part about you being pregnant I just died…that is the WORST thing you could say to a woman! Especially a woman who has NO belly bump-age going on!! I mean, seriously? If this were the 1800’s I’d suggest she be caned…haha but really… 🙂

  • I am always alarmed at how much I drink and how little I pee during the hot summer weather. Also, pregnant? WTF? People be crazy.

  • Ali

    HAHAHA. I’m laughing at the pregnancy thing, because that is hilarious. Also at the fact that you got escorted across a highway. That is amazing. You are a badass.

    And nicely done with the mileage! Looking forward to many more fun runs together.

  • Don’t worry, one of the kids I babysit (her mom is 30 weeks pregnant right now) comes up to me now every time I come over, puts her hands on my stomach, and says “is there a baby in here?” Great, a 5 year old telling me I’m fat!

  • there was a period in time where people asked me over and over if I were pregnant. I was like, what is wrong with you people??? The only other thing that makes me mad is when I dont feel well, in any way at all, people ask if I’m pregnant. AAAAUUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHH

  • that dress is f***ing adorable! i’m throwing stones at your coworker from 56th street!

    on other topics, you ladies look adorable in your rainbow colored tops, your police escort story legitimately made me laugh out loud, and i hope you’re able to come drink excessively – i mean yoga – tonight!

  • I had that pregnancy thing happen to me in a store once when I was buying shoes, and the salesclerk said, “Oh, do you have to give up all your heels for flats now?” I was confused for a second before I realized what she meant. I promptly went home and threw out the dress I was wearing. In some perverse way I’m glad to hear that this happens to other people, because I’ve been holding on to this for FIVE YEARS as an indication that it’s a sign that I’m too fat.

  • Ha hilarious about the police escort! I would have been embarrassed too. After Nike Human Race 2008, I don’t blame you for forgoing the bus. It took me FOREVER to get back to Penn Station to head back to campus on Long Island that night!

    And that is the worst about the coworker. Did he/she actually ask you? Even though I think the old stomach looks pretty good in real life, recent photos have me thinking I should to learn to suck it in. The rare occasions I got offered a seat on the NYC subway always had me thinking “Oh, s&*#.” But WTF, that dress looks TINY!

    Also, even though my half-marathon PR is from a January  NYC race, I, too, will take summer running over winter running any day. I might be insanely sweaty and sometimes miserable, but I definitely don’t dread going outside in the morning right now!

  • Argh…the preggers clothing. I’ve definitely had an outfit or two in the past that accidentally gave off that impression. Just the other day, I bought the cutest of cute tunics from Target, but when I tried it on again a few days later it was like baby bump central. Very unflattering. It’s a shame that it happened to you with such a cute dress though! But this does count as a great excuse to go summery dress shopping again, which is never a bad thing.

  • I want to punch people that assume and say stupid things like that! Cute dress!

  • Dad

    ROTFLMAO!!! Too funny about both the police escort and the ummm dress ;o) Made that mistake just once – never again… Seriously, you need to get these stories in a book…

    Kayaked on the Clinch River yesterday. River was low so pulled my kayak about 3.5 miles up river, then shot the rapids on the return. Wahoo! Have some caving excursions coming-up in the near term too…

  • Anonymous

    thanks! maybe i won’t get rid of the dress…perhaps a waist defining belt (and some crunches?) might resolve things.

  • Anonymous

    i just don’t understand why people feel they can say this stuff….it’s so tacky!

    i would never ever in a million years ask someone when she was due/if she was pregnant unless it was extremely obvious. and i’m no victoria’s secret model, but i’m pretty sure i don’t have an obvious baby bump. UGHHH.

  • Anonymous

    glad you had a good time kayaking, Dad! i tried it out in PR last month and really enjoyed it. my arms were sore for days after though…

  • So I definitely passed you guys going the other way on the bridle path on my Saturday morning run.  It was a fun little internet pseudo-celebrity sighting!

    And whatever, that dress is cute.  Some people have no tact!

  • The RFK Bridge/pedestrian path snafu is hilarious! Will make for a great dinner table story. 

    What blows my mind is how people can just flat-out ask you if you are pregnant, especially if there is no perceptible bump. Gutsy. And rude.

  •  Are you kidding me? She thought you were preggo? In that dress?! It’s so cute and i’m sure would not make you look big.

    Congrats on your long run…to AND from Icahn is a big feat. And you topped it off with a personal escort- hilarious! Oh the crazy things runners will do. Pizza also looks delicious- and easy! I might make it to Thursday’s workout if work lets up and legs feel good. Hope to see you there!

  • people say stupid things- especially when they feel bad about themselves. congrats on the run!!! 

  • Nicole

    Wow people are ridiculous!  If it makes you feel any better, I was wearing my favorite baby doll sports bra top from champion (my favorite for running) and a lady asked me if I was pregnant.  Um yeah…I still wear it though lol

  • Nice weekend! I love summer so much too. Thats great about your run(s) on Saturday! you got in a ton of mileage! I’m looking forward to hearing about your Philly 1/2 training plan – it’ll be here before we know it! Your police escort is awesome.
    That dress is adorable. Do not throw it away. You can send it to me if you still want to get rid of it; but I would rather suggest punching your co-worker in the face and wearing it again with pride! Enjoy that bottle of wine!

  • Who ON EARTH thought you were pregnant?? that is insane. and weird, actually. And I can’t believe the police escort – only you, Megan! Glad you made it home in one piece – I would have been a useless volunteer immediately after a long run.

    Also, I just love your Dad’s comments 🙂

  • Corey @ runner’s cookie

    I think police officers are used to runners trying to do crazy things – I can totally understand wanting to go the most efficient way home! No worries.
    Ummm your co-worker must be legit crazy because there is NO way you looked pregnant!! Some shirts/dresses might sort of create that illusion (on any person), but I am sure that your tiny self looked nothing close to actually being pregnant. And why she would even ask that is beyond me…obviously not the most socially savvy person…
    I hope you enjoy that wine tonight – no more thinking about that dumb comment!

  • What?!  That’s ridiculous.  Some people have no tact.

  • wait. hold up. somebody thought you were preggers? slap that dumb bitch. or i’ll do it for you!

  • wait. hold up. somebody thought you were preggers? slap that dumb bitch. or i’ll do it for you!

  • RunTheLongRoad

    hysterical…both the police escort and the fact that someone thought you were preggers.  i hate co-workers sometimes…bored, nosy, and love to create (untrue) gossip!

  • BAHAHA love that you put a big giant X through the dress! I always swear some sun dresses I wear make me look questionable (even though clearly NOT), but really… never ask. and looks like the fanta girls in your runner picture – LOVE it 😀 enjoy your bottle of wine… I’d definitely do the same. 😉

  • umm so yeah the police escourt;  i had a bit of an incident.  a few years ago a few friends and i were running up the east side and evidently someone tried to convince us that the east side path continued after 34th.  Yep, ran on the FDR to the next exit…would have preferred a police escourt 🙂

    as for the dress, oy. just oy.

  • hysterical about the dress! I agree worst thing you can say

  • Sounds like a great weekend……super jealous of your long run!!  I can’t believe someone asked if you’re preggers!!  

    Congrats on the police escort…ha!

  • Ekahn21

    I feel your pain! I can’t believe it was a co-worker…need details!! can’t wait to get the whole story when I get back but rest assured- you do not look one tiny bit preggers!!! 

  • Freckles76

    u do not look prego at all! Ppl have asked me that and I think its so rude and sadly its always been women that do that, lol. I love your blog by the way 🙂

  • omg how could someone think you were prego? You don’t look even the slightest bit pregnant! People can be so rude.
    On a random note, do you know someone named Budd Heyman from CPTC? I work in the same hospital with him and he’s trying to convince me to join CPTC. He said he knows who you are!

  • Anonymous

    ahahaha, i know Budd Heyman! we should discuss in person or via gchat.

    but i agree- you should join cptc!

  • Page

    Bahahaha, what a biatch! And when did they make this ridiculous law that we can’t run across highways…harumph! 😉

  • RV Goddess

    What a day! LOL.

  • I had a complete stranger approach me in REI asking if I was preggers while on my honeymoon … I tried to ignore him, but after three times of him asking and not getting a clue, I finally gave him a look that clearly said no, you jerk face, I am not pregnant! And yes, I too never wore that dress again, which was really most unfortunate given that I had bought it the day prior. Ugh.

  • Thats kind of awesome that you had a police escort.  Understandably embarassing, but still, you probably looked like you were a big deal 🙂
    And I don’t care, pregnancy rumors be damned, I love my empire waiste dresses and no one can take them from me!  Who are these people that don’t know that they are a-holes for asking that?