City Mouse, Country Mouse

I feel like one of those inner-city kids that they send to the country in the summer. This week has been a little surreal – cows & horses, farms & tractors, and the sound of crickets instead of fire trucks & police cars. This New Yorker is having  a lot of fun, but it’s a big change from my usual routine!

My Dad is active in the local caving and naturalist scene, so yesterday he took me exploring in a local wild cave. We suited up in rubber boots, gloves, and headlamps and entered the cave.


We spent about 30 minutes in there before a raccoon started to freak me out. We also saw a ton of coyote tracks and some bones from an animal’s dinner (oh my god…).

The area outside the cave was more tranquil and a little less spooky. Black Angus cattle roamed around the neighbor’s pasture.

My run yesterday was a preview of the trail race course and HOLY HILLS. The first mile is straight up a mountain. I finished the 40 minute run a bit more nervous than when I began…Eek.

After a day of running and cave exploring, I was pretty hungry. For dinner, we had salmon and veggie kebobs on the grill and corn on the cob. Pam brushed the kabobs with olive oil, S&P, and garlic seasoning and they were probably the best thing I’ve had all week. Yay vegetables.

For dessert – cheesecake with chocolate “mouse”. Hehe.

These little guys were so cute! I want to try and re-create them at home. Basically, it’s stemmed maraschino cherries dipped in a mixture of melted chocolate and paraffin wax, a hershey’s kiss, and almond slivers.

I don’t know if it’s the extra activity or fresh air, but I’ve been zonking out by 10pm each night. Here’s hoping all this country living results in a good trail race!

  • Those mice are super cute! I bet they wouldn’t be that hard to recreate.

  • Shannon Ryan

     I grew up in the country.  My oldest friend still lives up north and recently bought a farm.  She now has cows, horses, pigs, goats and gaggles of ducks, chickens, geese and turkeys (among other things).  I love visiting but I’m always glad to come home.  And yes, I agree, I’m always dead tired by 10 at night.  Maybe it’s the fresh air or maybe it’s simply that you’re exhausted and without the city pressures, there’s nothing to keep you awake.

  • Can you eat the mice if they have parrafin wax?! SO CUTE though! I’ve never been caving even though I live in East TN where you can (well, not now, but grew up there). Enjoy the race — it’ll be hot, but I’m sure a good change from those in CP!

  • Anonymous

    You can definitely eat the mice! I had 4 🙂

  • great pics! this city kid is surprised to think that there’s a caving scene to be a part of! looks and sounds awesome 🙂

  • Chocolate mouse! too cute. Good luck with the race!

  • Ada

    Wow that’s so cool that you get to be off in the country! Sometimes it’s nice to get as far away from city life as possible;) There’s also nothing better than freshly grilled food, I wish it was possible to have barbeques in nyc! Enjoy the rest of your trip:)

  • Corey @ runners cookie

    Exploring a cave sounds fun (also a little scary)! Your weekend seems like a nice break from the NYC lifestyle 🙂 The mouse on the cheesecake is so cute.
    Good luck with the trail race! Hope it’s fun!

  • I love those little mice! And seriously, I didn’t know “caving” was a thing, but it looks like fun! Sometimes a change of pace from the city is excellent – just by seeing your pictures it looks nice and relaxing out there. And congrats on the race, friend!

  • adorable choco-mice! hope the trail race went well. looking forward to seeing you back in the city soon!

  • Carri Edwards

    hey… just wanted to thank you for all of the cool info about nutrition that you shared with me 🙂 it was really helpful, I googled Teff and learned a little bit more about it and I am considering ordering some… I will send you the pics from the race as soon as i get a chance 🙂
    ps. the next time you are in town let me know and i will show you some of the best places around here to go running 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for commenting! 🙂 I’m still at the airport, but will send you some photos when I get back to NYC !

  • Carri Edwards

    haha sounds good… I hate wating around at airports lol… I will get dads camera in the morning so i should be able to get my photos to you tomorow 🙂

  • I’ve been caving a few times and it always scares the bejesus out of me being in something that is so dark!

  • That is certainly not Manhattan!  Looks like a fun escape from the city.  🙂

  • Aw, the mouse cheesecake looks so cute! I definitely want to make it. I love NYC, but sometimes there is nothing like the good outdoors. Happy you had a good trip!

  • Oh my gosh. Please make that mouse / cheesecake thing and blog about it. It is insanely cute and I love it!!

  • This looks so peaceful! I’m anchored to a desk and outside, there’s a heat advisory. Bleh.

  • Healthyeverythingtarian

    FUN!!! i want to cave explore with you! i love that your dad does that. major coolness points.