Tex Mex Dinner at Home

My weekend started off a little bumpy. I had a rough night of sleep (or lack of) and woke up on Saturday feeling blah. As I stumbled into the bathroom, I was greeted with a clogged toilet. Awesome. Being the independent 20-something that I like to believe I am, I threw on some sweatpants and schlepped to the hardware store around the corner. $7 and 5 minutes later, I was the proud owner of a new plunger. I took care of the clog (yeah, it was gross, but I did sort of feel like a bad-ass….) and then set off on a late morning run.

30 minutes later I was feeling a little less cranky and in need of some sustenance. A whole-wheat sesame bagel with scallion cream cheese from Absolute Bagel turned out to be a clutch breakfast/lunch. I think these are my favorite bagels in the city (although they can be a little too heavy-handed with the cream cheese).

Many episodes of How I Met Your Mother Later….

The man-friend and I were discussing our dinner options –

Thai Food? Maybe.

Sushi?  No way. (I have texture issues…)

How about Mexican? Yes, we both agreed! However, the options in my ‘hood are a bit limited and we needed to stay uptown since we were headed to a Yankees game at 7pm. In the effort to save a little $$ (and some unnecessary calories), we headed to the grocery store with a loose plan for fajitas in mind. I didn’t really follow a recipe, but the results were tasty! We’ve been eating out a lot lately, so it was nice to be reminded that cooking at home can be fun.

On the menu –

Sauteed chicken breast, bell pepper, and onion seasoned with garlic and cumin

Corn and black bean salsa

Guacamole (Sofia…you’ve created a monster!)

Corn tortillas

Coronas with lime

A corona may have been needed for the cooking process…

This meal was ridiculously simple to put together…heat some canola oil in a pan, saute veggies and chicken, season with spices, garnish with lime, warm up the tortillas in the microwave, and top with salsa and guac. Bam! From prep to setting the table, we were done in 15 minutes.

At the end of a long day, my go-to is a frozen veggie burger or pb&j for dinner, but Saturday night reminded me that cooking healthy, wholesome food doesn’t have to be an arduous process. And sure, splitting a bottle of wine and heading out for apps, entrees, and dessert is fun, but getting to the point in your relationship when you can drink beers and cook together is also fun.

And bonus – our dinner at home left us with a little extra cash for over-priced beers at Yankee Stadium (seriously, $11 for a Bud Light??). The home team lost, but at least the company was good!

The man-friend shows his face!!

Which do you prefer – cooking at home or eating out at restaurants? I still like restaurants if only because I don’t have to do the dishes 😉

  • I LOOOOVE cooking at home but sometimes it’s nice to go out.  It’s good for inspiration, as well.  So, it always depends on what mood I’m in, I suppose.

  • love that you are making guacamole at home, along with other tex-mex delights. also love that the man-friend-face has been unleashed into blogland. and i agree – that place of cooking at home and being all domestic – it’s lovely. no shame. but of course, fancy night outs keep things fresh. i like a balance of both, so long as i can afford it… eek!

  • I found that most places in NYC were heavy-handed with the cream cheese. Most give you enough for about three bagels!

    I love baking, but I wish I was better about cooking real meals. Problem is, I’m usually STARVING when it’s time for dinner and instead go for whatever’s the fastest to make (grilled cheese, frozen dinners, etc.).

  • man-friend

    man-friend approves either and/or both simultaneously: cooking and going out for wonderful food. also, man-friend is not as blurry in real life is not as blurry in real life

  • J (Morning runner)

    I love cooking at home because the stuff at restaurants sometimes makes me feel more full.  Although recently I have found a few good family owned restaurants that have been really good! Going out is a nice break from cooking all week!

  •  I’ve been making the same kind of Mexican fare lately and love it! I have to say, I love cooking at home but restaurants are always fun and different. SO I guess it’s a draw. You and man friend are adorable 🙂 

    Last year I unclogged my own toilet (mainly because my super is useless..) and felt like a serious badass. I shall email you re: running this week!

  •  You two are adorable! I would have to say I enjoy restaurants more as long as it’s not a steakhouse or something where I awkwardly pretend to be excited about eating a garden salad and bread. Give me a vegan friendly restaurant any day and I’ll take it! Although I do really enjoy cooking at home, especially since the rule at home is “I cook, you clean!” 

  • Ada

    OMG Absolute bagels is the bomb diggity. I got a bagel there almost every day during finals. 

    Yay, we finally get to see man friend! You guys are SO adorable together:) 

  • You guys are too cute! I love the act of cooking, but it’s great to not have any clean up! 

  • Kelly

    I love cooking at home but hate dishes therefore we go out a lot on the weekends or order in! 🙂

    You and the Man-Friend are precious!!  

  • Anonymous

    I like your rule! I don’t mind cooking, but I could do without the clean-up

  • I like a nice combo of cooking at home (weeknights) and going out (weekends)! Tacos are the best. And you absolutely have to drink a corona while cooking mexican. really no choice in the matter.

  • Fajitas/burritos/quesadillas are always a favorite when none of us really feel like cooking anything elaborate (which is pretty much all the time…hence we have mexican at least once a week)…
    Yay for the man friend making his blog debut! So cute 🙂
    I like cooking simple things at home, but eating out is way better when I’m feeling lazy!

  • I love eating at home…but the dirty dishes issue is always a problem. 

  • Anonymous

    Aw, I love seeing man friend! I also enjoy cooking in from time to time. I find me and my man friend tend to eat out pretty frequently on weekends…after an entire week of cooking meals for myself, I want a little something special and it’s nice to be treated and indulge. But, cooking can be equally as romantic and feel like ‘teamwork’…especially when the guy does the dishes 🙂

  •  That meal looks so yummy! I like going out to eat for variety, but I like cooking at home so I know what is going into my food and body. The whole cooking practice can take effort, but usually ends up to be a bit relaxing. The clean up isn’t fun, but I swear that the food tastes better since you’ve put the work into making it yourself!