Take Out and Wine

8:30am Sunday morning. I wake up, look outside to see pouring (pouring!) rain, and end up postponing my Central Park run with Ali. Instead, I tell myself I’ll head to the gym and run on the treadmill. I drink some coffee and eat a banana with peanut butter to prepare.

9:30am Ehhh. Nevermind, I’m going back to bed.

Noon. I finally feel motivated enough to leave my cozy bed. But not quite motivated enough to go to the gym, hehe. I convince the man-friend that we should go get brunch and run later.

12:30pm Popover Cafe!

This is one of my favorite brunch places on the Upper West Side – I’m pretty sure this warm, flaky, buttery, popover with homemade strawberry butter is the best thing I’ve eaten all week. Plus fresh-squeezed orange juice. I die.

My entree was also good (although nothing quite compares to the popover…) – I ordered an egg white omelet filled with spinach, mushrooms, and goat cheese.

The man-friend and I walked the ~2 miles or so home and stopped to do a few very important errands (wine shopping, cupcake buying, etc). Before I knew it, it was almost 5pm and I *still* hadn’t gone on my long run. As much as I like getting my runs out of the way in the morning, I’m the type of person who can pretty much run anytime of day. Sure, my motivation may wax and wane depending on the hour, but if need be, I can get my butt out the door in the evening.

When I started my run, the weather was actually holding up quite nicely – high 60’s and little bit of sun. However, by the time I hit mile 9 – thunder and rain were rolling back in. I started off my run easy, but then picked up the pace. The latter half was what I would call “up-tempo”, but I finished feeling good.   

10 miles on the bridle path + puddles = muddy legs

I actually had a lot of fun dodging and jumping over and through the puddles! I love when running feels more like play.

The man-friend cycled a few loops of the park while I was out running and we were both pretty hungry upon our return. We kept it classy with chinese take-out (tofu, rice, steamed veggies, and a spring roll for me!) and a nice bottle of wine from the Finger Lakes. Fact: our wine cost twice as much as dinner. Heh.

Finally, I wanted to tell you guys about a new deal site for fitness/outdoor enthusiasts. Once you sign up for Planet Gear (it’s free!) , you’ll have access to sales on top outdoor-gear, apparel, and travel destinations at up to 70% off retail. There are new sales every week, for example – starting this Tuesday (May 17) the site is hosting a sale on running shoes and apparel from K-Swiss. FYI -Planet Gear isn’t giving me free stuff  or paying me to write this – I just genuinely think it’s a cool site and wanted to share with you all. Happy Shopping!

What’s your favorite deal site? In addition to Planet Gear, I’m currently loving Scout Mob!

  •  I am 100% obsessed with the Finger Lakes, there are some really good wines up there, and it’s quite pretty!

  • man-friend

     man-friend is a big fan of gilt groups, as well as groupon, and living social. man-friend likes deals 

  •  I just use groupon and living social. I’ve never had a popover and it looks amazing!

  • I’m impressed you were still able to talk yourself into the run. Usually for me, if I lack the motivation on a weekend morning, it will most likely turn into half of what it should have been or I just chalk it up as a rest day… 

  •  That popover looks so good! Oh man I need to go to NYC again…

  •  Thank goodness you got that home-cooking bug out of your system!

    I didn’t run until 2 p.m. Sunday. And then only for seven miles. Oopsiedaisy! I don’t do online coupons because I don’t have any money to spend! Can you get a coupon for unemployment benefits?

  •  A) The mud makes you a bad ass and B) Holy crap that popover. I need one…now.

  • Ada

    Yum, Popover Cafe is awesome, their strawberry butter is to DIE for. Glad you had a nice run and fun evening with man friend! Thanks for sharing that awesome site, those deals look great! 

  • Nicole

    Easy. Seeing as there are literally hundreds of group buying sites in nyc alone, I use yipit.com which is a social coupon aggregator that only sends you coupons based on your preferences! That way I never miss a beat and I only get one email per day. I don’t miss the days when I’d be offered $30 Brazilian waxes and $50 teeth whitening sessions…every single day!

  • Anonymous

    i’ll have to try that site! i am really getting tired of the liposuction
    deals that groupon
    keeps sending me…

  • Nice work getting out there for that run! Better late than never, right? And dinner looks yummy and surprisingly healthy for take out Chinese food!
    I’m a fan of Groupon but am about to check out Planet Gear as soon as I finish this comment…

  • YAY! Thanks for the tip on the site. I love a great deal and basically refuse to buy anything that isn’t on sale, so this is wonderful. My favorite deal site is Living Social. I find that they have more “fun” things than the typical things I’ve been finding on Groupon or Lifebooker recently (microdermabrasions, Brazilians, and hair treatments galore – what?). My friends and I recently got out of the city and went upstate in NY to a beer-tasting go-karting session with the planners over at Living Social!

    Which Garmin watch do you use to time your runs? 

  • Anonymous

    I usually use my Garmin Forerunner 210 for training runs – I like it a lot!
    And I love Living Social (I am always so tempted by their travel deals….)

  • I am so jealous that you can run any time of day! My body would totally rebel. Sounds like a perfect Sunday to me! Chinese food + wine is totally classy 🙂

  • Nicole, thanks so much for this tip. I am really getting tired of those same emails! 

  • Running Kiwi

    As if I needed another discount site 🙂 I went, I saw and I bought. Now – bring on the speed training workout tonight. New (cute) running clothes are awesome motivation (even if they don’t come in the mail for 2 weeks!).  Love your blog, thanks for all the inspiration! – New Reader 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I’m so glad that you’re a fan of the blog 🙂

  • Sofia

     yayy for overpriced wine! i really love a quality gilt city deal, and groupon has something good every once in awhile too. going out to dinner tonight with a gilt city deal, actually. i like that it’s pre-paid prix fix stuff – makes it seem day of that you’re not paying 🙂

    i love these man-friend dinner and running recaps. they make me smile 🙂

  • Wow AWESOME run!! Hehe those muddy legs are so hardcore- love it! 😀 

  • Sarah

    I don’t buy things online very often, but I got a groupon to a museum here in DC that is normally 20 dollars and the groupon made it only 5! So that was very cool. I’m loving the muddy legs. That’s what I’ve looked like for the past couple of days too because the east coast has been so rainy!