5 ways to be an awful running buddy

Lately I’ve been relying on running dates to get me through a funk and I truly enjoy every one of my mileage buddies. That’s why I continue to beg ask them to run with me! However, back in my high school and college running days, I would sometimes have to train with people who…shall we say…were not of my choosing. With that in mind I thought it would be funny to blog about the annoying things running buddies might do. So, if you’re new to running with company, take note! You don’t want to be that guy 😉

5 ways to be an awful running buddy

1) Show up late/cancel constantly. Hey, no one is perfect and I’ve definitely shown up (more than) a few minutes late on occasion.  Or cancelled (damn, hangovers…). Things happen, but if it’s a regular occurance, your buddy is going to get pissed. We all have jobs, families, social lives, etc. to attend to and a 10-15 minute delay could mean that your buddy has to cut his/her run short by a few miles. Not cool.


2) One-steppers. You know that person who always has to be one step ahead of you? Yeah, that guy. They pick up the pace to get ahead and then you pick up the pace to match them and before you know it an “easy run” ends with you both bent over at the waist, gasping for breath. Agree before hand on a general pace (8:30-9:00 minute miles perhaps) and stick to it. If the one-stepper continues to pull ahead, slow down, and let them go off on their own. Either they’ll get the message and reign it in or you’ll finish the run alone at a decent pace.

3) The Braggart. Have I told you about the AWESOME long run I had on Sunday? I breezed through 15 miles at sub-7:00 pace. Or how about the AMAZING track workout I just ran? Or hey…. remember when I won my age group in that 5k last summer? There’s nothing wrong with being proud of your accomplishments, but the only person who really cares about the minute details of your training is…well, you. Admittedly, I often post my stats on this blog, but it’s most for my own benefit. Training logs are the place to record details, but when I’m running with a friend, I don’t want to turn it into a competition of who’s run more miles or faster splits. I want to relax and enjoy the company!

4) The co-dependant. Half-way in to a 20-mile long run, guess who “forgot” to bring along a gel/water/bandaid. There’s nothing wrong with helping a buddy out on occasion, but it’s important to be self-sufficient. Many runners are type-A planners and do not like having to share their carbohydrate supply.

5) The gadget-obsessed. Oh shoot, my Garmin signal isn’t loading. You don’t mind if we stand here in the rain and wind for 7 minutes while the sattelites load, do you?

Or…”SORRY CAN’T HEAR YOU. LISTENING TO LADY GAGA.” There’s a time and a place for ipods, but unless you and your running buddy both like to run while listening to tunes, leave the mp3 player at home.

I’m off on a romantical weekend with the man-friend, but will come back with a full report on Monday! In the mean time….

Any running buddy stories (good or bad!) that you want to share?

  • J (Morning runner)

    I feel bad canceling on running buddies. It was pouring out last weekend and i still tried to meet up with my friend who needed a buddy for her long run, but I just could not get myself to get out of the car and run in the pouring rain.

  • This is a GREAT post! I totally agree with everything. It made me count my blessings that I have an awesome running buddy. When I’m not running with her though I honestly enjoy running alone. 🙂

  • Bahahahahaha. I have definitely been that running buddy at times, but have had my fair share of absurdly terrible buddies. My favorite was the married dude who talked the entire time about what his heart rate was, how easy the run was (we’re talking a 7:00 mile pace run), and the boobs on the women we passed. And then he asked me if I had lost weight because I “looked great!”

  • Lol – I don’t run with people a lot but this was too funny! I can relate most to the gadget-obsessed. I even get a little tired of reading on blogs “this race course was wrong because MY Garmin said …”

  • haha, I’m glad you didn’t mention “the buddy that sometimes shares TMI or complains about their job a lot” aka me. 🙂 I heart running buddies – no bad stories to share as of yet! Have fun this weekend!

  • Sarah

    I laughed at this post! Luckily, I have an awesome running buddy who is never late and is always willing to trade stories about school/stress/various running aches and pains. It’s hard for us to run together sometimes because a college schedule is not conducive to coordinated fitness, but I my runs with her are my favorite parts of the week.

  • Corey @ runners cookie

    Haha, too funny. I think most people I’ve run with have an understanding of “running etiquette” and they would tell me to go ahead without them if it just wasn’t working out. I also don’t have trouble speaking my mind (in a nice way) when it comes to running buddies – some runs are all about fun and pleasure, but when I’m training it sort of needs to me about me!

  • AR

    My inability to deal with any of these things is precisely why I don’t run with anybody. Lolz.

    Also, hope you are going somewhere with lots of booze. Manfred won’t steer you wrong.

    (yes, i’m still stuck on that joke. heh)

  • ooooooooooooooooooo romantic weekend! have fun! i am always hesitant to run with new “buddies” just for these reasons. i have found a cute boy who runs but now i’m afraid i’m going to be the awful running buddy hahah

  • I really only have a few running buddies and most of them are beginners, I’m still pretty new to running also, and a little slower than me but I find that I have no problem reigning myself in because turns out that I love company! I listen to music when I run with my boyfriend but he doesn’t seem to mind it.He lets me know if he wants to talk or not, otherwise it pretty cool because he runs right behind me and it feels like I’m running with a body guard!

  • Ali

    I have taken note of all these things in preparation for our running date. Looking forward to it!

  • OMG, I love love this post. I’m the type of girl who LOVES running with buddies but also running in HS and college track, you didn’t always get to pick your running partners. My BIGGEST pet peeve is the person who runs a few steps in front of you and the person who never brings fuel/water and relies on you for everything. That drives me crazy. But the most annoying thing that happens to me is when my running partner invites other runners to join us on our long run days and they can barely run 5 miles! And I don’t find out until I get there! hahah too funny

  • Ericka

    The good: Pushing me to go just a little farther than I thought I could. Telling me stories to get me through the last few miles of a 20 miler. Motivating me by promising me iced coffee at the end of the run!

    The bad: Leaving her Garmin settings so that the d*mn thing beeped approximately every 30 seconds during a 10 mile run. (I don’t own a Garmin, so I had no clue what the beeps meant…but they sure were annoying!)

  • Lauren

    This is THE best etiquette post I’ve read. There are so many people (unfortunately) I want to send this to right now…but I’ll refrain and just hope I never get caught up making these mistakes! Enjoy your weekend.

  • Great comments! My best running buddy was in college, a fellow fitness instructor – we’d meet at 6:30 am to run around a nearby lake. Morning workouts are the hardest thing for me, but we were both always there on time- accountability is so huge!

  • katie

    I just started reading this and I have to say I LOVE this post. I agree with all of them! Another one I’d like to add is constant negativity. I used to run with someone fairly regularly, but then I realized her complaining about everything– her boyfriend, her job, her life, and even RUNNING– was really bringing me down and literally slowing me down!