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Thank you for all of the encouraging words on my last post (i.e. losing running motivation). I’m still not sure what my plan of action is going to be regarding workouts/races, but I was lucky enough to have some enjoyable runs over the weekend. Can’t complain about that! I logged about 6 miles on the bridle path on Friday evening, some cross-training on Saturday afternoon, and 8.5 ish miles with Jacqui and Sarah on Sunday morning. I planned my Sunday run so that it coincided with the Scotland 10K in Central Park – spectating and cheering for other runners always puts me in a good mood.

Contrary to what is often featured on the blog, I do not subsist solely on sugar and booze. If only… This weekend was actually filled with some notable (and healthy-ish!) eats.

Saturday morning breakfast took place at the Bay Ridge Diner with the man friend.

True story – we went to bed at 10:30pm on Friday night and hence woke up at 6:30am on Saturday (sans alarm). Living on the edge, I tell you.

Mmm, I love how crispy diner omelets are. This one was filled with spinach and feta cheese.

Multiple errands, a gym visit, and many snacks later, I decided I could use some more vegetables in my life. Eventhough I’m probably the last one to find this out – the juice bar on 16th st and Union Sq West is mad cheap. $4 for a 16 oz juice (kale, apple, ginger) – that’s about $3 less than most places I’ve been.

After frolicking in the Union Square area for most of the afternoon, I headed to Williamsburg for a pizza-making party with some friends. Well, actually I drank wine while they cooked me pizza, but that’s just details…

Whole wheat crust with tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, and local basil (local = grown in a pot in their kitchen!).

Concerned about the lack of sugar? Don’t worry! My next post will feature a baked good that required 3 sticks of butter. Huzzah.

Finally, a little PSA –

I wear pretty minimalist training shoes (currently rotating the Saucony Kinvaras and Brooks Ghosts) and I’m a fan of the Nike Luna racers, so I had high hopes for the New Balance Minimus road trainers. However, when I wore them for a recent 3-miler the results were not pretty. Everything kind of hurt – my shins, my knee, my calves. It felt like I was running barefoot on pavement (which may be the intent?). Anyway, I really like the look of these shoes and they’re comfortable to walk in, but I don’t think they’re going to become my go-to training shoe. I am very intrigued by the super minimal heel drop (only 4mm!!), so maybeeeee I’ll give them another try in a few weeks. I’ll keep you posted.

Has anyone else tried the New Balance Minimus or Nike Frees? Thoughts?

  • AR

    True story: every time you type “man friend” I read it “man fred.” I don’t know why. So, if his name is “Fred” or “Manfred?” that’d be kinda creepy on my part, yes?

    Also: that pizza looks awesome and I don’t like the looks of the Minimus. I’m still comfortable with Kinvaras as my primary shoes, though we’ll see how that works out for me in the long run.

  • Kelly

    Looks like a fun weekend. Breakfast is my favorite meal to eat out! 🙂

  • Meggie

    I wear the Nike Frees, but only to walk around in. I hope one day to be able to run in Frees, but right now it just feels like too much of nothingness as compared to the Lunarglides I run in.

    Nothing says running like Scotland, right?!

    Also, seriously, where did you find this manfriend?!? Lucky you!

    And, I think you should enjoy running for just enjoyment/fun purposes right now. No one can train seriously all year; down time is crucial!

  • I usually run in Lunaswifts, which I love, but I really want to try the Nike Frees. New Balance shoes never seem to fit me right, so I probably wouldn’t try the Minimus.

  • I call my b/f Manfriend too! 🙂 Glad you had a nice weekend.

  • I wear Brooks Ghosts and rotate with Brooks Defyance for most of my training miles. I wear vibrams occasionally, but only for runs < 3 miles. I think they have helped with some PF/calf problems. I would try something like the minimus or the frees, but my feet are wide, and most minimal running shoes don't come in wide :(.

  • I wear Brooks Ghosts and rotate with Brooks Defyance for most of my training miles. I wear vibrams occasionally, but only for runs < 3 miles. I think they have helped with some PF/calf problems. I would try something like the minimus or the frees, but my feet are wide, and most minimal running shoes don't come in wide :(.

  • www.runericrun.blog.com

    I run soley in the nike free + I love them. I think as they suggest, you transition slow it won’t give you much problem. This weekend I ran a 10.5 sat run and 11.2 sunday run in the free and felt as fresh as ever.

  • J (morning Runner)

    I rotate my ghost 3s with my asics and I can tell the difference when I run with the ghosts. The bottom of my feet are sore on longer runs with the ghosts. But I think my feet are getting stronger!

  • you don’t subsist on sugar and booze?! who are you?!

    although diner food is amazing. i approve of that.

  • Astrid

    I also love the look of the NB Minimus, but I had to send them back, they just don’t fit with my feet 🙁 There wasn’t even a chance to try them on a run…

  • mm dinner omlettes are the best! I can’t run in minimalist shoes.. too big of an overpronater

  • ant

    I tried on the new balance ones and felt like they made me a little knock kneed. I would like to yet the kinvaras but haven’t found them in the stores near me in my size.

  • Aww I’m glad you’re having fun with the man friend! Jus Bar is totally awesome, by the way.

  • Christina

    I only use my Frees for walking/traveling so cannot help there. But I am intrigued by the Kinvaras- do a shoe review on those :p!

    I used to use the Ghosts- I loved my first pair and hate my second (both are Ghost 3’s but the new pair hurts my feet I think I got a wonky pair). I’m interested in trying the Brooks Launch- anyone have any advice between the Kinvaras and the Launch? Right now I’m rotating Saucony Progride Ride and my Asics Speedstars.

  • I have been alternating the ghost 3s and the launch… using the launch for my shorter runs and the ghost 3s for anything over 6. I used to wear the launch exclusively, but after a 20 miler, my shins hurt for three weeks!! Not enough medial support for me, it seems. Since alternating, I have been pain free.

    I also wore the nike frees at work (I am a dietetic intern) when I was on kitchen duty… 8hrs on concrete floors + nike frees = sore shins. Some people can run in them but I’ve found that I can only wear nike frees for less than an hour at a time, and I wouldn’t dream of running in them based on my experience just standing in them!

  • Bay Ridge diner <3

    I've given up on New Balances – I don't know if it's just me, but they always give me shin splints and do something funny with my calves. I've tried all varying NB shoes – neutral, cushioned, none seem to work so I've just accepted it. I stick to my Kinvaras for just about everything but they're wearing out pretty quick (at only 350 miles) so I have been thinking about picking up a pair of Nike Frees to alternate.

  • Anonymous

    I love my Kinvaras and Ghosts…if it’s not broken, maybe I shouldn’t try to
    fix it, eh?

  • I find the Launch to be really squishy compared to the Ghosts and even the Kinvaras. I bought them thinking I’d love them (lighter, more minimal version of the Ghost!) and was disappointed. And compared to the Kinvaras, the Kinvaras are lighter and have better roadfeel (FWIW I’ve never actually run in Kinvaras, just kicked around in them, but that was my impression.)

    I have my eye on a pair of Green Silence for a lightweight trainer / long road racer. 🙂

  • I wear my Frees for running once in a while, but mostly just for bumming around. Ditto my VFFs…although I’m starting to run short stuff or strides/drills in them.

    I kind of want to try the NB 890!

    Hello, my name is Shelby and I’m a shoewhore…

  • I have been running in Nike Free 3.0 for the past 8 months and loved them. I have suffered with knee pain during longer runs for years and honestly haven’t had it since I started with the Nike Frees. (I should be on a commercial).
    However – this weekend I bought some New Balance Minimus to compare (and because they look so cool – to be honest). Went on an easy 5 miler and acquired some intense blisters on my Achilles (ouch). But, I’m hoping I’ll break them in a bit and will be able to give a better review in a week or two!
    That pizza looks amazing – you have good friends.

  • Lesser is More

    I’ve been running in Brooks Ghosts for years (going on my 6th pair), but they are far from minimal shoes – with a 12mm heel-toe drop and approx 11 oz for a men’s 9.5 shoe, they fall into the light/midweight trainer category. Kinvaras on the other hand are more minimalistic (and lightweight), so it is interesting that you don’t experience any similar issues with the Minimus, since both shoes have a 4mm drop. I guess the only difference is that the Kinvaras are higher up from the ground with more cushioning vs the Minimus. Like others have said, I think a gradual transition to the shoe would help the break-in period.

  • Anonymous

    @Lesser is More – you’re right about the Ghosts. They are definitely more of
    a neutral trainer than a minimalist shoe. I guess when I said I wear
    “minimalist” shoes, I meant shoes without a lot of cushioning or stability

  • Christina

    haha Shelby I’ll assume that you don’t like shoes to be squishy! I’m just so upset about my new pair of Ghosts- basically it feels like there’s something sticking up all along the length down the middle of the shoe and pushing up into the bottoms of my feet and hurting my arches really bad while I run, so hence I think they are wonky because the pair before was heaven and I loved them!

    I don’t even know how to return them bc I live overseas and had my mom bring them to me and I ordered them from endless dot com for some reason (should have just ordered them from Brooks directly!). But now I’m traumatized and am too scared to buy the Ghost 3 again. I was thinking of the Launch to replace my Speedstars which will be worn out in a few weeks. I’m looking for a light-weight trainer to replace the Speedstars (I was thinking maybe the Launch would be a little sturdier than the Speedstars but not sure) although I do need something to swap with when my Rides wear down cause I don’t love those enough to repurchase. Anyways I only run on the treadmill so I can put in a few more miles in lighter shoes since the impact is less than the road.

    Maybe I’ll try on the Kinvara’s and the Launch and compre how they feel. I’m not looking for a minimalist shoe just looking for a light-weight trainer, for distances of say <8mi on treadmill and tempo runs.

    Whoa sorry for laying all my shoe problems on you! Anyways you should be able to help aren't you working some days now in the running store in Raleigh? Yes I read your blog too 😀

  • Christina

    oh maybe i should try the green silence?

  • Anonymous

    @Christina – I love that you know that Shelby works in a running store 🙂 I
    haven’t tried the Green Silence yet, but I have my eye on them. And so many
    people really like the Kinvaras – maybe give them a try??
    That’s a bummer your Ghosts are wonky 🙁 maybe you can try emailing the
    company even though you bought them somewhere else?

  • Glad you got some good runs in, friend! I just read “Born to Run” and there’s an article in Running Times about the minimalist shoe craze – I have to say I’m intrigued. I’ve never tried the NB or Nike Frees – I wear serious orthodics and they may be too much (heh, or too little) for me. but i really want to try the nike luna racers to see how they feel.

  • All your eats looks fabulous! Good luck with your running woes, I’m still working on trucking along at a turtle like pace but learning to love running in the process:)

  • true minimal shoes like those puppies need to be eased into (I’m friends with enough shoe reps to know this). even the shoes you are running in have enough cushion that it makes a difference dropping down to those guys!

  • Oh that pizza looks wonderful – I could use some fresh mozzarella in my life!
    I’ve never tried any of those lighter shoes, but I’ve been meaning to try Nike Frees for a while (my mom loves them and we basically have the same body so generally what works for her, works well for me!) I’ve been too afraid to try anything new since signing up for the marathon, but maybe once it’s over I’ll finally give some different shoes a try.

  • why did i not know about jus when i spent $9 at liquiteria yesterday and $8 at yorganic today? booooo. i’ve decided that money you spend when you’re sick doesn’t really count.

    3 sticks of butter? we neeeeeeed another potluck and/or dinner party so i can get some of your baked goods back in my life.

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