Pick yourself up, dust yourself off

I know it’s good for my running. I know it will make me faster. And I always feel better after the workout, and yet…every Tuesday I start to freak out about the upcoming track workout. Perhaps it’s a holdover from my college track team days (those workouts terrified me) or maybe I just don’t like the indoor track. But whatever it is…I start to think of excuses for why I shouldn’t go.

  • “Isn’t your knee feeling a little tweaked? Maybe you should take a day off…”
  • “Laundry is high on the priority list for tonight. No time for trekking up to the Armory!”
  • “My stomach hurts…running fast isn’t a good idea.”

And so on and so forth…About half most of the time I convince myself go to the workout. Last night was no different, I diligently took the subway uptown, paid the $15 entrance fee, and started an easy jog. I usually warm up inside by running around the exterior of the track, I’m not totally sure what happened, but about 2 minutes into my jog – BAM! I hit the concrete floor over by the shotput cage. My chin and left cheek broke the fall and I think I saw stars for a minute. %$^#!! The first thing I did was make sure all of teeth were still intact (they were, thank god)…Then I picked myself up and headed to the bathroom to survey the damage. My lip was split and there was some bruising on my cheek, but thankfully nothing too serious. As I spit blood into the sink, I found myself wondering if I was going to have enough time to finish my warm-up. It’s funny, I spent all day thinking about how much I didn’t want to do the workout, but when given the perfect “out”, I didn’t take it. Maybe I actually kind of like indoor track workouts…Or maybe I’m crazy. Probably the latter.

On to the workout –

  • 2 mile warm-up
  • 2 x 1000m @ 5k pace (3:58, 3:58)
  • 2 x 800m @ 3k pace (3:06, 3:03)
  • 2 x 600m @ faster than 3k pace (2:11, 2:10)
  • 1 x 400m @ mile pace (82)
  • 1 x 200m @ faster than mile pace (37)
  • 200m recovery jog for all intervals
  • 2 mile cool-down
  • Total: 8.5 ish miles, shazam!

My leggies were feelin’ like toast by the final repeats, but all-in-all this was a good workout. I’m not convinced that I could actually run these paces during a 5k or 3k race, but I’ll try not to think about that right now.

I recovered with a late dinner and some chocolate chip cookies with oreos stuffed inside of them. Um, yeah. You read that correctly. Over the weekend, I baked up some of these ridic treats. Bring on the diabetes, yo. Kidding. Sort of.

Find the original recipe here – Picky Palate’s Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies.

In addition to tonight’s faceplant, I’ve also fallen off the treadmill and contracted a parasite known as “The NESCAC rash” whilst running. I’m beginning to think this is a dangerous sport.

Anyone else have workout mishaps?

  • if you don’t save one of those cookies for me, i might have to come and stalk you down and steal one from your cookie jar. just sayin’.

    ahh, those hardcore running moments are the best-slash-worst. good for you for picking yourself back up and playing it cool, busted lip and all. i like that running teaches us how to do that – because if you can resume running supa-fast splits after spitting blood into the armory bathroom sink, you can pretty much handle anything modern american life throws at you. am i right?

  • Jane

    Ah! NESCAC Rash! The fall couldn’t have been as bad 🙂

  • Oh my goodness! Those cookies sound like the best idea ever! On read a quote on someone’s blog today that said, “If you really want to do something today, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.” I can totally relate! I need this as a motto and all I’m doing is running a slow even pace and I have to coax myself sometimes!

  • chocolate chip cookies AND oreo? *thunk* just when you’ve seen it all 🙂 and think of how hardcore you must’ve looked! teehee

  • Awesome workout!! Keep hitting those time in your workouts and you will totally be able to hit those paces during a 3K or 5K race. I also get a little nervous about workouts and think of every excuse possible to stop. Falling and splitting my lip would probably be a ‘sign’ but I suppose you’ve gone all the way there and may as well do it. Always better once it’s over. I get anxiety flashbacks from college track workouts, too.

  • Um, those look ridiculous. Need.

  • Glad to hear the damage wasn’t too bad! Those cookies look too good!!

  • Holy beast of a workout! And with a broken lip! Did you leave a blood stain on the track? Because that would actually be kind of bad ass.

  • Yum, those cookies look extreme!

    Nice workout. I’m very impressed that you got up, assessed the damage and got right back out there. Blood adds to the story, obviously.

  • I totally got a picture of you in my head spitting blood into the sink and being all badass by getting back out there to run. Go you! And nice workout 🙂

    Those cookies look beyond – I want one. They would eat my “healthy” cookies for lunch.

  • You are so tough!! Did you just trip on something? Awesome workout, you totally killed it! I get nervous for track workouts too…I think it’s something about the association with high school track practices, and there is just something intense about it. Ummm oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies – why haven’t I heard of this?? They look like the perfect post-workout food to me 🙂

  • J

    I hope your face and lip are alright! I am usually nervous all day too for the workouts Tuesday night! Its weird – don’t know why I get nervous but as soon as I am at the track I am ok. Great job on the workout! Sounds awesomely tough! And those cookies look amazing! I will have to try and make those!

  • The NESAC rash sounds like something skinny track boyz made up to cover a walk of shame. But you are insane. I can’t believe you actually split your lip open!! Did they start singing, “She hit the flo'”??

    Yes, I’ve crashed and tumbled while running. Usually thanks to ice, but one time in MN, I stopped at an intersection of a gravel road, looked at an oncoming car, and then from a standstill slipped on the gravel, did a weird running-in-place thing, and smashed my face into the ground. Hot.

  • Zoe

    Those look like the best cookies ever!

    I empathize with your fall. I’m very impressed that you finished your run after a split lip.

  • if you’re crazy then so am i. you’re in good company?! way to be a BAMF and finish that workout. i’m the same way too. i’ll whine and everything about doing the hard workouts but when given the change to opt out i won’t.

    you must have hit the ground HARD! ouch! glad you still have all your teeth. although, i must admit, that if you had lost one the thought popped into my head that you could get a gold one..or a diamond…that’d be bamf

  • Thank god you are OK! That could have turned out much differently. Nice workout though!

    I tripped on a sidewalk last summer while running and cut my knee, elbow, and wrist pretty bad. I went home, cleaned myself up, and finished my run. I have some nasty scars from it.

    Those cookies look amazing!

  • I used to dread track workouts in college. DREAD. Like I would be in class all day and fantasize about repeat 800’s and how awful they would feel. But after the workout, I always felt refreshed. And hungry. Good thing I was on the college meal-plan! Nowadays, I enjoy track workouts, perhaps it’s because I schedule them instead of a coach. It’s amazing how much intrinsic motivation one can get as you get older! And I am sooo making those cookies for my students…if I don’t eat all of them first!

  • A spill onto concrete must have some MAJOR “ow” factor… but awesome workout nonetheless! Glad you are okay!

  • Hah! You sound just like me every Tuesday afternoon before my track workout! I think I dread it so much because I know it’s going to be painful and my coach is expecting me to hit certain times for the sets. I am afraid to disappoint him and not keep up with the pack….

    Sounds like your fall was pretty painful, but thank god you lost no teeth! Now maybe you can make up a cool story or something….make those battle scars impressive!

  • Maren

    OH NO!!! I’m glad you made it out alive!! 🙂 And you finished your workout. Mad props!

  • omg i hope you’re ok!??! at least you finished that track workout though!

    when i was in hs i used to have speed work tuesdays and thursdays and i always dreaded them, but then i remember how good i felt after that it was worth it. helped me pr so many times in hs!

  • Sorry about the fall. I hope you made up a more exciting story about how you got the cut and bruise. I’ve fallen while running too. Still have the scar on my elbow.

    Those cookies look MAD decadent.

    My marathon training plan calls for a track workout most Tuesdays. I initially skipped the track and substituted it with a road run. I don’t know why I was so hesitant since there’s a track on campus where I work and it was convenient. After 3 (4?) track sessions, I’ve come to really enjoy being out there trying to get faster and stronger.

  • what, no photo of your face post face plant? 🙂 this just makes me think you’re more hardcore than i already do. i did actually fall running one time a few years back, and by the time i finished my run, i had blood all over both my legs (i will have to give you this full story in person), so i guess we all have our moments. i’m sure the $15 entrance fee probably helped your motivation to get back up and finish the workout, right? pride be damned haha.

  • Megan

    WAHHHH…boo falling. As an expert in falling on runs (and possibly the only non race participant to contract the NESCAC rash), I can say that I defffff feel your pain. I once scraped my face while falling off the treadmill, breaking the mirror behind the treadmill in the process. In high school. At the Jewish Community Center. In front of a boy’s mom who I kind of had a crush on b/c he had a Steve Prefontaine poster in his dorm room and what’s hotter than that?

  • Those cookies look amazing! I fell during a trail run last year and had to get stitches 🙂 I finished the run though, didn’t realize how bad the cut was because it was filled with mud. ICK. Thank goodness you are ok after your fall!

  • i posted about this last week…speed work is just mentally very scary for me. I don’t know why but I’m always afraid I can’t complete it and i guess that would be a failure..but not really the whole point is to push myself differently.

  • Those cookies look life changing.

  • Eileen

    You are as tough as nails! I hope your lip feels better.

    Your workout is truly impressive … I think I might take it and knock the pace times down to my level. Thanks for the constant inspiration!

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  • WHOA!!!! how have i not seen those Oreo-stuffed cookies? my life has officially been changed…

  • http://servetheworld.wordpress.com/2010/11/09/toe-up-no-mo-yup/

    Yep, I’ve had my share of running wounds 🙂 still have the scar above my eyebrow to prove it!