Requiem for Frida

Friends, I have some bad news. A very loyal companion of the Runner’s Kitchen has passed on to that great pottery kiln in the sky.

A few weeks ago, we were having some work done in our kitchen and Frida toppled off the edge of the counter and…well, I don’t think I need to give you the gory details. My favorite bushy-eyebrowed artist may not be greeting me in the morning anymore, but I will never forget the countless cups of caffeine that she gave me over the years. Only an IV drip could have done it better.

There’s been a hole in my life these last few weeks, but I finally found the courage to move on. I spent a good hour or so in a local homegoods store and after testing out handles, volume (must hold at least 15 oz!), designs, and material – I finally found a suitable replacement:

Meet Little Red Riding Hood & The Big Bad Wolf:

I also found an acceptable back-up. Nothing says “Good Morning!” like the faces of Trent Lott, Strom Thurmon, George Bush, and Richard Nixon.

In other news, I think my doctor is a miracle worker. I first started seeing him about a year and a half ago for my hamstring injury. He’s an M.D., but is also trained in alternative medicine such as accupunture, cupping, homeopathic injections, etc. He’s my go-to for everything from running injuries to annual exams. If you live in NYC and need a recommendation, email me runnerskitchen [at] gmail [dot] com and I’ll send over his info. I made an appointment on Monday to try and get to the bottom of the intense backache/headaches that had been plaguing me all weekend. I’m usually not one for “new age-y” treatments like accupuncture, but after my appointment I’m a believer. My doctor administered a combination of accupuncture and  homeopathic injections (basically saline solution with a little natural anti-inflammatory) and I almost immediately felt better. I was only able to run a few miles on Friday/Saturday and had to take Sunday off, but I felt so good after my appointment that I was able to run 10 miles. I kept the pace nice and easy and finished in about 1:27:12 (~8:43 pace). No pain at all afterward! Huzzah.

I also discovered my love for the Woodway brand of treadmills. My gym mostly has traditional treadmills with one or two woodways at each location. I had tried a woodway a few years ago and wasn’t a fan (I think I was using a manual model), but after Monday’s 10-miler I’m a convert. The belt feels like running on dirt path vs. hard asphalt. I’m going to try and do must of my hard indoor efforts on the woodway from now on.

[photo source]

Yesterday was supposed to be track workout day, but I felt like running a tough interval workout the day after a long-ish run, would just be asking for trouble. So instead, I ran some easy solo miles in Central Park, rented a movie, and ate mint chocolate chip ice cream. It felt like a very good decision. The plan is to run some faster intervals today after work – wish me luck!

Does anyone else have a favorite mug/glass/plate? My morning cup of coffee isn’t quite the same without Frida.

  • I remember the genesis of the Frida mug in 2009!!!

  • My fav coffee mug is blue with brown rim. I love it!! I was wondering if you were on twitter? I just joined. If you like, you can follow me @RunnerFuel. Thanks!!

  • Whoa, I’ve never seen those treadmills before. They’re so space-agey! Love it. Granted I’d rather run in hail than on a treadmill, but those are pretty awesome and I’d give them a shot.

  • Julie

    My favorite mug for tea (not a coffee drinker) is hand-painted with sunflowers on a bright orange-red background. It’s huge! probably 16oz, and very sturdy. It was a gift from a best friend in college, and the mug has moved with me to about 4 apts since then. Currently, my back-up is Tinkerbell… and somewhere in storage is my long-forgotten favorite Eeyore mug… but one only has so much cabinet space in NYC

  • I SO want to try those treadmills! With this weather I am definitely over-doing the treadmill running this winter, and I’d rather use a treadmill like that than up the incline more to make it harder.
    Ha, I totally understand about your mug. I broke the spoon that matched my favorite Snoopy mug and almost cried.

  • Kristan

    Another day, another reason to be jealous of your gym! You made a great choice last night but we missed you at the track! And if Roosters, my mug, ever went off to mug heaven, I think I would be heartbroken!

  • So sorry for your mug loss! I actually do not like those brand of treadmills. I used to try them out at the gym but kept tripping over my feet and felt like I was going to fall off the machine because of the belt. I’m sure my running gait is different than yours though.

  • mandy

    Sorry to hear about your mug. I do love frida. Sounds like you have a great doctor. If he can recommend anyone in Chicago, I am all ears…..

  • Never heard of those TMs before. Interesting!

    My favorite is a Philly mug from Starbucks that I got as a gift. The best part is it’s a 16-ouncer!

  • If I see any of your readers now on Woodways, I’m going to kick them off! haha, jk. I think treadmill season is almost behind us! Missed you on the track last night!! I have a pair of shoes for you!

  • Sorry to hear about the headache/backache deal – hope it all clears up… that doc sounds amazing. Good luck with the intervals!

  • i totally have a favorite mug. granted it’s not mine and is at a friend’s house but every time i’m over it is mine. love the backup mug. i think i’d be drinking out of that one every morning. what a way to start the day indeed!

  • I love my NYC glass that has a cartoon map of all the fun spots. I used to have an NJ one which was much closer to my heart but it got into a fight with the cat and lost 🙁 RIP Frida Mug

  • I feel your pain! Anything of sentimental value is guaranteed to be smashed by me. I’m a disaster on legs.

    I loved your Frida, but those two replacement mugs are pretty sweet too (don’t tell her I said that, though!)

  • Awww, I loved seeing that Frida cup! RIP…

    Right now, I have two favorite coffee mugs. One says “Don’t Mess With Texas” (my home state) and the other one is a simple bright yellow one from Target that holds plenty o’ java. 🙂

    On the topic of mugs, I’ve been forever on the hunt for a 2010 NYC marathon one…I saw them at the expo and totally regretting not buying one!

  • Sarah

    My mom’s friend takes a pottery class and she made a beautiful, dark brown, artistically streaked and mishapen mug that is the perfect shape and size for cupping your hands over and sipping tea while sitting in a comfy armchair. Technically the mug is my mom’s, but I look forward to drinking from it whenever I come home from school. And I don’t think she minds sharing too much!

  • I am running my first half marathon in April and have been absolutely dying to get off the treadmill. How are the conditions in Central Park? Have you ever done a post about running in the snow/inclement weather? How to decide if it’s truly “too bad” to run outside? These long treadmill workouts are horrible and I would love to run in Central Park (without spraining my ankle in the process)

  • FYI readers, the Republican mug is supposed to be ironic 🙂 I am most definitely not a right wing conservative…

  • Such sad news about Frida!! I loved seeing her face on almost all of your posts. I’m happy to welcome Little Red Riding Hood here. Anyone who provides you with a way to get your caffeine is good in my book! Also glad to hear your backache/headache combo is much improved. I’d love to know who the doc is!! And let me know if you ever need any massage/ART work in the meantime 🙂

  • I hope you drink lots of black coffee out of that mug, just for Strom Thurmond.

  • I really want to try the woodway when i saw you tweet about it! maybe i’ll get over my lame-o fear…of what i am not sure…!!

  • You should have put the mug back together. It would be a nice reminder of Frida getting through a horrible accident, like she did in real life, and enduring. Of course, you couldn’t drink out of it, but it would still be Frida.

    My favorite number is 31. A couple years ago, I found some teacups at Anthropologie with numbers on them, including 31. I bought two teacups ’cause I feared I’d break/chip one. I don’t use it too often, but I do love it.

  • ahh I’m so sorry for your loss of Frida! I have a mug with things from Paris designed all over it from “Paris” in Vegas that I must use in the mornings.

    Glad you’re feelin’ ok! We have those mills at NYSC too but I never thought to try them – they look a little scurry.

  • Oh no! Rest in peace, Frida. I do like the replacements, though!

    My current favorite mug is my ALOT mug. It’s a little small, but it makes me giggle every morning as I’m sipping from it.

  • I LOVE Fishs Eddy and can easily spend an hour there perusing their goods. Just so much to look at! Love the mugs you picked out.

    I also use the Woodway at our gym all the time. It’s definitely much better than the regular treadmills. Thanks again for the doctor recommendation. I have to get an appointment asap.

  • how lucky to have such an awesome doctor…every doctor I’ve EVER gone to (about 6-8?) about running injuries basically tells me this:

    Don’t run anymore. It’s bad for your body. Try the elliptical.


  • Ahhh, por Frida! (Tehe, IV drip) Glad you found a replacement though. I have a favorite oatmeal bowl…it makes me ALMOST as happy as the food inside it 🙂

  • Oh Frida! She was a good little mug… I have this awful “I heart cats” mug that someone gave me as a joke and I somehow ended up using daily. It’s the perfect size (aka, giant)

  • I get totally attached to mugs like that- when they feel comfortable in your hand it’s easy to not want to drink out of anything else! I haven’t seen those treadmills before- they look so cool!

  • The Woodway treadmills look weird. Congrats the run on treadmill. Good luck for your further running.

  • Sorry about your mug loss! I have these white mugs that hold like half a liter of coffee each…I LOVE THEM. It’s so satisfying to be able to spend that much longer lounging around in bed, not getting ready for work (because you haven’t finished your enormous cup of coffee yet…

    cool treadmill!

  • Liz

    I immediately recognized that mug as being from Fishs Eddy…I have the democrats one! Such a great store. Sorry about Frida!