Favs of the week

Happy Monday! I can’t really explain why, but I’m in a great mood today (I think wearing a new dress from H&M is helping). Besides workplace fashion, I have quite a few new “favorites” that I want to share.

1) First and foremost – the weather!! It was 45 degrees and sunny yesterday. Practically tropical. Despite some black ice in Central Park, the mild temperatures made for awesome running conditions. I banged out my longest run since the marathon (12 miles) on Sunday after having an equally decent 6.5 miler on Saturday evening. I’m still feeling a tad fatigued (I slept A LOT this weekend), but getting in some good mileage with friends certainly lifted my spirits this.

2) I’m currently wear-testing a pair of Adidas Supernova Glide 3’s for a running magazine. These aren’t a brand that I would normally buy, but I actually really like them. Plus, you can’t knock free shoes! I’ll save the rest of my shoe review for the magazine…

3) Another freebie that I’ve been lovin’ – I received a sweet new Le Sport Sac gym bag filled with Arnold Sandwich thins. The PR company must have known about the decrepit tote bag I’ve been using at the gym…

I created a yummy grilled camembert with browned butter pears sandwich thin a few months ago and I think I need to make it again soon!

4) Finally, I’ve decided that spandex shorts are the most perfect piece of clothing. I’ve been living 24/7 in my Lululemon groove shorts (not a freebie!! I paid $$$ for these). My only gripe is that they ride up when I run. Luckily, I have an awesome pair of $3 spandex from Target that are perfect, perfect, perfect for running. They’re longish and tight, so they don’t ride up at all. I think they’re Activa brand? I like them even better than regular running shorts!

Question: What are you lovin’ this week?

And finally…The winner of the Stonyfield Give-Away is comment #44 Nicole! Hehe, I enjoy the tongue-in-cheek humor…

I only buy organic water, air, and bread (toasted naturally by the sun-takes a few days on my windowsill but it’s worth it!)

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  • J

    I am loving leftover mac and cheese! AS well as a new pair of cute heels I picked up over the weekend!!

  • I’m loving the weather too! And the box of Tagalong Girl Scout cookies left on my desk by a co-worker!

  • THE WEATHER! hello spring! i’m also digging the whole training thing too. which is refreshing and much needed.

  • Christine

    Very eager to hear the shoe review! I always wear asics but the runner store recommended the supernova for me. I’m a creature of habit though so not sure I can make the switch – maybe your review will help me out! 🙂

  • Right now, I’m lovin a free salad from Cafe Metro that I won through their Twitter Free Lunch trivia. I got it with the works, probably would be a $11 salad normally. Also loving the weather– trying to enjoy it before the next rain/snow shower tomorrow and chilly temps the rest of the week.

  • That’s a cute bag!

    I am also loving the weather. Yesterday was 60* and sunny for my long run – LOVED it!

  • Lately all I’ve been running in (when on the treadmill) is a pair of Champion spandex shorts I got from Sports Authority. I picked up a pair there in the fall, when it was actually still warm out, and I wear them so often now that I’m running indoors several times a week that I went and picked up another. LOVE. I haven’t had any trouble with them moving out of place.

    Glad you were able to take advantage of the good weather! It almost tricked me into thinking it’s Spring!

  • I’m lovin the fact that i’m heading to a ski/drinking weekend friday at 3pm!!! 🙂

  • I’m lovin’ my Amy’s Organic Whole Wheat bunnies! I mix them with mixed nuts and it is the best sugar-free snack ever!

  • I am loving my ice grippers, the Inception soundtrack, and the fact that there’s a road relay run here next weekend. Woohoo! Interested to hear your thoughts on the Supernovas; can you link to the magazine review after it’s been published?

  • Elise

    those are the shoes I run in- LOVE them!!! also a huge fan of the weather 🙂

  • ooh, free stuff is always great! I’m in a strangely good mood for a monday too. I loved the weather yesterday, although I reallly wished I could have run in it. boo!

  • I was loving the weather until the rain started last night! Mmmm i’m all about my vegan fudgy chocolate mousse i’ve been enjoying. So, so good.

  • Those shoes are pretty! I’ve never run in Adidas – is that what you primarily use? Those lulu shorts look awesome, their stuff fits SO well which makes it totally worth it. This week I am loving brownies with vanilla ice cream!

  • Today’s weather (and yesterday’s) was amazing!! I am also loving the weather and the thought of leaving for San Fran in less than 2 weeks!!

  • 80 degrees in Oakland, CA! For some reason I’m in a great mood this week too! haha.

    Your blogger-lifestyle is a dream, girl! free shoes, bags of bread….so sweet. you deserve it, I’ve loved your blog for a long time

  • love the free stuff action and the cheapo spandex working better than the lus overpriced booty shorts. funny how that works, huh?

    i want that gym back. hiiii le sport sac people, wanna give me stuff too? 😛

    and yeah, the sun on sunday was pretty much the highlight of my week. i love warm, bright days more than anything.

  • and by back i mean bag. okay, bed time for real! who’s tired?

  • I am lovin the NY weather this week too, was actually sweating walking to the office. Ha! I am also loving the snow melting and my Saucony Kinvaras. Awesome shoes.

  • Along with loving the weather (woo hoo! 14 miles Sunday!!), I am loving steel cut oats with Trader Joe’s peanut flour and WF Grade B maple syrup. I wasn’t sure on the combo, but I am IN LOVE. 🙂

  • i own 3 pieces of expensive workout equipment/attire (yogitoes, mizunos, and those lululemon shorts), and i totally agree that those shorts are seriously worth the $$. um, i’ve worn them outside the yoga studio over argyle tights and called it an outfit. more than once.

    i’m so depressed by the number of commenters who are loving the weather. people. there is nothing to be happy about when it is 40 degrees. i don’t care if it feels warm.

  • I am loving myself! Oh, is that dirty? Okay. I am loving…capitalization. Correct capitalization. You don’t realize how much you like it until you read 50 papers where THERE IS NONE.