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I think I’m finally getting into a groove with indoor workouts. I was a little sore after Tuesday’s interval session, but felt good enough to attempt a tempo in Central Park last night. I met up with my running club for the following –

  • 1 mile warm-up
  • 4.08 miles @ half-marathon pace (28:27, or ~6:58 pace)
  • .6 mile recovery
  • 2.05 miles @ 10 mile race pace (13:52, or ~6:45 pace)
  • 1 mile cool-down
  • ~8.75 miles total

This workout went so much better than I was expecting and even though 6:58 pace is a bit faster than I can manage for a full half-marathon, it was a great confidence booster. I think the fast intervals on the track definitely make tempos at least seem easier – half-marathon pace feels like it ain’t no thang after gutting out 400’s at mile pace. Last night’s workout also made me realize how much I like longer, endurance efforts vs. fast and short ones. Sweaty Kid wrote a great post this week comparing the two – she used zoo animals as metaphors. Check it out!

The iron supplementation is going okay. I’ve started taking the pills with emergen-c at bedtime. FYI – if you haven’t had emergen-c hot (like tea), try it! My running pal Megan clued me in to this and it’s extra soothing if you have a scratchy throat. I wish I had more delicious recipes or food photos to share with you, but alas, it’s been a busy week and I’ve been buying breakfast, lunch, and (sometimes) dinner from the office cafeteria. I promise to make something iron-rich this weekend!

Last night I ate the dinner of champions – a pint of chocolate milk, sangria, and a beer. Plus a picky bar when I finally got home at 1 am. Do as I say blog friends, not as I do. Heh.

Obviously, the ideal situation would have involved a delicious and nutritious home-cooked meal, but I’m a busy girl and had places to go. In a pinch, my 16oz of chocolate milk provided 320 calories, 22 grams of protein, 58 grams of carbohydrates, 30% DV potassium, 80% DV calcium, and 50% DV vitamin D.

And everyone knows that sangria = antioxidants and beer = B-vitamins. So it’s all cool. Right? Right?

Question: What’s the weirdest dinner combination you’ve had?

  • I think you are officially the most hardcore person ever. Weirdest dinner combo? Does eating everything in my refrigerator in one sitting count? Nothing I eat ever makes sense.

  • I struggle with the short and fast for training — a lot of people seem to dread tempo runs, but I honestly prefer them to zippy/painful track work. Thanks for the shout out! Hot emergen-c is outstanding… I’ve had a scratchy throat the past few days and am planning on picking some up on my way home today… I could honestly drink it by the gallon when it’s in hot “tea” form.

  • The weirdest meal I’ve ever eaten was probably a bowl of oatmeal with broccoli on the side.

  • nice dinner of champs. i approve 🙂

    great workout. that looks tough!

  • Nice workout! Chocolate milk = love. Nothing wrong with that for dinner 🙂 Weirdest combo I’ve ever had? Probably when I just continuously snack through dinner instead of having a real meal – usually consists of cereal, a bar, cookies, fruit, maybe some carrot sticks if I’m lucky, hehe.

  • So, I’ve been kind of MIA reading your blog. But just saw that you suggested a few names for the new picky bar flavors. I run with Lauren Fleshmans speed group here in Eugene as a normal runner. It’s so great to have someone of her caliber coaching us. And picky bars are yummy! Anywho, just wanted to say I’m back and glad to be reading again.

    I went to the doc yest and she told me I needed to be taking a calcium and vit d supplement (or just a multivitamin). She recommends it for all women still in their bone building years (the calcium that is) and for those living in states with dark/long winters (vitamin D).

  • what IS it with beer and running? It is the absolute most perfect, satisfying, quenching post-hard run drink. I always crave a cold one after a hard run.

    Intuitively, it must be good for runners if our bodies are telling us to go for it!

  • track work definitely makes tempo runs seem easier!

    i think i ate cereal, soda, and a random vegetable for dinner once…pretty gross.

  • Blech!! You didn’t tell me you drank an entire pint of chocolate milk! How did you not turn into a lactose monster? (that’s a relative of the shit monster from Dogma, fyi) Anyway, you would be fairly grossed out to know my weirdest dinner combination. Maybe kale steamed in the microwave with Cheez-Its and garbanzo beans on the side? And mustard?

  • Sounds like a winner dinner to me. 🙂

  • I pick delicious pizza and wine for dinner over chocolate milk – yay for last night! Since I’m not adventurous, the strangest dinner combo I’ve had recently is probably PB&J or something 🙂

  • LOVE the dinner combo…sometime you just have to go with the flow and can’t control your options…it actually does break down to getting in nutrients! 🙂
    The interval run looks fun!!
    I hope you have a great week ahead of you!