Lady Dates

There are many things I like about living in Manhattan (being able to walk everywhere, abundance of ethnic foods, Central Park, etc), but I don’t think I would like it half as much without my lady friends. The first year or so that I lived here was a little lonely, but thanks to running and blogging I’ve been lucky enough to forge some solid friendships. Although I enjoy alone time, I’ve realized lately that my relationships with others (whether they be familial, friendly, or romantic) really define who I am. I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing, but I do know that having an active social life makes me really happy. On Sunday, I was lucky enough to have not one, but THREE lady dates. Sunday = a good day 🙂

Despite feeling sleep deprived and hungover (hey, i’m enjoying my 20’s!), my running buddies motivated me to get out the door to run about 3 1/2 miles (bringing me to 40 miles for the week, woo!). Alma, Marisa, Nicole and I met up for some miles and girl talk and after some time in the brisk air, I felt revived.

I hurried home for a baking get-together with my girl, Sofia. After seeing the delicious goods coming out of Holly’s kitchen, we decided a sweets exchange was in order.

Throughout the afternoon, we whipped up batches of spicy caramel popcorn and Smitten Kitchen’s coffee toffee.

The coffee toffee proved to be a little difficult (umm, apparently we were supposed to use a candy thermometer? oops)…

But I think that it turned out alright in the end. I mean…how can you really go wrong with butter, sugar, coffee, chocolate, and hazelnuts?? I sampled quite a bit, just to make sure!

I ended my weekend with a relaxing dinner with Leslie at a cozy Soho spot called Sanctuary T. After a weekend of strong beverages, I chose the “Balance” tea tonic. Our tea was served in a decanter and after steeping for 7 minutes, we strained the brew into a mug and sweetened with a rock sugar stick. The process made drinking tea a lot of fun!

I was really craving something hearty for dinner, so I chose the burger with melted gruyere and roasted tomatoes as my entree. The burger wasn’t particularly remarkable, but it hit the spot. The roasted tomated and side of gherkins and mustard were a nice touch.

And what’s a lady date without dessert? Leslie and I split the molten chocolate cake and chai tea ice cream. YUM.

Do you enjoy having a packed social calendar? Or do you crave solo time?

  • Nice shirt in the toffee pic! 🙂

  • Your uncertain look in the toffee picture makes me think you had some practice that morning! You know, when you were uncertain about an early run. Yeah, that’s it.

  • I go through phases where I’ll thrive on having a jam-packed social week, to wanting to just laze around and eat chocolate. It’s all about balance, right? 😉

  • we talked about this – i crave a packed schedule, and while solo time is nice occasionally, i can get my alone time through yoga classes or by getting up early in the morning. i like knowing i have plans after work every day or people to see all weekend – it makes life fun, and it makes it so much more than just a routine of work-eat-exercise-sleep. i think our relationships are a large part of who we are, so it’s important to make them a large part of our lives (and our calendars). in a nutshell: socializing is a good thing. i’m glad we’re on the same page. 🙂

  • omg this post 100% describes me! i’ve been so lonely the first few months living in a new city and i’m finally getting some lady friends to help me through. yippe. i definitely crave solo time but i’ve realized over the past few weeks that i NEED time with others. badly

  • that burger looks to die for. I think I’m gonna go home and make myself a burger.

  • Looks like fun!
    I like both – I enjoy my time alone whether its running, reading, yoga, or TV watching, but I also start to get in a “funk” if I don’t have enough social time. I love to explore Boston, cook, and just chat/laugh with my friends.
    Glad you are enjoying yourself!!

  • Kelly

    I am more of a solo person. One of my goals for 2011 is to try to be more social.

  • I hate people!

  • I like a packed social schedule. I may complain about it sometimes but deep down I love it!

  • i am a social butterfly with antisocial tendencies. it’s true. but i truly love scheduling my friends into nearly every day of the week, but it does wear on ya after awhile – some nights i want to just go home and be alone. tonight is that night for me, and i couldn’t be happier.

    we are master bakers with a little kitsch. ’tis true.

  • I like a nice mix of the two – love my alone time, but love meeting up with friends and getting some good lady dates in. Let’s have one soon, yes? Hope you can get out this week (right, this week?) with the dang snow and all…

  • Love lady friends/lady dates! Although I’ve lived in Philly for over 4 years, I really didn’t have any true running partners. However, I’ve recently been making a strong effort to go to more running clubs and thanks to that, I enjoyed a very snowy 8.5 mile run with 2 girlfriends on Saturday, followed up with a lady brunch/day-drinking date on Sunday. Alone time is nice, but nothing trumps runs and drinks with the gals 🙂

  • my non-social schedule is so packed it’s always a treat to be able to squeeze in a lady date (or even a hubby date!) or sometimes when the non-social schedule is extra stressful, i just like to have me-time, which sometimes is also me-running-time 🙂

  • None of my friends are into running, so my schedule (social schedule) is pretty empty. I do get together with some girls every couple of months, though. It’s always nice to have your girls!

  • That molten cake looks amaaaazing. I’m a sucker for chocolate on chocolate action. I’m like you- I like having solo down time, but more often than not I love being around other people.

  • I love my solo time, but there are few things better than a schedule full of awesome lady dates!

  • I just can’t stop drooling.
    So. many. delicious. dishes!

  • I like to have a few things on my calendar, but not overbook myself because they I start stressing out about getting my mileage in (during marathon training anyway). I’ve met so many fun people through blogging and running – it’s so great!

  • i just finished that whole bag of spicy caramel popcorn by myself. FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!