The Pros and Cons of Winter

This morning has been a little rough, but despite the setbacks, I’m trying to focus on the positives (or at least the hilarity of the situation).

Con: I nearly broke my neck on a 3 mile run this morning. Dear Mayor Bloomburg, why haven’t any of the roads been plowed??? And while you’re at it, let’s do something about the sidewalks.

Pro: At least I got in someย miles before work!

Con: My apartment doesn’t have any heat or hot water. So, I headed off to work with sweaty hair and numb toes.

Pro: I’m saving the environment! And Americans bathe too often anyway, right? Right?

Con: It took me an hour to get to work because the B/D subway lines weren’t running, thus making me 30 minutes late.

Pro: 30 minutes late = shorter work day!

Con: I fell in a snow bank.

Pro: At least I was wearing cute boots!

Con: I didn’t have my first cup of coffee until 10am (10am!!).

Pro: When I finally got a hold of some caffeine, I double-fisted.

Con: It’s been a crappy morning.

Pro: At least I had a good breakfast.

I’m going to do what I can to make the rest of the day a little better. I have plans to go to my favorite lunch spot (I don’t even care if my salad costs $10) and I’m headed to the gym after work for some more miles and a much-needed shower. I may even end the night with a glass or 3 of wine. I’ll do what I can to make it through the winter.

What do you hate (or love) about winter? Feel free to vent.

  • Quinn

    I recommend YakTraks Pro! I used them today and it wasn’t a bad run.

  • I’m hating it right now, because I think I have a IT problem and don’t want to go to the dr because I don’t want to hear what he’ll say. I’m scheduling the appt today for next week. Thanks for letting me vent!!

  • i hate hate hate all this icy snow/slushy snow. Especially living in the suburbs trying to get into the city – all commuter rails are pretty much suspended. I was actually hoping to make it into work today because at least I could get to the gym to get a run in.

    Do you know if CP is cleared yet?

  • @jessica, i heard that CP is run-able, but the footing isn’t the greatest. a good day to run without a watch!

  • you don’t have heat or hot water!? omg. do you want to come stay at my place?? my sister is in ct till friday. not kidding!

    you know i could vent about winter all season long (and i kinda do). the bitter cold, the fact that it takes 90 extra years (yes, that is an exact number) to get dressed, the slush that covers the sidewalks, the snow banks we have to scale to cross the streets, the frozen fingertips, the dry skin, the increase in my electric bill. omg, i’ll stop.

    i can’t believe you managed to run outside with the streets being the way they are. i’m glad you survived!

  • Josie

    Hi. First time comment poster. I love your blog!! I’m impressed you are able to stay so positive despite the cruddy morning- plus even run outside. I get a bit down and grumpy with the weather but your blog cheers me up and makes me think it is possible to be a runner in NYC afterall. Thanks- keep up the good work! (and that brekkie looks scrumptious!)

  • I lovveee your boots! Those are super cute. I’m torn on winter, we haven’t had nearly as much snow/rain in CO so far this winter as normal, so I want snow bc it’s so dry…but I don’t bc that leads to icy roads/sidewalks, falling, running on the dreadmill, etc. Blech!

  • I could NOT believe how skinny the sidewalks are…definitely a good day for rainboots to avoid seepage.

    Con: I waited for 28 minutes outside at 6:15am this morning for my brother to drive me to the bus-I locked myself out of the house and couldn’t get back in.

    Pro: My brother has impeccable timing-the bus was there and departed as soon as I boarded!

  • Very cute boots indeed!

  • Thanks Megan! I was thinking of doing two slow-ish loops around the park this weekend for my long run (seeing as my suburban side roads are still impassable)

    I slipped and fell outside Dunkin Donuts this morning… that’s what happens – I didn’t have my first cup of coffee until 10am either ๐Ÿ™

  • hahah. i’m trying to EMBRACE winter this year. no venting from me today. of course this might mean that i totally blow my lid at some point in the near future…

    p.s. i didn’t get my first cup of coffee until noon. *shudder*

  • Wow I am not surprised you ran in that weather! The news from Texas TVs show that NYC looks shut down and crazy outside! Winters are mild here, I like to rant about summers. And wish I got to see snow in the winter.

  • Falling due to the road conditions absolutely enrages me. Sorry that happened to you. I swear though, those ice stud pullovers have changed my life; get some.

    Alternatively… there’s zero shame in deferring to the treadmill when the road conditions are bad enough that you’re falling on your arse left and right.

    Um, let’s see. Pros of winter… well, I’d rather run in cold temperatures than hot, so that’s a pro. And I guess I like that I don’t need to shave my legs quite as often…?

  • Maeve

    Con: I woke up super early and drove across town for a doctor’s appt. that’s actually tomorrow.

    Pro: At least I was a day early and not a day late. Other pro: I had plenty of time for a Starbucks.

  • What a day! Although I have to admit, for me, coffee does generally make things better. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I think the only thing that I really don’t like about winter is the lack of daylight and/or sunshine. It’s like the sun starts setting at 3 pm! It’s so great in the summer when you can head out at 8 o’clock and there’s still light outside! But aside of that, I like winter quite a bit. Any excuse to curl up with a huge blankie is good in my book.

  • Claire

    I love your boots! Where are they from?

  • I shoveled snow for 2.5 hours yesterday. Today, my forearms are muscle-mania, which helps me out with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, unless you have a forearm fetish.

    Sorry the morning was a bust, dude. At least you got blackberries imported from Venus!

  • CP is quite runnable right now, but there are still portions where you need to like snowboarding…
    And still no heat or hot water…

  • @Julien – i hate our landlord. so much.

  • Alisha

    hey! just saw your article in Women’s Running. Congrats! I live in Atlanta so the snow usually isn’t an issue. If it is, it only stays for a day. But, it takes forever to put on all of those clothes. The best part is the hot coffee and hot shower afterwards!

  • Ada

    Haha this was such a funny post. Let me know if you need a running partner at all this week!

  • sorry about the tough start to your day, I hope it got better as it went along! I slipped a few times on my way to work this morning but thankfully I didn’t fall! Crossing my fingers I make it home without incident. I commend anyone who attempts a run in this snow!

  • We don’t have heat or hot water??? OMG! I have some Yaktrax in the bottom drawer of the plastic thing by the door in my room. You should borrow them tomorrow. Fingers crossed that my flight will not be cancelled!

  • Your positive mentality just made me smile! Loved this post. I hate that winter is cold, but love how pretty it looks from indoors (by a fireplace, with a cup of hot chocolate and a cozy blanket, of course).

  • Awwww – so sorry about the “almost” accident, girl!
    But, seeing it through the bright side – your breakfast looked incredibly delicious, you’ve had a shorted work day, you’re boots are cutest ones I’ve ever seen…
    You win some, you loose some ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I like your attitude!! I also hate the winter and have been forced to keep running to the treadmill since the storm, but I am hopping to go outside later this week! Happy Running and enjoy the wine you deserve it!

  • Cute boots, dude. And even cuter socks. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hope the self-medication is taking the edge off of a craptastic day! And hope y’all have clear sidewalks and roads soon!

  • Us too, we’re going to move at the end of our lease, things are getting worse and worse again (and I’m always optimistic!) ๐Ÿ™

  • oh my gosh, so terrible. i hope you are staying somewhere else tonight?? or baking cookies all night? ridiculous!

  • DCRunner

    What kind of boots are those? I love them!

  • You raise a good point. I complain about the long drive, but it does lead to a shorter day in the office… nice…

    And I’m with everyone else- the boots are fab.

  • First cup of joe at 10?! How ever did you survive? Love your tights/socks combo. Winter…eh…I’m so so about it. It’s usually the time I actually crave getting back into the gym (as opposed to running outside), so it doesn’t effect my workout routine too much!

  • oh nooooo – no heat or hw?? I hope it’s back by now. And I’m sorry you fell into a snow bank. If it makes you feel better, I fell into a pile of garbage by NYU a few (ok like 9) years ago. Though alcohol was definitely involved.

    Hmm, now I’m trying to figure out what I like about winter…I’ll get back to ya!

  • Cute boots AND knee socks over tights? I totally approve.

  • i need those boots, socks and tights. please share where i can find such cute attire, por favor…