In a New York Minute

Happy Thursday blog friends! I hope you’re feelin’ as good as I am as we inch closer to the weekend. I’ve been pondering a lot of deep thoughts about running (and life) lately and I have some posts in the works. BUT occasionally you just need something a little more lighthearted. And that’s what you’re gonna get today! I know some of you live in NYC, so my  routine might be similar to your own, but for you non-New Yorkers, I thought I’d post a daily recap so you can see how I live. Sometimes things get so crazy that I end up ordering take-out or going to a restaurant for every meal. That happened yesterday! Confession: As much as I love spending time in the kitchen, I like eating out even more : )

I started my morning around 7am with a coffee from the cart near the subway. As I was en route to the gym, the guy next to me said “Lady, that’s a BIG coffee. It’s kind of scary”. I replied; “You know what’s even scarier? Me without caffeine.”

I drink my coffee with whole milk, no sugar. Although if I’m visiting the fam in PA, I’ll use half ‘n half because that’s what mom buys.

After a much needed dose of caffeine and a 25 minute commute, I arrive at my gym. I had taken 2 days off of exercise for a variety of reasons, so Wednesday’s run was my first since the Joe Kleinerman 10k. And wow, this workout kicked my butt. Early mornings are apparently not my body’s favorite time to run fast! I was a sweaty mess by the end.

 1 mile warm-up (~9 min pace)
4 × 800m @ 5k pace (~6:25 min pace)
4 × 400m recovery (~9:30 min pace)
1 mile cool-down (~9 min pace) 

The highlight of my run was testing out my new Saucony Kinvaras. These shoes are Saucony’s newest minimalist trainers – they’re VERY light and there’s only a 4mm difference between the heel and the forefoot (most heels are much higher). Out of the box and on my feet, they reminded me a lot of my Nike lunaracers. However, there’s a bit more cushioning because I think they’re intended to be more of a performance trainer (i.e. for workout days, tempo runs) vs. a racing flat. I only ran 5 miles in them yesterday, but they seemed to work out fine. No chafing, blisters, or aches. However, I’m not sure how they’ll fare for longer runs. I’m a neutral runner who’s on the lighter side, so I’m hoping I can use these as an everyday training shoe. My plan is to give it a go for a few weeks (running 30-40 mpw) and then re-evaulate. If I feel like I need more cushioning, I’ll save the Kinvaras for workouts and get another pair of Brooks Ghosts for everyday miles.


Breakfast at my desk was an apple  and steelcut oats w/ fruit topping from Jamba Juice (their oatmeal is only $2 everyday!).

Lunch was a big salad from the office cafeteria – I filled my container with a base of veggies (spinach, shredded carrots, mushrooms) and then topped with spoonfuls of lentils, feta cheese, croutons, roasted potatoes, and a piece of Chicken Tikka Masala from the hot bar. I finished off my salad with a drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette. Did you know that an oil based salad dressing helps you absorb the nutrients in veggies?!?

My salad kept me pretty full through the afternoon, but I couldn’t resist a few seasonal treats. I sipped a second cup of coffee and enjoyed a few rugelach around 3:30pm. Some christmas candy (malted milkballs that look like snowballs!!) may have also snuck in.


I had a little extra time after work, so I headed back to the gym for 30 minutes of strength training. I based my routine on exercises I read about in Women’s Health Magazine. I completed 2 × 15 reps of each exercise with low weights: reverse lunges w/ bicep curls, deadlifts, tricep dips on a balance ball, plank hold w/ single arm row, squat w/ leg abduction and lateral raise.  Anddd some ab work afterward. My musles were shakin’ after that! It’s crazy how I can be more sore and tired after a weight session than after a long run. I re-fueled my muscles with a container of chocolate soy milk as I took the subway into Brooklyn.

The long work day was made worth it with a visit to Toby’s Public House for pizza and beer. My dining companion introduced me to this cozy, neighborhood spot and I’m smitten! The space itself is warm and inviting – made even more so by the brick-fired pizza oven at the back of the restaurant. We took seats at the long bar and ordered up some beers. I don’t recall the name of my beer, but I think it was German wheat variety. The service was quick and before we knew it, we were digging in to crispy crusts and melty cheese. To start, we split the bruschetta appetizer that came topped with crispy sausage, caramelized onions, and mozzarella cheese.



There must have been over a dozen pizza varieties, but our Primavera pizza ended up being a good choice. The crispy thin crust was topped with tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella (the good stuff), salty olives, red onions, artichoke hearts, and arugula. I ate half of everything, but it would have been possible for me to dominate an entire pizza by myself, no problem! The crust is chewy and crisp, not greasy and the toppings are flavorful, yet not overwhelming. I already want to go back! I hear they offer a nutella calzone for dessert (eeee!).


After I finished my beer and pizza, I didn’t last much longer. Soon it was time for bed and 8 hours of sleep! Hope you were somewhat entertained by “A day in the life of…”  Pertinent running information and some homecookin’ to return soon!

Questions: Have you or would you ever try minimalist shoes like the Saucony Kinvaras?

What was the best part of your day yesterday? (Mine was pizza + beer + sleep!)

  • I would love to try the Kinvaras. I run in Saucony’s now and have been wanting to try a minimal shoe – my eye is on those. I keep hearing such great things.

    The highlight of my day yesterday was bookclub night with wine and hummus with some girlfriends followed by some relaxation time at home with my guy.

  • Ooh, I haven’t seen the white/purple Kinvara combo. I like!!

    I used to run in my Frees occasionally but I’ve shelved them until my Achilles is 100%.

    Yay for pizza and beer – that’s what I had last night too! 🙂

  • I love that you had a pizza appetizer before your pizza entrée. Looks tasty and deeply Neopolitan. You and your dining partner should try Paulie G’s in Greenpoint – they have tasty arugula pizza as well.

    The best part of yesterday was, sadly, finishing my last final. Well, it wasn’t sad, but it was kind of lame.

  • Kristan

    Great workout! I haven’t tried the Kinvara’s but your review of them has intrigued me.

    I also had pizza last night (but no beer- XC Nats in 3 days!). Arugula, lean prosciutto, and Parmesan. I have to say that it was also the best part of my day. That and watching Top Chef All Stars!

  • The best part of my dad was accidentally sleeping through my work out and then not beating myself up for it. sh*t happens 🙂

  • I’m intrigued by the Kinvaras. I have Frees and did some good miles in them over the summer, but with the roads as icy/snowy/unsafe as they’ve been, I’m gonna stick to my regular trainers for a while. I miss New York-style pizza! Take-out/restaurant food around here is generally meh by comparison. My favorite part of the day yesterday was meeting the governor of Alaska and loading up on tons of delicious holiday cookies at his house — it’s a yearly event and the entire town is invited. The line stretches around the mansion and while you’re waiting out in the cold, choirs are singing and ushers are bringing you platters of cookies and cider. It was fab.

  • pizza + beer is pretty good. i don’t know how you can top that. mine was getting out of work early! it was like an early christmas present.

    great workout. i love ones that kick my butt. but only if i end up winning at the end and dominating. seems like you did

  • There’s sure a lot of yummy food in your day. I like it! That salad made me really hungry!

    I think the best part of the past two days has been the fact that I’ve finished my final classes for this semester. In fact, after today, I’ll never have to take another Econ class in my life! Now that makes me smile. 😀

  • I just tried the Kinvaras today on my lunch break at the Super Runner’s Shop in Midtown – might buy them soon. I recently started running in my Brooks Green Silence after the marathon as a way to transition to a mid-foot strike. I bought them earlier this year but didn’t run much in them. I don’t know if you remember, I ran into you at finish of the Colon Cancer 15k (which I ran unofficially 🙂 … that was my first real run in the Green Silence. They are really light and flat but have a weird lacing style that I haven’t completely figured out, but when I get it right I feel so much faster.
    One of these days I’ll slip on my Vibram Five Fingers and give them a shot too.

  • I’d love to try the Kinvaras (or even the Brooks Ghost), but I think I’ve got to stick with my Brooks Defyance for now… I’ve had some issues with stress fractures and tendonitis that I’m presently recovering from.

    Salad looks BRILLIANT!! I work at a large university… Dining options are what you expect on campus! 🙂

    Highlight of my day yesterday? A Christmas program put on by the university show choir and wind ensemble. I love the holiday spirit!!

  • Maren

    I love minimalist shoes!!

  • I don’t know about yesterday, but I’m pretty stoked today about the staff lunch we had. The Thai food will most likely be chillin’ like a rock in my stomach for the rest of the day… ahhhh….

  • I saw that workout in Womens Health too! Sounds like a fun (and busy!) day..

  • AR

    The Kinvaras have worked out quite nicely for me. My very first run in the shoes was a 17 miler – no joke. And I’m definitely bulkier than your average runner with some overpronation issues, FWIW.

  • dena

    i clicked on the Women’s Health Mag link and it looked intense, sometimes the weight lifting routines in magazines boast that they are so easy a beginner could do it, but I’m not in the timid around iron demographic. You inspired me to try it, and it was hard! I watched the demo and was going to bring notes with me to the gym so I would remember what to do, but then decided to just get over my self-conciousness and bring my laptop with me, hee hee, I even got wifi. Great workout, thanks for sharing.

    Favorite part of my day, opening my mail to find a home-made card from my friend’s two year old son. Best birthday card ever!

  • Liz

    Lovely post! As a fellow New Yorker, I can relate:) I JUST bought the Kinvaras on Tuesday (the bright orange ones…DH calls them traffic cones) but haven’t had a chance to test them out yet. Glad to hear you’re liking them so far.

  • yayyy toby’s! that place is near my old apartment – i went there post-half marathon last year and loved it!

    best part of yesterday – hmmm. i’d have to say going to a dessert tasting in the west village. you know, just another day in NYC 😉

  • Happy Friday! I wish I could try a minimalist trainer, but I think my feet would revolt. I need hardcore orthotics as it is! That pizza looks delish, and it reminds me that I haven’t had pizza in far too long.

    The best part of my day yesterday was for sure my run (at 6:00 a.m.) The rest of the day – blech!

    Excited to run with you sooooon!

  • @dena – that workout was killer! i have serious delayed onset muscle sorness….hehe. i guess that means it worked?

  • I’m curious to see how you like the minimalist shoes! I’ve never tried anything like them but would like to…I think after Boston I might experiment with my shoes a little more. I’m a little afraid to change what’s been working for me.
    It’s awesome that you have a salad bar at work – I wish I did so my lunches would be a little more interesting!

  • I’m still in mourning due to the demise of the Nike Lunar Trainer. Best part of yesterday? It was a rest day! Dinner was home-made vegan Black Bean & Corn Burritos.

  • Ohmygosh, what a perfect day! My PT job isn’t far from Toby’s, I’m going to have to try it. And I’ve recently swamped Starbucks coffee for cart coffee. My guy puts the milk in FIRST, which trust me, makes allll the difference. No stirring required 🙂

  • Questions: Have you or would you ever try minimalist shoes like the Saucony Kinvaras?

    -yes, had a pair in the middle of this year and it gave me some PF pain after the Father’s Day 5M. Maybe it is just me, but anything over 4-5 miles with those and im in trouble

    What was the best part of your day yesterday? (Mine was pizza + beer + sleep!)
    -Got shut out of Sway after Giorgiones last nite and we all huddled to Emerald’s Pub; still a great time!

  • I’m curious to hear about what you think of those shoes after a few weeks! I’ve got my eye on them

  • lahmchops

    Interested to know how the Kinvara’s are working out, looking to buy a pair too in my neverending quest to find the ‘perfect shoe’

  • amen to eating out sister! i feel like i’ve been doing a lot of that lately too, but deep down, i really don’t care because i love to eat good food. hope you are having a relaxing weekend friend 🙂