Gifts for foodies (and runners!)

Running Update: After a long work day and a trek to Brooklyn to retrieve the wallet that I thought I lost, I wasn’t expecting to feel like running. But I laced up my shoes and headed out into the 8pm darkness anyway. My legs felt a little heavy for the first mile or so, but as I ran around the reservoir, Manhattan lights twinkling to the South, I was surprised at how GOOD I felt. Most of my post-marathon runs have ranged from “crappy” to “meh”, so this was a pleasant surprise. I decided to see what I had left in my legs and closed the last mile in about 6:55, finishing about 5 miles total. Huzzah! Let’s hope this feeling sticks around…

With the holidays approaching, I’ve been thinking about what kind of gifts to get the special people on my list. Below are some of my favorite running and foodie-related presents.

Compression Socks – From the way I talk about these babies, you may think they’re miracle workers. I’m not sure about that, but they DO decrease post-race (and post-long run) soreness and fatigue. Plus lime green knee socks are totally sexy.

Garmin Forerunner 110 – There are fancier models, but I’m pretty happy with my less-clunky Forerunner 110. It can be a little wonky in areas with high buildings (mid-town Manhattan), but it’s AWESOME for training runs while traveling and long runs in general.

Saucony Kinvara – This shoe is one of the hottest new “minimalist trainers” on the market. And I want it. Bad. The Kinvara differentiates itself by being very light and having a low heel to toe drop (4mm), while still maintaining a decent amount of cushioning.

And now for the foodies!!

Chocomize. – This company lets you design your own chocolate bars by selecting a type of chocolate (dark, milk, white) and then adding mix-ins such as spices, candies, nuts, or fruit. Back in the summer I created a really yummy combo with milk chocolate, coconut, dried cherries, granola, and cardamom. The cardamom was an amazingly delicious addition!

Levain Bakery Cookies. Umm, I think this photo says it all. The bakery is based in NYC (they’re planning on opening a 2nd location on my street up in Harlem!!!), but they’ll ship anywhere in the country. Try the chocolate-peanut butter cookie. You will not be disappointed.

Cooking Classes. I’ve taken quite a few cooking classes at the Whole Foods-Bowery Culinary Center and it’s always a good time. If your local Whole Foods doesn’t offer cooking classes, check out a nearby culinary school or community college. For recaps of my favorite cooking courses, check out these links:

Making Hanukkah Latkes

Cakes and Desserts

Asian Noodles

What’s on your holiday wish-list this year?

  • Ooooh, I’ve been looking for a new minimal shoe… CW-X tights are also on my running christmas list!

  • Kate

    Was this just a way to let all your friends/family know what you want for the holidays? 🙂 haha just kidding. Great ideas! Thanks!

  • Jessica

    compression socks are DEFINITELY on my wish list! I’ve never tried them before but have heard amazing things. I have compression shirts that I love so I imagine it is the same. I have the Kinvaras and let me tell you… awesome awesome awesome. they are super light and fast and zing! look so cute! I cannnot rave more about them. They are my new favorite shoes for life. =)

  • I also would love some Kinvaras! My go-to running wish-list items are socks and Tempo shorts – can never have too many of those!

    On a foodie front, I would love a food processor, a cast iron skillet, and/or a grill pan.

  • I want compression socks! Unfortunately, I think we’ve bartered down to a membership to the Armory (it’s ONLY $300 bucks, Megan…). And if I were getting more gifts, which I won’t be, I have a long, long list of books I want to read. Hunger Games and Freedom are on the top of it, if my mom or dad is creepy reading this comment.

  • I have the fluorescent pink compression socks and I LOVE THEM!!! Glad to hear you had a great run, I’m still slowly getting back into it … this cold that seems to have struck me of late has not helped 🙁

  • You should definetly ask Santa for the Saucony Kinvaras! I have a pair and they are amazing, plus every time I race in them I get non stop compliments on my “pink shoes”!

  • i haven’t even made a holiday wish list because i’m getting my flight and registration subsidized from my parents but a garmin would DEFINITELY be on the list. and i actually love getting clothes so those’d be on the list too hahah

  • Clothes clothes clothes. And money. Those are the two things I ALWAYS want. And Starbucks gift cards 🙂 I’m definitely going to check out that bakery–those cookies look YUMMY!

    PS I love when you say ‘Huzzah’

  • I know this is boring beyond boring, but I LOVE getting nice, new, fresh pairs of quality socks — tech, wool, running, or otherwise.

    So if the aforementioned lime green compression socks were to show up in my stocking, I would be most pleased.

  • Maren

    oh my gosh those cookies look like they are life changing. I can taste them in my mouth right now!

    horray for a great run!

  • Oh yes, I’ve seen the Chocomize website. Do you think it should be places on my “must do” list? Looks good for sure!

  • The Compression Socks are on my list! In hot pink. I can’t wait to try them out. I also need to find some new sneaks, since they don’t make my favorite asics anymore. Perhaps I need to test out those Sauconys. Great list!

  • Hooray for a good run! I hope we can run together again soon 🙂 I would heart some lime green compression socks and some fancy schmancy cwx compression tights. I have no idea what else is on my wish list finishing the semester alive and well will be good enough for me!

  • Ooooo, I need those compression socks! And also some new shoes, but Saucony’s usually run wide 🙁

  • I went from an 11 oz. shoe to an 8.5 oz shoe and it doesn’t seem like it would make that big a difference, but I will NEVER go back. And I kinda laughed off the whole compression sock thing until I got some and yeah, I fuh-reaking love them now too. So much I had to buy sleeves to go with em!

  • i am DYING to try Chocomize. oh, the concoctions i could make…

  • Sounds good and delicious. My mouth start watering.yummy…!! I have checked Chocomize websites couple of times.
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