NYC Marathon Recap – 3:18:17

I’m alive!! I survived marathon #3 and am here to tell about it – please excuse the rambling nature of this post. It’s been an intense 24 hours, but I wanted to blog an update ASAP. Race day morning went off as planned – coffee at home, followed by pb&j and a banana on the bus. I arrived on Staten Island about 2 hours before my race started and had time to use the porta-john multiple times, sip Gatorade, and nibble on graham crackers. The officials herded us into the corrals around 9am and we stood there for the next 45 minutes or so. There weren’t any bathrooms in the local competitive corral, so my teammates and I ended up peeing on the starting line. Yes, we popped a squat and peed in the middle of the crowd. No shame. Although I did try to fashion a blanket around my waist to hide my lady bits….

The start was cold (serious wind on the Verrazano!), but I did fine in my singlet, shorts, and gloves. Although I got some very unfortunate chafing from my uniform shorts. I took Clif Shots (100 cals, 25g carbs) at miles 8 and 16 and alternated Gatorade/Water every few miles after the 10k mark. I was pleased that my stomach cooperated well.

I tried to stay relaxed for the first 10 miles and then I put my headphones on somewhere around the half-way point. My teammates gave me some hate for that (they don’t approve of music during races), but I think it helped a lot. Listening to “Juicy” by Biggie on repeat was a life saver for some of the tough later miles. You gotta do whatever works! There are only a few minor things I’d do differently – run a slower first 5k and use some body glide to prevent chafing!  

While this may not have been the perfect race (is there such a thing??), I think it was a smart race. My second mile was TOO FAST, but I realized this and corrected my mistake by concentrating on slowing down. It’s quite hard to reign it in when you’re feeling good early on! Besides the first two miles, I ran pretty consistently and even managed to negative split the race by 39 seconds. I never really hit the “wall”, although the last 2 miles were really tough. My legs felt like lead on Central Park South – if this race was 27 miles instead of 26.2, I fear I would have collapsed. While I think that someday 3:15 might be possible, I can honestly say that yesterday’s effort was 100%. I left nothing out there on the course. That’s all I can ask of myself. And I certainly can’t complain too much about a 20+ minute PR!

The Nitty-Gritty:

Start – 5K: 00:23:22 (7:31 pace)
5K – 10K: 00:46:53 (7:34 pace)
10K – 15K: 01:10:45 (7:43 pace)
15K – 20K: 01:34:22 (7:36 pace)
13.1M 01:39:28
20K – 25K: 01:58:00 (7:36 pace)
25K – 30K: 02:21:12 (7:28 pace)
30K – 35K: 02:44:45 (7:35 pace)
35K – 40K: 03:08:11 (7:33 pace)

Mile 1: 8:00 (good, nice and slow)
Mile 2: 6:47 (TOO FAST)
Miles 3-14: Somewhere around 7:35-7:45 pace (Reigned it in for miles 3-10 and then tried to pick it up for miles 11-14)
Mile 14-15: 7:38
Mile 15-16: 7:30
Mile 16-17: 7:32
Mile 17-18: 7:28

Mile 18-19: 7:33
Mile 19-20: 7:37
Mile 20-21: 7:32
Mile 21-22: 7:27

Mile 22-23: 7:24
Mile 23-24: 7:50 <—- NEVER ENDING HILL ON 5th AVE, wtf.
Mile 24-25: 7:32
Mile 25-26: 7:24

Total: 3:18:17 (7:35 pace)

258th Female Overall, 73rd in the 25-29 Age group

WARNING – Marathons are not always pretty. Sometimes you have to pee on the starting line. Sometimes you have blisters that look like plague boils. Other times, spilled Gatorade + your shorts lead to some nasty chafing. Runner’s Kitchen holds nothing back…

Around mile 22, I noticed some blood on mid thigh, but luckily didn’t feel any pain. However, when I finished the race I noticed some serious war wounds. This is really bizarre because I’ve never had chafing like this before – especially with all the BLOOD! I washed off the wound and put a little neosporin on it and today you can barely notice. Goodbye blue Nike shorts, you had a good run.

I felt AWFUL in the 5 minutes after finishing. My body couldn’t decide if it wanted to pass out, throw up, die, or all of the above. Luckily, after I got my heat sheet and walked for a few minutes, I started feeling a little more normal. I immediately started sipping Gatorade Recovery drink (with protein) and nibbling on some pretzels (salt). After the mile+ walk to get my bag, I was feelin’ pretty good.

The fam and I went to Kefi, a Greek restaurant for lunch and I swear food never tasted so good. I was craving carbonation, so I downed 2 glasses of Pepsi and chose the Greek frittata (eggs, tomato, onions, feta) as my meal. My mom shared some of her meal’s homemade (salty!!!) potato chips with me and they were excellent.

Sorry for the crappy cell phone photo – I was too busy eating to bother with photography!

I spent the rest of the afternoon chilling with my Mom and sister (best.spectators.ever!!) and then attempted to make it over to the team afterparty. I’m not sure who chose midtown east as the party location, but the journey there was EPIC. The area near the park was a zoo and cabs were basically impossible to find. I walked for 2 miles and tried to hail a cab for over an hour. Finally a pedicab (bicycle cab!) offered to take me to the bar on 2nd Avenue. As we zipped through the city streets, I realized I didn’t have any cash. Luckily a friend was able to loan me $10. Was the journey worth it?

Dirty and exhausted as I was, I 100% enjoyed the Sam Adams lager that I sipped in the company of my running friends.

Even better than a post-race brew? A SHOWER. Besides some yelps of pain from my chafe wounds, hot water never felt so good. I ended the night with some leftovers and a peanut butter brownie from my Momma. 2010 Marathon recap, THE END.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the encouraging comments, tweets, text messages, and cheers!!! It meant so much to me that all of you cared about how I was doing. Knowing that people were tracking me online really kept me focused on running strong and not giving up.

xoxo, Megan

  • Tiffany

    Awesome job Megan!!! Sorry to hear about the chafing, ouch!! I have had a few instances of chafing, but nothing too bad, so now I use a bandaid brand of gel that works like a charm. Sounds like the rest of the day was filled with great company and wonderful food, just how I like it, :).

  • Grace

    You are amazing! I hope to do my 1st marathon when I graduate in 2012, so it great to hear the real deal although I won’t be finishing in 3:18!

  • Lauren

    You’re amazing. Enough said.


  • This is seriously AMAZING! You are a fantastic running inspiration and I hope that someday I can come close to a 3:18! CONGRATULATIONS!!

  • Morgan

    A major congrats to you! What an AMAZING time!!!

    I saw you running around mile 18 and you looked awesome!

  • You are truly amazing, Megan!!! I am so happy that things turned out so well for you and that you managed such an incredible PR for this year! You worked your butt off this summer and it totally paid off. Hope you are enjoying your rest, recovery, and time off with friends, family, and of course, LOOOTS of delicious food. :):):)


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  • Tammy

    wow megan!! great job!!!!!!! congratulations!! 🙂

  • Congratulations! Those are amazing splits! You must feel incredible

  • A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! That is what you are! So impressed. Congratulations. You never cease to amaze me seriously. Just when I think you can’t get any faster – you bust out a 3:18 marathon! Wow to the chaffing on your leg though – that looks pretty bad. But the joy of such an amazing race far outweighs that pain I’m sure.

    Congrats again!!!

  • Great JOB!!!! You (and the other Megan M) inspired me to enter the lottery for 2011!

    You should be so proud of yourself! 🙂

  • ps… epic that you popped a squat on the start line. lol

  • Hahahahahaha omg I cannot believe you peed on the start line. Hilarious!

    Great job! I have really enjoyed following your training and I knew you’d do well. 3:18? Wow wow wow! That is an unimaginable time to me. You should be psyched!

  • Maren

    This is so great, Megan! I am glad you gave 100% effort! That’s the best feeling in the world! And the time showed your effort!!

  • Congrats! 20 minute PR?? That’s incredible! You have lots to be proud of yourself about. 🙂

  • Suzanne

    Bravo Megan! Great blog – long time reader and first time poster, but had to say congrats!

  • Yay! Congrats 🙂 And no shame for poppin’ a squat at the start…us runners have no shame!

  • Kelly

    Congratulations!!! 3:18 is awesome!! You have worked so hard for this and you deserve it!

  • Congrats and amazing time!!! You worked hard and totally rocked it!

  • Lena

    Wow!!! congratulations!! hope you are having a big fat rest in bed and chilling out!
    are your times km per hour? i can barely do 5km in half an hour let alone 40 something in 3:18!!
    do you always run with friends? or do you run by yourself? i like going running but often by the time i have a minute its getting darker and my shorts don’t have pockets, and because im the paranoid type im less inclined to go for a jog!

  • Wow-seriously impressive. Looks to me like a perfect race (given NYC’s terrain)! Many congrats!! 🙂

  • Congratulations on your finishing time! Protein recovery drinks are wonderful things during those first few minutes after a marathon. So happy for you that all the hard work paid off!

  • Found you from a link to your recap and just wow!! What an amazing time and yikes on keeping it up with serious chaffing.

    Can’t wait to read more here, i can tell you will inspire me!

  • Nancy Dickison

    You worked so hard for this. Great job!! I finished the Portland Marathon in October and because of the rain I had horrible chafe marks on my arms and legs. Congrats again!

  • Oh my goodness congratulations!!! That is such a good time that I’m blown away.Way to go!

  • you are so fast! congratulations! and I want the cookies at the top of your blog please.

  • Megan, you are a machine!!!! I am so, so proud of you. And SO impressed that you went out to lunch AND a party directly after the race… again, you’re a warrior! We HAVE to celebrate soon… maybe some relaxed and cozy pot-luck action is in our winter’s future.

  • Holy smokes! Rock on. Congrats on a fantastic race.

  • So proud of you Megan!!! Congratulations!!!!!

  • i am a horrible friend. this comment is so belated, and i’ve been wanting to wish you good luck, but i failed. as it turns out, you didn’t need it. 3:18?!?!?! holy shiz woman – that is AMAZING! you are truly a running inspiration to me, and congratulations!

    love ya,

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  • Amazing and Congrats! cya around the park and workouts

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