Morning runs, make it happen


Happy weekend! I’m getting ready to enjoy an October beach get-a-way with BBB, so my long run schedule was a bit altered this week. Rather than plan a solo 2+ hour run in an unfamilar place, I decided to get it out of the way on Friday morning. However, this meant running 15 miles BEFORE work. Oy. Good news is – I did it! Here’s how it went down:

  • 6:00am – alarm goes off, use the bathroom, drink some Gatorade
  • 6:20am – hit the roads! Watch the sunrise, meet up with my buddy Elgin on the bridle path
  • 7:30am –  Meet up with my friend Jacqui for some mo’ miles
  • 8:40am – Finish 15 miles in 2:12:43 (~8:50 pace)
  • 8:45am – 9:00am – Down more Gatorade and frantically get ready for work!

I’m certainly not an expert at morning runs (I still sleep through my alarm on occasion…uhh, sorry about Wednesday Kelly!), but I think I’ve still got some tips to share.

  1. **I think the most important thing is to put yourself on autopilot – the more you think about heading out for a run, the more excuses you’ll come up with. When your alarm goes off, just get up and turn on the light. No snooze! No second thoughts!
  2. **Plan ahead – since I knew Friday would be a busy day, I made sure to pack my breakfast, snacks, and weekend bag the night before. I also like to sleep in my (clean) running clothes – saves me a few minutes in the morning!
  3. **Make it fun – since I knew I’d be doing the first hour + solo, I downloaded an e-book on my ipod to keep myself entertained. Having plans to meet Elgin and Jacqui half-way through the run also gave me something to look forward to! And I promised myself a pumpkin spice misto from Starbucks if I finished my 15 miles as planned. The ultimate reward! I will surely need the caffeine pick-up late today…

Breakfast was delightful – a sliced apple with Ile de France Camembert (this combo makes me feel European!) and a peanut butter sandwich on Ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread. Lately, I’ve really been lovin’ Ezekliel cinnamon raisin bread. It has 4 grams of filling fiber and 6 grams of protein per 2 slices. I add 2 Tbs peanut butter to add more 8 more grams of protein and healthy monounsaturated fats. Yummm.


Another thing that keeps me motivated? My online running log! I know that my coach, teammates, and running buddies will keep me accountable if I miss a run or workout and that’s very motivating. I’ve been keeping a running log since June 2002 – first on paper and then later in the virtual realm. I’m currently logging my miles on – it allows me to track workouts and races as well as see graphs of my weekly mileage and paces. The peeps at Strands are eager for new users, so they’ve offered a little give-away to sweeten the deal:

Go to and sign up for a running log account. The first 10 new users who comment on this post and link to their first workout will win a Mizuno technical running T. Ready? Set? Go!

Question: Do you use a running log? What kind?

  • Jul
  • Erin

    Love online training logs. Great way to be held accountable:)

  • Jacqui

    Damn I wish this contest was for veteran users! You know I love me some Strands 🙂

  • Katie

    thank you for inspiring me to keep it up!

  • Rachel

    Thanks for the great resource! Love this idea.

  • Rachel

    Oops forgot the workout link!

  • here’s the link to last nights workout.

  • dude, fifteen miles this morning?! i just finished my second cup of coffee and have yet to shower and dress myself. as i said last night, who AM I? clearly i don’t use a running log (sad) but i used to write my runs down in my moleskin planner/ iphone calendar. simple but it worked!

    enjoy your weekend missy. PIE PARRRRRTYYYY soon. haha.

  • Here is the link to my post if you need that too.

  • Amy

    OK, I just signed up. Here’s the link if you need it (hope this works!)

  • Oh, I forgot to answer the question…I’ve been using Daily Mile, but I don’t think anyone but me ever looks at my workouts.

  • BOO. I am already a member. But anyway…have fun on your romantical getaway! The longest I’ve ever done before work was 17 miles, and it was brutal (I also was locked out of my house when I returned, but that’s another story). What shore are you going to?

  • Jessica

    I’m on Daily Mile – I like it because it also posts to facebook for all my other running friends who aren’t on DM. it also holds me accountable because I’m in a fitclub at work and my colleagues can see for themselves that I’m getting the runs in.

    I used to run in the mornings but it’s a lot harder now that I’ve gone back to grad school 🙁 The alarm was going off at 4:30 every morning and after a 12 hour workday +3 hours commuting + class… yeah.

  • Kimberly

    Yay! I just signed up for Daily Mile a week ago, but now I’m on Stands too! 🙂 Great job on getting your run in this morning.

  • Kimberly

    Sorry–here’s the actual workout…

  • great job! I actually am running the Chicago marathon this weekend and did all of my long runs on Thursdays before work. I preferred to do that and have more time on the weekends. It required waking up at 4 am, but in retrospect it was totally worth it! Lucky for you, your work day starts a lot later so you don’t have to be up quite that early 🙂 Have a fun beach weekend!

  • pfff, I registered to Strand two weeks ago 🙁
    Is the camembert good ? Everytime I see it I hesitate…

  • I currently use dailymile.. looks like you have ten peeps already 🙁

  • i keep being told to us strands! but i like my pen and paper. it makes calculating things a bit difficult (especially if i slack on updating and totally on a regular basis) but i love putting my pen to the paper and the act of writing it out is amazing to me.

    and i 100% agree with the auto-pilot thing. if i stop and think, even for a second, my entire run is at risk of not happening!

  • I’m on dailymile and have been very diligent with posting to it. Before that, I had no logs and just ran. Hmm…

  • Pretty much all of my marathon training long runs were done before work. Having to run 20 miles and then stand all day? Not so fun…

  • I create an online monthly running calendar that details how much I’ll run each day / week / month of my training. But, I like to print a paper copy that I keep in the kitchen. After each of my runs, I check off that I’ve completed the planned session and capture my mileage. It’s like therapy in a calendar. Each run that I complete energizes me and causes me to want to outdo previous stats and break personal records.

  • WOW great job on the early morning run!! I always feel like I go a lot slower in the morning vs. the afternoon. I agree with you about the auto pilot mode, that helps get to a work out in the am. Have fun this weekend!

  • Way to blast that 15-miler out of the way all before 8:45 — that’s gotta feel good. I’m an early morning runner 85% of the time… and I agree that it’s all about putting yourself on autopilot and just deciding it will be “business as usual” — fight your way from the bed to the light switch and you’re good to go.

    Running log — yes, I religiously record my workouts in an old-school spiral-bound notebook. There’s something I enjoy about keeping it simple with paper and pen.

  • Megan – thanks for the company this morning. It was much needed. I perked up once I saw you. Something about having to be coherent to chat and run at the same time, wiped away the cobwebs. Like Jacqui suggested, we should make this a Friday ritual. Enjoy the weekend.

  • Great advice!!! I’m feeling not-so-excited about my Saturday run this morning, but after reading your post, I can do it!!! Great job getting it done before work too. Have a fantastic weekend!!!

  • Nicole

    Great post! I was actually just thinking about morning runs because I have some days of the week where if I don’t run in the morning its just not going to happen…I know you did a post on running safety but I just moved to NYC and have been running along the Hudson…do you think its safe to run in the morning (alone) even when its still dark out?

  • I used to go on morning runs, but since being transfered my new commute is 1.5 hours and it leaves me no time in the morning. this post make me miss morning runs

  • oooooooooh i am so jealous of your october beach get away!!! i could go to the beach year round it is just so refreshing. hope you have/had a great time!!!

    good suggestions about the AM… esp the autopilot. totally agree.

  • Ashley

    Thanks so much for the site! I signed up today….

    Here’s my workout: