Long Beach Island

Happy Monday! I’ve just returned from a weekend in LBI and two days of sun, 70 degree temperatures, lots of sleep, and good food were exactly what I needed. A few days ago I talked about my reasons for running and since the other half of this blog is about yummy food, I thought I’d share my eating philosophy with you. In general, I try to make good choices. I gravitate towards fruits, veggies, whole grains, legumes, and dairy, but I also really enjoy good, indulgent food. This weekend included a variety of things that most people wouldn’t consider typical “runner food” – macaroni and cheese, beer, bacon, etc., but I think there is room for these foods in anyone’s diet. Although, I will probably eat a little more salad and drink a little less beer this week to even things out.

Confession: I haven’t weighed myself in months. As I log 60+ mile weeks, I’m more concerned with having the energy to run vs. a number on the scale. It’s possible that I’ve gained a few pounds since upping my mileage (I’m always hungry!), but it doesn’t really matter to me. I’m in the best (endurance) shape of my life and all the yummy food I’ve been eating has helped me get there. I think it’s fairly straight forward – you need energy to run, specifically carbohydrates. If you aren’t giving your body what it needs (i.e. calories!) – it’s not going to give you what you want (more mileage, faster race times). One of the best things about running is that it heightens your appreciation for life’s little things – a post-workout shower feels blissful, sleep feels amazing after a a hard week of training, and food never tastes so good as it does after a run. So please – don’t be afraid to eat yummy foods! Your running log will thank you.

Speaking of food, I ate some GOOD stuff this weekend. Friday night’s dinner was roasted tomatoes & mushrooms alongside the world’s most amazing macaroni & cheese (seriously…that is not an exaggeration!)

On Saturday, we woke up to the sound of waves crashing on the beach and promptly set out to make breakfast.

French press coffee to begin….

Followed by an oceanside brunch – mimosas (champagne + OJ), hashbrowns with onions and bacon, and eggs.

BBB made the hashbrowns – hopefully he’ll share the recipe with us soon. It was delish!

We really lucked out with the weather – eventhough it’s October, it was warm enough to frolic on the beach. We sampled a variety of seasonal brews- BK brewery Oktoberfest, Flying Fish Brewery Oktoberfish, and my new favorite beer – Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin Ale. Oh my goodness. I’m already a big fan of pumpkin beers – but this brew tops them all! It’s an IPA, but not overly hoppy and it has a rich, spicyness that a lot of other seasonal beers lack. It’s like pumpkin pie in a bottle!

I was well fueled for a 6-mile run later in the afternoon. I ran the first 3 miles with BBB nice and easy and then dropped down to 7:30 pace for the final 3 miles. It felt good to get my legs movin’ quickly! I slept really well Saturday night – I think I was in bed by 11pm. Win!

Our second brunch of the weekend utilized the brioche I made last week – french toast with plenty of maple syrup, bacon, coffee, and OJ. Yumm!

Sunday was another chill day – a 4 mile run and more oceanside relaxation. We headed out of LBI just as the sun was setting –

But before we hit the road, we stopped by The Chicken or the Egg, a local favorite. The best thing about this restaurant (besides the buffalo wings…) – it’s BYOB! I took this opportunity to enjoy another pumpkin ale.

(thanks for the photo BBB!)

Before I hopped on the Bolt Bus back to NYC, BBB suggested we stop for self-serve frozen yogurt in Cherry Hill. I was one happy girl!

I’m all for sharing…except when it comes to frozen yogurt. I want all that deliciousness to myself!

At Kiwi I filled my cup with peanut butter, cookies ‘n cream, cheesecake, and pumpkin spice froyo and topped it off with strawberries, waffle cone pieces, pb cup, and chocolate sauce.

Now that I’m back in the city and returning to my normal routine, I think some extra fruits & veggies will definitely be in order! This is going to be an intense week of training (highest mileage yet!), so stay tuned…

Question – What’s your food philosophy? Everything in moderation? Vegetarian? Clean eating? I want to know!

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  • I am vegetarian (lacto-ovo), and I try to eat fairly healthy most of the time (whole grains, fresh veggies, whole foods), but I also don’t believe in denying myself good food, and I have a tootsie roll in my mouth as I type this. It’s all about balance, right?

    I made the best oatmeal this morning…I added a big spoonful of canned pumpkin to the cooked oatmeal and then topped it with a little brown sugar, maple syrup, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Tasted just like fall!

  • BBB seems more than up to the challenge of helping you fuel up with delicious things. I think I’ll have to crash your breakfasts sometime soon…


    Great choice in the Weyerbacher-that’s the kind Jacqui and I fell in love with at The Ginger Man! Super jealous of your beach time:)

  • I wrote about my food philosophy last week! http://www.marcigilbert.com/2010/10/06/food-philosophy/
    It’s fun to read about other people’s too.
    Beautiful weekend pics!

  • what a fun weekend! glad the painstaking brioche process was worth it! and did you guys BRING a french press with you to LBI or did the place you were staying at have one? just wonderin’. if you did, i love you and BBB even more and am proud that you are dedicated to the caffeine-dependent cause.

    got any leftover mac & cheese? donations are accepted.

    my food philosophy is similar to yours: i love rich, not-so-healthy foods, but balance my indulgence in all of that good stuff by eating good stuff when eating in or eating on my own. i love sharing delicious food with others, so i stick to my healthier, less indulgent meals when there is no one to share with. i think you get me!

  • I LOVE Weyerbacher’s Imperial Pumpkin Ale! I just had it for the first time about a month ago, and it’s definitely up there with my favorite, Shipyard’s Pumpkin Head. Yum!

  • That mac and cheese looks delish! Glad you had a fun weekend on the beach.

    My food philosophy has changed drastically in the past several years, but I also see it as a continual learning process. I became vegetarian when I set out to lose weight. I have been a vegetarian for over three years now, and really cannot imagine myself returning to meat-eating except on rare occassions. It has been over three years since I’ve had a true Thanksgiving dinner!

    However, over the summer I aimed at the elimination of diary and eggs to move toward veganism. Mainly, I desired to do this to get more whole foods into my diet. While it was interesting, and defintiely got me cooking more, I found it too restrictive when eating out. I don’t eat out all the time, but when I do, I want to be able to experience new things and not always just ordering a salad when the pickings are slim. I am still glad I tried this, because as I said, I’m still learning about food and what works best to fuel me for the long haul 🙂

  • that photo of you on the beach has made me ridiculously jealous. seriously, you picked the most perfect weekend to go on this outing. looks like it was a seriously delicious one too!

    my food philosophy is somewhere between everything in moderation and focusing on healthy, whole foods. i always need my vegetables and i lean towards vegetarianism, but when the time is right, i indulge in whatever i choose (restaurants are usually involved, because let’s face it: i am obsessed with dining out). i do think real food just tastes better in addition to making you feel better (and stronger) – and i think that holds true whether the food in question is a salad or an ice cream cone.

  • Well, I already announced my pumpkin beer philosophy, so after that, I’m just veg. Can you believe I’m a 21-year New Jersey resident and never been to LBI? Well, maybe you can. But it’s pretty unusual! Love the bangs, by the way.

  • that sounds like an AMAZING weekend. take me with you next time?!

  • I guess I would classify the majority of my eating as clean eating. I try to focus on produce, whole grains, healthy fats and lean proteins that I cook at home. Pre-packaged foods are not a norm in our house and if I want sweets I bake them.

  • Sounds like you guys had an awesome weekend. I live dangerously close to that froyo place – and I’ve never been! Now I’m going to be super tempted after seeing your pic! Better go for a run…

    BTW, I try to eat as healthy as I can during the week but a day or two always slips in where I indulge more than I should. Weekends tend to be a bit OVERindulgent. I need to start running more again and level things out a bit. Great post, as always!

  • Aww, sounds like you had such a good weekend. And that mac ‘n’ cheese looks to DIE for!

  • Looks you guys had a great weekend!! I am going to try that recipe for mac and cheese sometime soon!! I LOVE your food philosophy and stick to a similar one, everything in moderation!

  • Thanks for reminding me about the importance of food while training. I’m on my last week before the marathon and coming off of the flu (ugh, timing!). Being sick made me miss my last long run, but I figure I’ve put in the hard work by this point. Today I’m sooooo lethargic and am gonna stick to yoga instead of forcing myself to run. And yes, I’ve definitely gained a few lbs. during marathon training, but the hunger never subsides!!! haha Looks like you had a great weekend…today is beautiful in the Northeast 🙂

  • @sofia – BBB did bring a french press…in addition to his own knife set/cutting board and a traveling pantry full of powdered sugar and spices. We don’t play around 🙂

  • Julia

    If I looked like that in a bikini, I wouldn’t weigh myself either! 😀

    My food philosophy is that I eat what I want, I just watch the portion sizes of the not-so-good-for-me stuff and load up on the whole grains, fruits and veggies. And although I definitely love running overall, for a variety of reasons, I mostly keep motivated to do it so that I can eat what I want to.

  • Yay fun weekend! And delicious eating, indeed. I did some good eating myself this weekend! My food philosophy…well, I think quality food is so important to how well one functions in everyday life. I like eating whole, clean foods for the most part and think I would feel terrible if I filled up on junk all the time. That said, everything in moderation is also important to keep in mind – case in point – I had a burger, fries and half a milkshake from Shake Shack today (ahh) 🙂

  • That picture of you and your boo is way too cute. And you look smashing in that bikini dahhhhling

  • aww. the whole getaway sounds amazing. i love things like this. i think we should all be required to find somewhere to go to to getaway every few months or so 🙂 i love bfast food, esp eggs 🙂 and your meal location was so pretty!!!!

  • That mac and cheese looks pretty amazing!!!!

  • I am just about the last person on earth who would ever claim to have a consistent food philosophy. Today, I am a “peanutbuttertarian.” Tomorrow… well, tomorrow I could be a “mac-and-cheese-i-vore” if you could figure out a way to zap me that casserole dish. WOW.

  • The mac and cheese looks to die for!! Actually, all the food from this post had me drooling. goodluck with your high mileage week – I know you will kill it though. 🙂

  • I’m always changing up my eating philosophy to fit whatever it is I’m going through (pregnancy, running alot, etc) and so right now I’m a gluten-free vegetarian.

  • I’m an everything in moderation muncher. I found that I give into cravings less because I don’t deprive myself and I savor every bite.

  • Erin

    My philosophy is based on just lots and lots of fruits and veggies (usually raw), oatmeal, egg whites, high fiber cereal, chicken breast/light fish a few times a week…fat free greek yogurt or skyr, beans/lentils, natural nut butters- nothing that comes in a wrapper, except for kashi and lara bar minis (your blog has made me a new lara bar fan!)- and the occasional treat of a vitatop. I just like to keep it simple and as “close to the earth” as possible. Also, I find it tough for my stomach to handle big meals, so I eat in small snacks. Just munched on a macintosh now in fact. 🙂

    Looks like you had a lovely weekend and beautiful weather! Those mushrooms and tomatoes look amazing. Can you give the recipe for them? Thanks!

  • @Erin – the mushrooms and tomatoes were super simple! We tossed a package of mushrooms (chopped) and 3 roma tomatoes (chopped) with some oil, salt, and pepper. Roasted on a baking sheet at 350 degrees. Once nicely browned, they were topped with chiffonaded basil.