Westward ho!

Hello blog friends!

Yesterday morning I completed a speed workout on the treadmill. My usual track day is Tuesday (today), but I’m currently on my way to the airport, so everything had to be moved up a day!

After a mile warm-up, I banged out my go-to workout: threshold miles. We used to do these all the time in college and it’s a solid workout for anything from 5k  to marathon training. This workout is named as such because the pace brings your body close to it’s “lactate threshold” or the point in which your body starts producing lactic acid. For most runners, the pace should be close to a pace you could race at for about an hour. For me, this is roughly my (ideal) 15k pace or ~6:50 per mile. Many threshold workouts involve a steady tempo run, but in college we’d often run 4 x 1 mile @threshold pace with 60 seconds rest in between. The leggies were still feelin’ beat up from Saturday’s long run, so I took it a little easier than usual.

  • 1 mile warm-up
  • 3 threshold miles w/ 400m recovery (7:03, 6:53, 6:50)
  • 2.5 mile cool-down
  • Total: 7 miles

Later on in the day I added on some more mileage – 3 more easy as I literally “ran” an errand. I needed to go to Borders to buy The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest 🙂 10 miles total for the day and looking forward to a day of rest on Tuesday!

So why did I run my speed workout a day early? Well, as I mentioned, today I’m flying out bright and early to Colorado. One of my very best friends is driving cross-country (she’s moving to CA!) and I am meeting her in Denver to drive the remaining 1,000 miles.  One Volkswagon Golf + Two Lady Friends + Three National Parks + Four States = Road Trip 2k10 !! I am so unbelievably excited – let’s just hope everything goes according to plan 🙂

After meeting in Denver, we have plans to hit up Arches National Park in Moab, Utah:

The Grand Canyon in Arizona:

Joshua Tree National Park in California:

And our final destination – San Diego!!

I’m bringing my laptop with me, but am not sure what kind of internet access I’ll have. But fear not! I’ve scheduled a bunch of great guest posts to keep you informed and entertained this week. And I promise to tweet some updates (and hopefully check in via the blog) along the way!



p.s. I plan to run in the mornings this week (hello desert + elevation) and will try to eat a vegetable or two. If you have any roadtrip tips (staying sane, finding healthy grub)  – let me know!

  • Grace

    Have a great time! Unfortunately I can offer no good tips on staying healthy while on vaca because I feel like I fail every time! The good thing is it always feels great to get back to my healthy routine when I get home!

  • How fun!! That will be such an amazing and memorable trip!!

    My friend recently road tripped across the country…and blogged about it!

    Check out some of her posts! :0)

  • ugh to threshold miles. those are the bane of my existence. but you obviously handled them well.

    and i’m wayyy jealous of your trip. have so much fun! (duh you will haha)

  • Have fun! Road trips are the best! We were in San Diego at the end of July and had a GREAT time—here’s my “Foodie Recap” of the weekend (http://www.thesweetslife.com/2010/08/san-diego-eats.html). If you have time you MUST go to Zia’s Gourmet Pizza!!

  • That sounds like an amazing trip! We drive from TX to NY every other year for Christmas (with two huge dogs) and our saving grace has been a little cooler at my feet, filled with pre-made sandwiches and snacks. I’m not so good at exercising while traveling, but getting better all the time!

  • Awe, that road trip is going to be so much fun! Have a great time!!

  • Great job with keeping up with your workouts! I tend to slack off quite a bit when I go on vacation. Have a great time!

  • Have an amazing time! I want to go to Utah SO badly!! My parents drove cross country and hit up so many beautiful state parks – such a great vacation idea!

  • Ohh have a blast in San Diego! I’ve never been. And I’m just NOW finishing The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo! I’m obsessed…can’t wait to read the second book (is that Hornet’s Nest?) and then watch all the movies! Love it.

  • Maren

    Have a safe trip! 🙂

  • Have an amazing trip! I’m already jealous of the amazing running you’ll INDULGE in out there! Hope you got enough sleep last night and/or got to rest on the plane!

  • Yay road trip! I love a good road trip with the right company. SO much fun. I can’t wait to hear about the fun stops and foods you eat!


    Have a great time! Can’t wait to see the pictures. Drive safe, make good choices, eat many tacos.

  • Wow, have a wonderful time! Can’t wait to hear more about the trip!

  • Christina

    I think a fun run would be along the Grand Canyon rim trail- you can go most of the way which should be 13miles or the whole way which i think could be up to ~20. the good thing is they have a great (free) bus service going along the rim so you can run point to point- see some amazing views- and then hop back on the bus to where ever you parked or to your lodge. have fun! i was just there in april but about to have foot surgery so i couldnt run but still was able to hike!

  • Have a Polygamy Porter for me in Moab! 🙂

  • Oh, I want to try a similar workout (although a bit slower 🙂 ) soon!

    Pretty freakin’ jealous of your trip – have an amazing time!

  • kim

    If you get to Flagstaff, have breakfast at Brandy’s…ridiculous brekfast potatos with grilled peppers, onions, cheese, sour cream and salsa…wicked. Have a fun trip!