The girl who ate everything

It’s no surprise that I enjoy good food. I love shopping for it, preparing it, and of course – eating it! Last weekend I volunteered at the 6th Annual Vendy Awards (volunteering meant I didn’t have to pay the $85 admission price!) and ate my heart out.

About the Vendy Awards (from the official website):

Called “the Oscars of food for the real New York” by Chef Mario Batali, the Vendy Awards are New York City’s annual competition for the title of Best Street Food Vendor, and a fundraiser to support the Street Vendor Project of the Urban Justice Center, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides a voice for the thousands of people who sell food and merchandise on the streets of our city.

I tried SO many delicious eats!

Such as pork souvlaki from Souvlaki GR

Gourmet vegan from the Cinnamon Snail

Traditional Austrian from the Schnitzel & Things truck –

Local gorgonzola cheese, apple, and foccacia from the Philly food truck – Birchrun on a Roll.

Sliders and tacos from Mexicue (Mexican and BBQ fusion!) –

Chilled berry soup, lamb sausage, lentils, and cous cous from the Bistro Truck

And of course, I had to sample ALL of the desserts. The most unique was Yao’s Dragon Beard candy. Taffy-like candy and peanuts were rolled up in sugary floss.

The warm chocolate bread pudding and the panna cotta with berries and candied pine nuts from the Dessert Truck did not disappoint!

I wasn’t crazy about the consistency of the Guerilla ice cream truck (a bit too icy), but the inventive flavors deserved a taste.

Tres Leches cake from Patacon Pisao!

My most favorite thing from the day was the “salty pimp” cone from the Big Gay ice cream truck. My vanilla soft serve was swirled with caramel sauce, topped with a sprinkle of sea salt, and then dipped in dark chocolate. Oh. My. God. I also tried a bite of the truck’s peppermint combo – vanilla softserve mixed with peppermint syrup and topped with Scharfenberger shaved chocolate.

It was a really fun day and I would definitely volunteer again. Fancy foodie events are often looking for volunteers, so if you’re short on cash, this is a good way to experience the fun. BBB did a very thorough job photographing everything we sampled, so take a look at his blog for more details.

Big thanks to Amy for snapping these photos 🙂

Looking at these photos, you might be wondering – “How did she possibly eat ALL that?” or “Why isn’t Megan 500 lbs!?!”

I think one of the secrets is in portion control. BBB and I had bites of all the things I pictured above (plus more!), but we shared everything. Sharing allowed us to experience the food without overdoing it. And if something wasn’t absolutely awesome we’d often take a bite and throw away the rest.

When I partake in indulgent food, I also take into account my gender/height/weight. It’s just a fact that females need less calories than our male counterparts. If you’re dining out with your boyfriend, dude friend, or brother, let them have the bigger portion. For example, if you split a small pizza, eat 2 slices and let him have the other 4.

I think that being a foodie blogger also helps me to slow down and really experience my food in ways that I wouldn’t otherwise. Some of the food on Saturday looked so GOOD, that I just wanted to dive right in. But instead, I took out my camera and tried to get some good photos. Then I really focused on the smell, taste, and texture of the food. Slowing down really helps me to notice when I’m becoming (too!) full.

Some might disagree with this, but before indulgent events I scale my meals back a little bit. Healthy eating experts often advise having a snack before a party to “spoil your appetite”, but I don’t follow that rule. I figure – I’m going to eat indulgent foods no matter what, so I might as well save room for them! Before the vendy awards, I hit the roads for a morning 5-miler and then snacked on coffee and a banana. This breakfast was much smaller than usual, but since I was hungry, I think I enjoyed the vendy food much more.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that I had a long run planned for the next day – I just figured all that extra ice cream would be fuel for my 15-miler! 🙂

What’s your strategy for eating during the holidays or special events?

  • haha i thought this was going to be a post where u break your healthy streak and gorge on food like me 🙂 hehe but o man the vendy awards looks awesome! yum yum! looks like you had a great time!

    Happy running!

  • I just went to something similar this weekend, too. I also got free tickets. I ate so much good food! The day before and day of, I scaled my portions backs so I could fully enjoy!

  • It’s a really good job that I was eating a snack while reading this! The “salty pimp” looks amazingly up my alley. YES PLEASE.
    Other things that made my heart skip a beat: tres leches, and the sliders and tacos.

    Really good advice to volunteer for this kind of thing – I’m all about that. It’s a great way to get involved with local things that you may not be able to attend otherwise.

    And I do something similar with big food events. Rather than skip meals (impossible) I’ll just eat a lighter breakfast and lunch if I know there’s a big dinner coming. Partly in the name of healthy balance but definitely also to make room!!

  • WOW! Everything looks so good…especially the slider and ice cream 🙂 And I totally agree with you on how you go about your indulgences. I think it’s smart to scale back a bit when you know you’re going to treat yourself later. It’s all about balance, which you’re so good at.

  • You and BBB are so cute 🙂 And, I never thought I’d say this, but I really want a salty pimp. From the big gay (ice cream) truck. Hehe.

    My strategy for the holidays/special events is definitely to indulge, but within reason. Since I’m a ridiculous planner, I usually plan smaller, more healthful meals around a bigger one that may not be so healthful…(p.s., I may have just made up the word “healthful?”)

    See ya tomorrow!!

  • Did all of this food seriously come from food trucks? I’m impressed!

    Everything looks amazing and I’m loving the Big Gay Ice Cream truck. I’m a sucker for names and they seem very creative with the name of the company and items they sell:)

  • i am absolutely famished today and this post isn’t helping! hahah as for indulging in the holidays i take a modest amount of one thing i REALLY want / don’t have all year round. ie: i’ll eat pumpkin pie but skip the cookies because they get made anytime

  • Holy god, based on my experience and based on your description of this event, NYC has more delicious food from trucks/random street vendors than you will find in any “best” restaurant in Alaska’s capital city.

    Make no mistake, I will live vicariously through you NYC runners for all of my food dreams this year.

    I’m with you on the “go to the splurge event sorta hungry” mentality. If I eat a snack beforehand to spoil my appetite, I just end up eating the same amounts of indulgent foods anyway.

  • Julia

    I’m not really a city girl, but damn if those awesome NYC food trucks don’t sometimes make me wish I were! SF is starting to catch on to that trend, but I don’t get to the city as much as I used to.

    My strategy for special events (like last weekend’s St. George distillery tour and tasting) is much the same as yours. Eat less before, and eat/drink smaller portions of whatever I want during.

    Being a coffee lover, you should try the Firelit Coffee Liqueur from St. George. Looks and smells just like espresso and isn’t mostly sugar like Kahlua. It was amazing!

  • I gorge myself and get a stomach ache. True story. In those situations, I eat with abandon and deal with the consequences, which are dire. That is why I seldom go to such events.

  • Love the new layout!

  • I would have died and gone to heaven at an event like that. Wow.

  • OMG – That food looks delicious. That’s my idea of paradise. LOL

    Now on to serious business, before a holiday or special event I do try to get in a good snack or meal beforehand (like veggies, fruits, etc) or will take a dish or snack with me that others would enjoy and that I know I can have.

    I also offer to host Thanksgiving every year. It gets me cooking which I love – and lets me alter the menu so it’s delicious & nutritious without others knowing. 🙂

  • I’m totally with you on the scaling back on food before a big event mentality. If I’m going to eat a treat, I want to enjoy it! That means saving as much room as possible for the treat. It’s no fun to eat something when you’re full.

  • Wow…that event looks awesome!

  • Love those bottom three pictures of you guys!

  • i loooove this post. what a fun day of eats! and those sorta candid pics of you guys are adorable.

    i’m the same way at these events: i’m gonna eat my heart out, and that’s that. saving room beforehand is totally the way to go. rock!

  • hi! 🙂
    that looks like a really fun festival and i agree with madeline- i think the series of 3 photos of the 2 of you are adorable!! i was a yearbook editor for 3 yrs in HS so i have a fondness for candid photos 🙂

    also- you are brave!!! i’m soooo not adventurous when it comes to food. have you ever traveled/eaten out of the country? i can see you handling that w/ no problem 🙂

  • That event looks amazing!!! Great idea to volunteer, so then you can still enjoy the samples without paying a hefty price. I also like your advice on splitting, that’s what my husband and I typically do, if I can get him to share, haha. I would definitely want to enjoy all of the offerings, but not feel overly stuffed at the end or like I had to go run multiple miles afterward.

  • That event had sooo much food – it looks really good!! And I’m loving the new look of your blog. Did I miss a post about this? I’ve been traveling and so out of the loop.

  • I sometimes do the same thing before a big foodie event or meal. And even if I don’t eat a smaller meal, I at least try to eat something that’s very fruit and veggie rich because usually that’s not usually what’s offered at these things!

  • Your metabolism is on fire! 🙂

  • Eileen

    That’s really good advice, to volunteer. My interest in food has grown so much in recent years; I want to learn more, and what a good way to do so!

  • Ah, the infamous salty pimp! I need to hunt down this truck, stat.