Guest Post by Angharad: Top 5 Tips for Running on Vacation

Hello Runner’s Kitchen readers!

My name is Angharad (yep, you don’t know many of those, do you?!) and I write the blog Eating for England. I love running and adore traveling and exploring new places so today I bring you some top tips for running whilst on vacation!

Megan is on holiday right now but you can bet your bottom dollar that she’s still running when she gets the chance. Running in a new city or different country can be an exciting and uplifting experience. You might get to explore areas that you never would otherwise and the different scenery and terrain can offer a challenging and exhilarating run.

I had a great time running in Vancouver over New Years and plan on running whilst on a trip to Nicaragua this December – it’s possible almost anywhere with a bit of planning – get ready to explore!

Top 5 Tips for Running on Vacation (at home or abroad)

1. Map Your Route.
Before you leave, log onto a web site like Run the Planet or Map My Run (which I use!) and map out potential routes taking into consideration where you’ll be staying. Finding a local running store is a great way to get first hand advice about where locals run and you might even get to connected to a group of local runners.

2. Be Flexible.
You’re on vacation! Don’t be too hard on yourself. Aim to run in the morning before your non-running companions are awake to increase the likelihood of fitting your preferred distance or route in but don’t get stressed out if you have to cut things short or change your plans – this is a holiday after all!

3. Run a Race.
If you don’t have a crazy agenda, running a race away from home can be a great experience. Run Abroad has listings of races by country as well as by preference (e.g. best races for coffee lovers or running on a lake shore). How about a 10K in Finland, or a 17 mile trail run in Colorado? So much fun!

4. Stay safe.
Unless you are very familiar with the area or running with a friend who is then err on the side of caution. Tell someone where you’re going and when you expect to be back. Show your map to a trusted local or your hotel concierge and ask if the area you plan to run in is safe. Remain aware of your surroundings and turn back if you begin to feel unsafe.

5. Run with a Guide.
How much fun would it be to forget having to follow a map or navigate and just soak in the sights and sounds of a new place?! Try to contact running clubs before you arrive and see if you can join them on a planned run. If you have some cash to splash you could always sign up for a running tour. These organized tours are becoming more popular in bigger U.S. cities – City Running Tours offers a six mile personalized guided run for $60 or 5 mile group runs for $20.

Above all else, stay safe, have fun and don’t forget to refuel with some delicious local specialties – happy running!

Question: Where is the most exotic/unique/crazy place you’ve gone for a run?

  • What a fun post and great tips! I definitely try to keep up with my runs while on vacation! I haven’t run in too many crazy places but I guess Kauai would be the more exotic (but so hot!) Next weekend I am going away to Niagara so maybe I’ll fit in a run even though we are bringing our bikes!

  • i’ve never gone running any “exotic” place but anytime i go to a new city (recently it’s been philly, houston and dallas) i make sure to run. it’s such a great way to get to know a city! a few yeras ago when i was in france i did that too and had a blast. great post!

  • Beth

    GREAT POST! Ready to pack my bags….

  • On my honeymoon in Costa Rica my husband was not about to let me go gallavanting around in my running attire. The roads were a mess and full of crazy drivers, and the area wasn’t exactly safe (several recent stories included pickpockets with machettis). I ended up running along the water in the cove where our bungalow stood. It was about a half a mile long and I had to run back and forth while my husband watched from his beach blanket. Boring, but beautiful. πŸ™‚

  • How cool! I’ve never heard of running tours but I definitely want to check one out next time I travel. And $20 isn’t bad for a group tour!

  • this is not very exotic or unique, but certainly memorable! Last summer while in London I ran in Hyde Park every morning, and it was great to see so many London runners out! I also ran around the River Liffey in Dublin – not nearly as many runners but beautiful views and weather πŸ™‚

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  • Lindsay

    WOW perfect timing! I just got back from a vacation in Fiji, and with the lack of a treadmill at my hotel I spent my mornings running in the hot and humid dirt roads UGH – it always made the rest of my day so much better but definitely be sure to stay hydrated! I got pretty nauseous and dizzy a few times…

    Also – don’t think “be safe” means just looking out for sketchy characters (Especially if you’re an easy target like me being a skinny little 19 year old gal)… on my first day I ran into a Fijian village and got chased by three very snarly (and foaming at the mouth) mangy dogs (right up a fortunately situated tree – like a cat!) – watch out for wildlife especially if you are somewhere tropical!!

  • Christina

    When I was in Costa Rica our hotel was located along a beautiful, lush 3-mile loop road through the jungle (monkeys and cows included) and it was safe (basically a private road) and had amazing views of the ocean when the tees opened up (and with a huge hill at the end where the hotel was). They even let me take the resident dog on my run- it was amazing! Thanks for the Run Abroad website! I live in Africa but will be doing most of my races in Europe and I was having trouble finding a single source for races. One of the ones I’m doing in 2 weeks (yikes!) lets international racers run at the front of the pack, which is so lucky to avoid being stuck in a mass of 20k people! Great guest post!

  • Christina

    @Katie- Why are you coming to Nigeria? Where will you be? I live in Nigeria- running here is pretty tough- it’s rainy season (although running in the rain isn’t too bad, except the rain water getting in your mouth is not exactly fresh tasting) but the worse thing is that it’s about 99% humidity all the time. I think I lose about ~3lbs of water-weight from sweating even on very short runs. Good luck finding a place to run, be very safe, and prepare to sweat like you never have before!

  • Going on a running tour is a great piece of advice for travelers! I know NYC has a bunch of companies that do that. Sounds like a safe way to explore a new place πŸ™‚

  • ma homegirl…i *love* these tips! running is such a great way to see a city!!!