Tempo Training

TGIF. Weekend, so close. Has this week seemed very long to anyone else?

Thursday’s breakfast was a good one – TJ’s 2% greek yogurt mixed with peanut powder (TJ’s sells their own version of PB2!), banana, and Nature’s Path Heritage Flakes.

Someone (ahem, me) didn’t wake up early enough to pack a lunch so I paid a visit to the cafeteria salad bar. It was a nice treat! I loaded up my container with spinach, mushrooms, carrots, feta, croutons, white bean salad, tofu in peanut sauce, and sriracha.

I followed that up with a bag of popchips (salt & pepper is my fav) and a lara bar with a soy misto later in the afternoon.

It was a good thing I had that afternoon caffeine hit – it ended up being a longgg night. I skedaddled home from the office ASAP (scarfed a Kashi granola bar) and then headed out for an extended warm-up through Central Park (I needed to run an errand). I completed about 3.5 miles before meeting up with my Thursday night running buddies. Our tempo run for tonight was a 6.5 mile tempo – 3.25 miles @ marathon pace, 3.25 miles @ half-marathon pace. We got a bit of a break with the weather (yay for it not being 99 degrees), but this was still a doozie of a workout.

  • 3.5 mile warm-up
  • 3.25 miles in 23:32 (7:14 pace)
  • 3.25 miles 22:38 (6:58 pace)
  • 2 mile cool-down
  • 12 miles total

The paces were actually a little faster than my marathon and half-marathon paces, but I think that’s okay. This type of tempo run is a bread & butter workout for marathon training. In a few weeks we’ll probably bump up to an 8 mile tempo (4 miles @ marathon pace, 4 mils @ half-marathon pace). These workouts are tough (the word grinding comes to mind…) but I think they really do prepare runners for longer races.

It was way late by the time I got home and Alma fed me leftovers for dinner. No picture because I’m pretty sure I inhaled my plate of food in 2 minutes flat, but how about a photo of Wednesday night’s din-din instead? Kale chips with ketchup, leftover cous cous with chickpeas & veggies, and beer!

And for dessert? You know you’re eating a lot of ice cream when your roommate says “holy sh*t, you finished that half gallon already?” Err, yes? Hehe. Feeeeeeeed me, I’m hungry!

I just got back from a lovely 7-miler with Kelly from Meals for Miles. The weather was cool, the pace was easy, and he conversation flowed. Hooray! Now I’ve got to put on my recovery socks and get to work. Another cup of coffee will also be in order – I never sleep well after tough workouts (elevated heart rate, I think).

I promise I have some fun things up my sleeve for the weekend BYOB Thai food! A trip to a local brewery! A long run in the Bronx! Stay tuned…

Need some motivation? Read the top 6 reasons why you should run today!

What are you most looking forward to this weekend?

  • You are a BEAST! My body would fall apart entirely if i ran as much as you. You’ve got fab genes, I’m jealous!

    More BYOB Thai eh? Same place? I totally wanna go back there sometime. Date night soon.

    This weekend the boy is teaching a couple of us how to make fab cocktails. I’m also looking forward to making some yum dips, yoga, and finishing doggie day care. Thank goodness.

    Happy weekend Megan! 🙂

  • So I got home last night and before taking off my shoes, showering, or putting away my bags, I drank a glass of wine in the hopes of warding off insomnia. It worked, but it’s also turning me into a sort-of alcoholic. Anyway, you looked super-strong! Those times are just going to keep dropping throughout the season. I’m kind of getting excited about your marathon. Is that lame? Creepy? Can we call it sweet? Okay.

  • Family reunion this weekend. Can’t wait, though one of my kids who won’t be making it home for the wonderful fun, wanted to know if I had lots of alcohol on hand. LOL!

  • Wow that’s hard core stuff. Nice work getting it done. I think you mentioned you’re doing Philly – if you’re doing tempo in CP, you’ll fly in Philly. My half time dropped big time there.

    I have a sore spot for ice cream too – trouble is I have no one else to “help” out when I go home…it just disappears;)

    As for this weekend, summer streets and birthday parties are the theme of this weekend. Oh and packing for vacation! Hooray!

  • i thought jalapeno was your fav…s&p is totally mine!

    actually I thought you LOVE salt & vinegar everything!

  • Michelle

    Question for you: TJ’s sells their own version of PB2?!?!? What is it called? I shop at TJ’s all the time, and I adore PB2 . . . I will definitely hunt this down. Thanks!

  • @Michelle – I just bought the powdered PB at TJ’s a few weeks ago. It’s in a square-ish baking bag – i think it’s just called “peanut powder”. I found it on a shelf advertising new products.

  • Ok – you are making me want to try these compressions socks. At my May marathon, a super-fast brother/sister running team wore them the whole race. He ran a sub 3:10 and she ran a sub 3:40. Do you run with them or just recover?

  • I love restaurants that let you BYOB. It’s the number one reason I only eat out at the local sushi place. (That, and it’s the only vegetarian option in these parts!)

    I am most looking forward to an 8 mile run this weekend. I haven’t run that far in months and just starting half marathon training. Should be interesting!

  • Hooray for great run this morning – can’t wait to meet up again soon! 🙂

    Hmmm, I’m looking forward to catching up on sleep, a trip to the park, seeing a movie (Eat, Pray Love), and maybe some baking this weekend. Chilling out is in order, for sure! Have a fab weekend!

  • This week has seemed ridiculously long! Thanks for the article on motivation tips – I really need that these days as my running motivation is at an all time low (well, the 100 degrees humidity is what’s putting me off!).

    This weekend – most excited to CAMP!

  • I’m so glad I just found your blog! I’m a former marathoner whose knees can’t quite deal with the mileage, so now it’s all about yoga to repair them;) I get such a kick out of living vicariously through you hardcore runners now. Good times;)

  • I would rather do fartleks than tempo runs any day. Necessary evil, right?

  • Ellen

    Please tell me about these kale chips you were eating with ketchup. I love kale and ketchup and putting the two together seems like an excellent treat.

  • Yes, this has been on heck of a week for me, glad to see it go! Wow, I would love to be at you’re running level and working to get there … if I don’t kill myself first. 😛

  • @Ellen – I wash and dry my kale and then break it up into pieces. Then I drizzle it with olive oil and sprinkle it with salt and pepper. Bake at 400 degrees until slightly brown and crispy (maybe 10-15 minutes). It’s really good dipped in ketchup!

  • Great job on your workout! I’m training for a marathon too and hunger usually strikes me at night….I like to act like I’m still being healthy by eating cereal at night! I might try to buy more calorie dense foods so I don’t get so hungry at night.

    Also, I tried my first PB&J larabar tonight, and it was amazing.

  • I’ve spent the last few days hanging out with family – it is nice to catch up!

    Love kale chips – great tips on the running motivation.

  • holy running woman! work. it. out.

    also, work out that salad bar! i haven’t made a trip to this kind of bar in awhile, and nothing quite frankly sounds better right now than a huge a$$ plate of greens.

    happy weekend!!!

  • Your runs always inspire me. I can’t wait to get back into training after the baby.

    I eat ice cream too fast too….

  • I LOVE reading about your running workouts. They always give me ideas for my own training.

    Ice cream <3 <3

  • Ohhh that Cookies ‘n’ Cream looks yum-my! This weekend I’m in Montauk…actually ALL WEEK! Hooray for vacation—finally! Summer is over and I’m just NOW getting a tan 🙂

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