18 miles on the summer streets

Greetings from the Keystone State (a.k.a. Pennsylania!). I slept for 12 hours last night and feel like a new woman. Note to self: start sleeping a solid 7-8 hours every night. On Friday I ran an easy 6 mile recovery run in CP. I wanted to take it easy in preparation for my longest run in over a year – an 18 miler! On Saturday I woke up about an hour before I needed to leave in order to drink my coffee

and nibble on a lara bar.

Around 8am, I headed out the door and ran from my apartment to Columbus Circle, met the girls, and then ran down to the BK bridge and back (via Summer Streets – Park Ave was open to pedestrians!). Shelby and I added on a few more miles in the park and while I was tired at the end, I could have easily down a few more. The company made the time fly by and awesome long run overall. I ate an espresso flavored gu at mile 11 and had some water a few times. 18 miles in 2 hour and 38 minutes (~8:46 pace).

Within 5 minutes of finishing my run I downed a smoothie made with milk, apple cider, banana, and frozen strawberries. Refuel win!

And then I suffered through enjoyed a dip in my gym’s “cold plunge pool” a.k.a. an ice bath. The cold water constricts blood vessels in the legs and helps remove lactic acid. It was pretty painful, but I ended up having minimal soreness the next day, so I guess it works! I lasted for about 3 minutes for my first dip and 5 minutes for my second dip. I hope to last a solid 10 minutes after my next long run, but maybe I’ll need to find some neoprene booties first.

I’m about 36 hours removed from my long run and so far feeling minimal soreness. I think the combination of immediate refueling (smoothie), ice bath, and compression socks really helped the recovery process. I ran an easy 5.5 miles on Sunday bringing me to 60 miles for the week. High mileage isn’t for everybody, but I think I respond well to it. I was thinking about it the other day and this is the first time in a long time that I have absolutely no lingering aches or pains. Keeping my fingers crossed that this lasts until November 7th!

Running 18 miles makes for a hungry Megan. Some yummy selections from my day of eats –

Roasted corn, cherry tomatoes, and homemade pesto salad. The pesto was super easy to make – I just mixed together 2 cups of basil, 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese, 1 garlic clove, 1/4 cup walnuts, salt, pepper, 2 Tbs lemon juice, and 2 Tbs olive oil in a food processor.

Salty tortilla chips + cheese + salsa + guac. YUM. Eaten in bed, while wearing compression socks of course. The best way to recover from a long run!

Some wild Maine blueberries and Greek yogurt made for an antioxidant packed afternoon snack.

I love fruits and veggies, but I also love cake and ice cream! On my drive to Pennsylvania, I stopped at a Dairy Queen for a chocolate dipped cone.

Followed by a slice (or two) of birthday cake. My bday’s not for another 10 days, but the fam insisted on celebrating a little early because I might not make it home again till Thanksgiving! Bonus points to anyone who tells me I don’t look a day over 18 🙂

18 mile run with my lady friends, ice cream, cake, and some quality time with my sister’s new kitten = a pretty good Saturday!

How did you celebrate birthdays when you were a kid? For as long as I can remember, my mom has ordered me a marble cake with butter cream icing (and pink roses!) from the local bakery.

  • Jacqui

    I’m so glad I just checked this before bed – so happy to hear you are not feeling sore or achey! MAJOR WIN. Congrats on your high mileage week, great long run, and excellent fueling. You get an A+ from me. Now… how are we going to celebrate your birthday!???

  • cuuuute pics miss megan, and what a fabulous cake! and eighteen miles is pretty effin’ awesome. just sayin’. i’d probably have to eat every hour to recover from. insanity.

    when i was very young, my parents had gymnastics birthday parties for me (spoiled? maybe). before that there was the mcdonald’s parties (i have a great pic of me with chicken mcnuggets and ketchup on my face). then there was the bowlmor lanes birthday party, before bowlmor lanes was a seriously cool place to go (we had to finish the party before 6PM for some unknown reason – now i understand, finally). every year i had entenmann’s pound cake – completely plain, no whipped cream, nothing. with candles. that’s how i liked it. good times.

    well, looks like i went into a sofia-history to answer your question. uhh, oops?

  • Sveta

    Now i want a choc top ice cream! yum

  • you know what else is great with pesto?? pasta…

  • KITTY! That’s adorable. I think I drove by your hometown this weekend and didn’t realize how far away it was. Excellent job on the long run – 18 is farther than I’ve ever gone, so in my opinion that’s heading into megacrazy mileage. I wish I could go that far, but I’m not sure my legs would hold up.

    I honestly can’t remember how I celebrated birthdays as a kid, but I know how I do now. It starts with a p and it ends with izza. I might have grown up, but my tastebuds haven’t.

  • what a stellar 18! and i’m jealous of your ice bath. i’ve never taken one and i really want to see what the fuss is all about!

  • Gracious. That kitten has completely wiped from my memory everything else I was going to say! Love!
    No, okay, I’ve got it. Congrats on the amazingly long awesome run! On my longer runs it really does make a massive difference if I take certain steps to avoiding soreness/fatigue the next day. And I am pretty sure dipped cones are a big part of that recovery…yum.

  • Maren

    you are a running machine! That’s great that you’re not having any pain or soreness! (fingers crossed) Those blueberries look AWESOME. and that kitty looks identical to my first kitty, Play-doh! My 5 year old brother named him! haha Have a great week!

  • Sounds like a great long run! You are going to rock the NYC Marathon! That kitten is soo adorable.

    When I was growing up, I celebrated my birthday with vanilla confetti cake and confetti frosting FOREVER!!!

  • Dani Sturtz

    Sounds like a great run. I want in next time! When do you come back from PA? Practice this week?

  • Wow that’s awesome that your legs are feeling spunky still! Your sis’s kitten looks like my cat stoner when we got him… So cute 🙂

  • You are such a rockstar! I’ve been doing the ice bath thing after my long runs and I had ZERO soreness after my 20 mile run this weekend, so I think there is definitely something to it!

  • I celebrated my birthday this weekend, too! I had a few good birthday parties when I was a kid (the best one involved a parent-condoned food fight in our backyard), but the cake was always the highlight. Let’s face it- it still is!

  • Me oh MY! That cake and ice cream cone looks delish! I’m a triplet, so I always had to celebrate with one big party with my brother and sister. We grew up in KY, and had a family friend with a huge farm, so we usually had it out there. Complete with horse rides, a magician and lotsss of games. And a DQ ice cream cake–my fave! Ohh to be a kid again. Happy early bday TO YOU! Ohh and awesome running week–60 miles?! Can’t believe it, you Superwoman, you.

  • that cartoon of the ice cube just made me laugh out loud. good thing my boss is out to lunch.

    i used to have a lot of sleepover parties as a kid – they were the cool thing to do, if i recall. we always ended up playing “light as a feather, stiff as a board” and truth or dare. and there were always make-you-own ice cream sundaes, because i don’t like cake.

    also, i think we’re going to have to make a cheering section for you at the marathon this fall. 🙂

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  • Nice job on the 18 miler! And wowza – a 60 mile week is awesome!

    Since I share my birthday with my sis, we’ve always had the token family celebrations with cake. Since my parents have been divorced forever, this always involved two celebrations and two cakes with both sides of the family, so we made out well 🙂

    yay for fuzzy little kitties! awww.

  • You are a major running inspiration…a runspiration if you will? 😉

  • Mmm…Dairy Queen!

    I’ve never tried an ice bath or compression socks, but I actually don’t get very sore after long runs. When my mileage increases, I tend to feel more exhaustion than aches or pains – probably a sign it’s too much – so I like to stay at 40 mpw with lifting and some cross training.

  • chocolate-dipped cone after running 18 miles? you are my kinda gal lady 🙂

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