NYRR Club Championships Recap

Hooray and Happy Saturday! I am freshly showered and re-fueled from this morning’s race. At 9am I raced in the NYRR Club Championships in Central Park. Every August, the local running clubs go head-to-head in a 5-mile race. As a proud member of the Central Park track club, pride (and a PR!) was on the line.

After my usual pre-race breakfast (coffee, banana, pb) I headed to the park for a warm-up. I ran easily for about 3 miles and included a 2 minute tempo pace segment. I’ve heard that a few minutes of quick running before a race can get the body in “race mode”, so that a fast start isn’t such a shock to the system. I did this 2 minute fast segment instead of strides (~100m pick-ups) and I think I liked it better!

I lined up with my teammates and started the race off fairly conservatively. A lot of people were ahead of me in the first mile or so and that made me a little worried, but I gradually picked them off. I’m really happy with my racing strategy today!

  • mile 1- 6:47
  • mile 2- 6:33 (downhill)
  • mile 3- 6:37
  • mile 4- 6:47 (uphill)
  • mile 5- 6:25
  • Total – 5 miles in 33:09 (6:37 pace)

I think the funniest part of the day was after I finished. I was feelin’ pretty exhausted, so I sat down on the ground after crossing the finish line. One of the race officials came over and yelled (loudly) – “Hey, we’ve got a medical [emergency] over here!” I quickly stood up and assured him that I was fine, just tired. Hehe. It was a little embarrassing!

After team photos, I cooled down for about 1.5 miles, bringing me to 9.5 miles for the day.

This was my last summer race and I’m kind of looking forward to focusing on marathon training full time. Shelby and I have 15 miles planned bright and early tomorrow. Oy.

So today’s race was a good one. What can I attribute it to? I think solid training (team workouts 1-2x per week and long runs), adequate sleep, and delicious meals all helped! After a busy July, Alma and I were finally both at home this week. We reconnected with some lovely roommate dinners. On Thursday, we made some pita pizzas with arugula salad and wine (tres romantique!) on the side.

This dinner was super easy to make and quite healthy.

Pita Pizzas (for two)


  • whole wheat pitas (1-2 per person), split in half
  • 1 cup marinara sauce
  • 1/2 cup shredded cheese
  • 2 oz. goat cheese
  • your favorite veggies – onions, olives, red pepper, tomato, etc.
  • fresh basil


  • Preheat your oven to 400 degrees
  • Place pita bread on a baking sheet, top with sauce, cheese, and veggies
  • Bake for 8-10 minutes, adding fresh basil in last 2 minutes of baking time
  • EAT!

And yes, we eat our salads out of mixing bowls 🙂 With EVOO and balsamic vinegar.

For our pre-race meal, Alma cooked up her famous noodles with vegetables, tofu, and peanut butter sauce. Apparently my dislike of pasta does NOT transfer over to asian noodles. I love this dish! We used regular pasta (not whole wheat) to keep the fiber content in check…no one likes unnecessary tummy troubles on race day.

We topped our bowls with generous amounts of lime juice and sriracha (I’ve gone through 3 bottles already this year…)

I also continued carbo-loading (hehe) with some mint chocolate chip ice cream before bed.

After a few months of injury, Alma also had a really awesome race today. Wooo! Teamwork.

I’m off to to Starbucks for a frappuccino (yes, I’m addicted) and a softball game in Central Park. Enjoy your summer Saturday!

Too busy to get to the gym? Strength train while you watch Jersey Shore! Check out this couch potato workout.

Question 1: What’s your favorite pizza topping?

Question 2: What’s one healthy thing you’ve done (or are going to do!) this weekend?

p.s. I still haven’t done core work….maybe tonight? Keep me accountable!

  • Way to go on the race! It must have been hot or something when you sat down to make them think you were about to pass out. hahaha

    My favorite pizza topping? Hmmmmm maybe olives?

  • CONGRATS! thats pretty funny that they called for a medical emergency.

    Your running time is amazing. Youre truly my inspiration to push harder, longer, and faster. I couldnt do it without you! thanks!

  • Congrats on a great race this morning!! I saw some of the later finishers running when I was in CP this morning. It was so nice to see the teammates who’d already finished cheering them on 🙂

    Q1. My mom’s basil pesto (and, before we moved, made with basil from our garden) & mozzarella

    Q2. I went on a short run this morning (5.8mi) on Park Ave – free of cars!! I’m loving Summer Streets – and then got a bike rental for a free hour and rode about 11 miles total (on Park Ave and then in CP). And since eating is my 2nd favorite thing to do (running first, obvi :p ), I guess it was pretty healthy of me to have a lunch of apple w/ pb and stir fried local & organic veggies.

  • Oh yum! Alma knows what she’s doing in the kitch! Congrats on an awesome race girl. You are super speedy, even up those hills!

    Favorite pizza topping: spinach. Mmmm.
    Healthy activity: hot yoga. Yay, sweat?

  • Oh hells bells. It’s hard thinking about doing something healthy when you slept til 11 and then went out for a dirty breakfast…ugh.
    I might go collapse at the beach. I’ll be sure to do something healthy tomorrow 🙂
    Body Pump or a run perhaps.

    Have a fabulous weekend and massive congrats on your speedy race!

  • wow, what a great race! you did awesome!!!

  • Congrats on the race– it proves was solid commitment and keeping accountable can do!

    I miss pizza! My favorite toppings were banana peppers and black olives…can we say need for vegan pizza?

    I went to Spinning class this morning even though I was sore and tired. Since I’ve got so many plans this weekend, I’m eating lighter lunches since I know there will be temptation at dinner 🙂

  • Awesome race! Gotta love that carb-loading 🙂 The healthiest thing I’m doing for myself this weekend is RESTING. Well, I’m not actually getting a lot of sleep, but I’m resting my legs so my injured hamstring can heal. Not exercising is hard, but the rest and ice is already helping!

  • Woo! That is speedilicious. Nicely done – both you and Alma. I also have a penchant for drama at the finish line, and I’ve had officials get kind of nervous that I’m going to expire at the end of races. Whatever – means you left it on the road! Hope you guys had a good time at your post-race partay.

    My favorite pizza topping completely depends on the style of pizza I’m eating (don’t get me onto this topic – I could literally talk for hours about pizza), but you can rarely go wrong with olives or tomatoes. And this weekend…well…it’s been all schoolwork. That will hopefully make me healthier NEXT week.

  • ahhh I love pizza too much to choose only one topping! Lately I’m loving portabello mushrooms on my pizzas but I like loads of toppings in general 🙂

    I’ve had a pretty healthy weekend…full of biking (50 miles over 2 days) and a speed workout this morning. Refueling with lots of sweets…oops. So maybe a semi-healthy weekend?

  • congrats on your run!! my healthy thing this weekend….er, not much (injured quad, long story.) my husband ran a 14km race though, and the crazy part is, there were 80,000 participants! insane!

    my favourite pizza topping is pumpkin, followed by smoked salmon (i know, sounds weird, but quite common in Australia.)

  • Wow! You’re so fast- congratulations!! 😀

    My favorite pizza topping is goat cheese… yum. And this weekend I went for a run in the hot afternoon- it was grueling but I felt so great afterwards. 🙂

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  • Nice race! Impressive pacing on a tough course.

    I did the usual running but had a bunch of birthday treats. That probably undid the healthy stuff but I hear birthday calories don’t count?

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