Fake it till you make it

We squeezed 9 sweaty runners into a booth that was probably meant for half as many. The reason? A little farewell get-together for our gal Shelby. She’s leaving us for Carolina roads!

I tried to balance out my french fry dinner with a Naked green machine juice and half a jar some Jason’s hazlenut butter. Ah well. Everything in moderation, including moderation, eh?

Ever wonder how RunnersKitchen spends her days? Well, lucky you! Read on for “A Morning in the Life of Megan”.

  • 5:45am – alarm goes off. I pull the covers over my head and pretend I don’t hear rain outside.
  • 5:55am – damn it, it’s pouring. Put on my running shoes (I slept in my running clothes, oh yes I did!).
  • 5:59am – The (nocturnal) rats are still awake on my street. I leap over one. I <3 NY.
  • 6:20am – Meet up with Shelby and Kelly. It’s still raining, but at least I have company to distract me!
  • 7:25am – 9 miles later, I finish my run and head to the nearest Dunkin’ Donuts. Give the cashier soaking wet $$ in exchange for a steaming hot coffee. Sorry ’bout that.

  • 7:35am – peel off my soggy running attire, fight with the tangle formerly known as my ponytail, and hop in the shower.
Oh how precious.
  • 8:02am – pack lunch, read emails, eat an apple,  get dressed.

  • 8:49am – Notice I am wearing all black and gray, realize this is probably because I’ve lived in Manhattan for 3 years.
  • 8:55am – on the subway! Got a seat and I’m not accosted by any homeless men. Double win.
  • 9:15am – head to Jamba Juice for $2 steelcut oatmeal.
  • 9:29am – Begin the workday, eat oatmeal. Realize I’ve already been awake for 4 hours. Oy.

Do you have any tricks for getting excited about a workout (or work!!) when you’re really not feelin’ it? My “suck it up, smile, and fake it till you make it” routine works most of the time. Sometimes the hardest part of a workout or a run is just starting!

  • i actually kind of enjoy 1200 repeats. they’re a nice in between distance. i get to go fast and they’re semi-long 🙂

    great job on them! as far as motivation goes, i think putting on a smile is the best thing ever! it makes life better

  • If I “don’t feel like it,” I stop and think about whether I have aches and pains, or seemingly no energy in my muscles from not eating enough. If I’m OK in these areas, I suck it up.

    Regarding the soaking wet $$…this might sound anal-retentive, but when I ran Boston a couple of years ago and wanted to keep my subway card dry, I packed it and my hotel room key in a plastic sandwich bag, folded it down and tucked that in the waistband pocket of my running shorts. Maybe this would help on mornings when you’re running with money on your person?

  • I usually start blasting music or the TV to wake myself up and get myself in the mood to workout. That and I remind myself how much it will suck to have to run or whatever after a 9 hour day at work!

  • Ohhh, the usual huge-knot/ponytail consequence of running in the rain! A bun was always my trick when I had long hair!

    The going to bed with your clothes on is a great trick! I read a Starbucks Vs. Jama Juice oatmeal post (http://fastfood.ocregister.com/2009/01/17/oatmeal-review-starbucks-vs-jamba-juice/11610/) and they said the Jamba Juice oatmeal topping is like a jelly-is that true?

  • @Nicole – the berry and apple toppings at Jamba are like fruit compotes. They’re sweet, but (I think) really delicious. You can also get sliced bananas and brown sugar instead! On Wednesdays it’s only $2 🙂

  • I did a 1200 workout yesterday too! 6 x 1200 but I walked the 400 meter RI…

  • YUM love these posts 🙂 when you do your morning runs do you drink coffee before your runs? haha

    mmm the jamba juice oatmeal looks delicious

    i also just posted my 2nd weekly recap!

  • AR

    Well, now I feel lazy…


    8:49am – Notice I am wearing all black and gray, realize this is probably because I’ve lived in Manhattan for 3 years.

    This cracked me up. I once walked around downtown wearing a green coat and felt alien. (Poor planning on my part.)

  • @Marian – your idea re: using a plastic baggie to keep money dry is a good one. I think I was in denial about the rain this morning…

    @Patrick – usually I drink coffee before a.m. exercise, but today’s run was so early that I waited until after.

    @AR – haha, I worry that NYC is making me “hard”. I use to be described as sweet. Now I wear black and give the evil eye to tourists. What is happening to meeeeee?

  • Lizzie

    If i’m not feeling it, I usually buy a few new songs on itunes. Just a few 99 cent jams can really get me moving.

  • Faking it totally works. Whenever I force myself to smile or just take a walk outside for fresh air, I always feel better. And as far as exercising goes, good tunes DEFINITELY help. Gangster rap for me. And Taylor Swift 😉

  • If I’m really not looking forward to a run (like today’s 9 miles with a speed session) then I just tell myself to get out there and at least start since I can always stop if I want. But then once I’m moving, I’m good to go. I am pretty bad about putting off workouts. Sometimes I wake up ready to tackle a morning run, and sometimes I’m dragging myself out the door at 8pm.

  • Fake it ’till you make it is one of my favorite sayings/mantras! I use it at work all the time and it usually does me well.

    Getting excited about a workout when I’m not feeling it – hmm, I think about it being over and enjoying a delicious breakfast and coffee. Sometimes it actually works 🙂

    My ponytail needed 1 lb of conditioner to tame the GINORMOUS knot from this morning!

  • I think it was this blog that first clued me into the fact that cashiers might not be stoked to get my sweat (or rain) soaked dollar bills after running. Now I come up with all these silly contraptions for keeping my bills dry.

    I am usually a negative Nancy about all workouts, so feeling really terrible about one is par for the course! If I feel bad after two intervals or so, I know I’m really screwed. As for getting up in the morning, I learned years ago to just ignore the snooze button. You MUST get up, and not give yourself a chance to question the stupid-early hour. Now that I think about it, that’s kind of my attitude toward work: just go, and deal with the reality of it as it comes.

  • Wanted to let you know that I love reading your posts. The series of your last few posts has been especially good! Thanks for your inspiration!

    Fake it until you make it is definitely true. Some days, the hardest part about going for a run is lacing up your shoes =)

  • I’d say I’m faking it till I make it a lot of the time and sometimes I don’t make it. Haha. I really wish that my work schedule started later. It doesn’t really leave me any room for morning runs – unless I am on the streets by 5:30. I rarely happens. So I adapt by forcing myself to run after work…usually – but not much lately. :-/

  • That’s not easy to wake up so early, get in an intense run, and still have a full workday ahead of you! Especially in the rain! Kudos to you lady;)

  • Katerina

    Could not agree more! its awesome you are able to squeeze in such a long run BEFORE work!
    I motivate myself by:
    1. imagining how i would feel after the run
    2. by the fact that the time spans i can dedicate to running (i.e. myself) are so limited – it means no opportunity should by wasted!

  • I agree with the workout philosophy – normally it’s just getting out there that’s the hardest. Once I’m doing whatever it is, I love it!

  • Getting out the door is absolutely the hardest part for me. If I give myself a couple of minutes to be lazy before I leave, things get exponentially harder

  • I agree with you. Sometimes you just have to go through the motions instead of thinking about it- especially true of tough morning workouts on a rainy day! 9 miles in a downpour- I’m impressed (but not surprised! 🙂 )

  • Oh those fries look delicious!

  • OMG…you are a warrior. if it was raining and i had to run, you can bet your bottom dollar i would have kept sleeping. LOVE YOU LADY! when i come to nyc, i will run with you but only if you promise you will (a) slow down (b) coffee after and (c) tasty delite after that 🙂

  • Oh how I love Pomme Frites. I can practically taste those fries staring back at me on the computer screen.

    In order to get myself started on a workout, I just visualize how good I’ll feel afterwards. I always feel refreshed, awake, and sometimes giddy after a good workout. Knowing that I have that in store helps when getting through that intial warm-up phase.

  • Reading this just inspired me to get my ass up earlier and get my run out the way! As a teacher, sometimes I’m just too exhausted from dealing with kids by the end of the day to want to do anything but sit on my behind (which is NOT helping my marathon training!) Kudos to you for being so diligent – I need to take notes 😉

  • I just wanted to say thank you for not making me feel like a crazy person to get up at 5:45 to work out 🙂 When I tell people that, they look at me like I’ve lost my mind. I just enjoy wokrout first thing and getting it over with