Central Park is my new BFF

TGIF. Almost. The last few days have been a little crazy, so I can’t wait for the weekend!

On Tuesday, I woke up early to run some speedy miles in Central Park. I ran super easy for first 3 miles and then ran:

  • 10k pace (~6:45) for mile 3-4
  • recovered 1/2 mile
  • 10k pace for mile 4.5-5.5
  • recovered for a bit
  • 4 × 400m pickups @ 5k pace
  • 8.5 miles total in 1 hour, 12 minutes

Usually on Tuesdays I workout with my running club, but this week I had to pick up my CSA vegetables. I don’t mind though – I love being part of the West Harlem CSA (community supported agriculture).

I have a half share, which means I only pick-up every other week, but I still need to plan carefully in order to use up all my produce. Below are some of my tips for making sure you eat your veggies before they go bad:

  • As soon as you get home, wash, trim, and thoroughly dry your veggies. It might take 30 minutes now, but the produce will be so much more accessible later in the week (i.e. after a long day at work). I recommend putting lettuce in salad tupperwares and trimming the leaves off beets, carrots, etc.
  • Use the most perishible vegetables first (lettuce greens, tomatoes) and save the heartier picks (onions, kale, carrots) for later.
  • Moisture can cause produce to rot more quickly, so make sure you DRY your produce after washing it. I like to put my veg in “green bags” along with a paper towel to soak up moisture.
  • Take stock of your produce and make a rough meal plan for the next week. You’ll be more likely to use up that bok choy if you have a recipe in mind!

After taking care of my veg, I set out for an evening recovery run (Tuesday was a double run day). I ran for about 30 minutes (3.5 miles-ish), nice and easy.

Lately I’ve been stepping up my mileage for marathon training and so my carbohydrate requirement has increased (carbs = energy for running!). Manna Organics recently sent me some samples to try out and I’ve been loving the all-natural, sprouted manna bread. So what exactly is manna bread??

It is a cake-like, sprouted, yeast free, organic, free of salt, no oils, no sweeteners, no leavening agents. Manna is a moist and delicious, high in protein and fiber.

The texture is very dense and the taste is sweet (from the fermented and sprouted grains). My favorite combination was the carrot raisin bread topped with whipped cream cheese. Yum! The only ingredients are sprouted organic wheat kernels, filtered water, organic carrots, and organic raisins. This bread does taste pretty “healthy” and the dense texture might take some getting used to, but it makes me feel really good when I eat it. For more information on the health benefits of sprouted bread, check out the Boston Globe article. You can order manna bread online or purchase it from any number of Whole Foods markets and health food stores. Look in the freezer section! Note: I am also a big fan of Ezekiel bread, another sprouted product.

Wednesday morning involved another early run. I ran 7 miles, including a few bridle path miles with my CPTC  teammate, Nicole. After I entered the mileage into my running log, I realized I had run 19 miles in Central Park over the past 24 hours. CP and I are going to be BFF by the end of marathon training….

Wednesday evening was a late one (Hot Chip concert in Central Park, whee!), so a run did NOT happen this morning. I slept in and then pulled another double –

3 miles on my lunch break (stress relief!!!) and then another 5 or so miles in CP with my roomie after work.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go catch the MOUSE that is frolicking in my apartment. UGH. New York City.

Question 1: Any tips for keeping produce fresh?

Question 2: Do you ever run doubles (i.e. 2 runs in one day)? Have a look at this RW article on running twice a day!

  • Hi! I just found your blog and wanted to let you know I am a new reader! 🙂

    I am training for my 1st half-marathon and I look forward to reading about your training for a full to snag some tips and ideas!

  • Ugh, my salad greens always go soggy and gross before I can finish them. Always! I use the paper towel method but after that I’ve got nothing!

    I’ve never run a double but I’m not a super experienced runner. Sounds kind of exhausting right now, not gonna lie.

    Manna bread sounds kind of crazy. I’ve been eating Ezekiel wraps for a while now but never tried their bread…bet I’d love it!

  • Lauren

    Wow do those Green Bags really work?! I recently signed up as part of a farm fresh cooperative in Philly and am a bit worried that I’ll get to many veggies to eat in time!

    I’m also a HUGE fan of Ezekiel bread. i look forward to trying the manna bread out whenever it enters the WholeFoods in my area and to reading this Boston Globe article!

    I started to run doubles when I began my 1/2 marathon training as a way to increase my mileage in a less intensive way, and it really worked! I don’t really run them anymore, but I know if I have a busy day ahead of me, that running doubles is a great way to fit in longer mileage!

  • Oops. Our mouse has been gone for some time now (I blocked every single hole I could find). I hope she didn’t travel down to your apartment !

  • Nicole

    I sometimes run a double only on Tuesdays. Morning run and speed workout with group in the evening. It’s exhausting. Love this blog!

  • I am so jelous of your Mana Bread collection! 🙂 My favorite is the Fig and Flax, toast it up in the toaster and it is so crunchy and yummy! The only issue is the size of it makes it very tricky to get out of the toaster.. crumbs everywhere!

  • Katerina

    i wish i would get hold of a bread like this. I might try some double run next week – but does it make sense when i do not run every day (i need my recovery days)?

  • I definitely want to try that bread! The carrot raisin sound delicious.

    Your tips on keeping produce fresh are great – I agree that planning out how you’ll use them is important!

    I don’t do doubles yet – it sounds like a great idea but I’m injury prone, so I’m hesitant…

    Re: the mouse – sticky traps all the way. Not pleasant, but they do the trick.

  • Ooh…you never had a Jewish mother. She would yell at you for refrigerating your tomatoes! It’s a thing. I don’t really understand it. I also try to wash my greens immediately – but did you know you aren’t supposed to pre-wash your strawberries? Fun fact. Too bad strawberry season is over.

    There’s no reason for me to run doubles, but sometimes when I’m particularly antsy I go out for two-a-days for fun. We have twisted senses of fun, huh? Veggies and running?

  • @Sarah – hehe, we DO have a very twisted sense of “fun”. Also – I keep the tomatoes on the counter. I think they get mushy in the fridge?

  • I know you’re not suppose to keep tomatoes in the fridge, or herbs in the crisper. I love Alton Brown (Food Network).

  • I am with people on the tomatoes in the fridge. Takes some of the flavor out of them when they are not room temperature. That said, I do, on occasion, refrigerate them to keep them longer.

    Great job on your runS!!!

  • Amy

    Tomatoes: they actually lose some of their “super food” powers when you put them in the fridge.

    Mouse: I prefer snap traps. Use peanut butter. They love it. I only know this because my cat likes to play with the mice that get in our apartment instead of actually killing them. Gotta love NYC!

  • I have never run a double — it is hard enough to get out once a day, much less twice!

    True story: when I was dating my wife, we both lived in NYC, she called me one night terrified and then fainted. I ran over there and … a mouse had run across her floor. Not a rat, a little baby mouse. It was caught on one of those glue traps the next day, and looked absolutely terrified!

  • Big fan of Ezekiel bread. I really liked the Manna bread but found that it gets moldy really fast (espeically in summer). You might try pre-slicing it (it was not pre-sliced when I used to get it, maybe that’s changed) and then freezing it with the slices separated by wax paper. Then it’s easy to just pull out what you want for thawing (toasting!).

  • I use the paper towel method all the time, and it definitely helps with my lettuce and carrots! I have never done two a days with running, but I might need to with a couple of my long runs the next couple of weeks. Can’t believe my marathon is only 2 months away!

  • Ohh I feel for you on the mouse sitch. That’s the WORST! One time (I have NO idea how) a mouse made it’s way into my fridge. It was seriously SICK. Anyway…no, I usually never run twice a day, but I sometimes workout twice, ie. Run in the am, yoga in the pm!

  • definitely prefer to leave my tomatoes out… though if i’m not gunna use em for a couple days i’ll toss em in the fridge. they definitely aren’t the same once you do that though. or at least i feel that way.

  • i try to freeze anything that i know i won’t get to eat before it goes bad.

    holy running batman, good work lady.

    i think i need manna bread in my life.

    gah. mouse. i would die if that happened to me. good luck!!!