Burning the candle at both ends

After a much (much!) needed rest day on Monday, I planned for a morning speed workout on Tuesday. Yikes, this workout was early and sweaty. I was definitely still feelin’ beat up from Sunday’s progression long run. I made it through the workout (thanks for the treadmill company Jacqui!), but my tired calves and early morning hour made it a toughie. The assigned workout was 5 x 1000m @ 5k pace with 200m recovery, but I extended the recovery jog to 400m.

  Activity  Reps  Distance   Duration       Pace
Warm Up 1 x         1.50 mi   00:14:20    9:33 min/mi
Intervals 5 x            .62 mi   00:04:00    6:26 min/mi
Recovery Run 1 x          1.00 mi   00:10:00    10:00 min/mi
Cool Down 1 x         3.39 mi   00:33:40    9:55 min/mi

 Total: 9 miles in around 1 hours, 17 minutes

I refueled with a smoothie made with 2 frozen bananas, 1 peach, 1 cup almond milk, 1 Tbs peanut butter, and a scoop of maca powder. Secret: I actually made and photographed the smoothie the night before and poured it into a to-go cup 🙂


I never sat down for a formal lunch, but rather had a bunch of mini-meals throughout the day –

carrots and peanut butter (a delicious combo!)


Crunch Gala apple


Ridiculously thick and creamy Siggi’s Skyr – it’s like Greek yogurt, but thicker!


Anddd a latte because I’m not getting enough sleep!


After work, I picked up my CSA vegetables. I am loving August’s bounty: lettuce, heirloom tomatoes, sweet corn, radishes, cabbage, Italian pepper, basil, cucumber, and onions, oh my! All organic and from upstate New York 🙂


I wish I could say I cooked a well-balanced dinner using those veggies, but alas…I did not. Instead, I met up with some friends at Pommes Frites! This tiny storefront in the E. Village sells the most amazing Belgian fries. The three of us split a large cone of fries and six (!!) dipping sauces: mango chutney, peanut satay, blue cheese, rosemary garlic mayo, Mexican ketchup, and sundried tomato mayo. I can always have vegetables tomorrow – it’s all about balance! These frites were amazingly delicious. Yum.



After my frites splurge, I headed to a nearby bar to meet two of my fav blogger friends for a drink. My beverage of choice? A michelada! My glass had a salted rim and was a mixture of ice cold beer, lime juice, and chili powder. Spicy!


I rounded out my night of fries + beer with some quality carbs: banana, whole wheat bread, and Jason’s Chocolate Hazlenut Butter. Plus water and herbal tea! I had plans for an early morning run and wanted to be well fueled and hydrated.


This morning I was up at 5:45am and out the door by 6. My first mile or so was rough (tired, cranky, slow), but I felt much better after that. The company I had on the bridle path (thanks Nicole, Kelly, and Shelby) made my 8.5 mile run pass by quickly.

Now, give this girl some caffeine. It’s going to be a long day.

Question: What time do you usually wake up? Do you run in the morning or at night?

  • I hear ya on the burning the candle at both ends thing. For the past two weeks or so between traveling and HLSing I don’t think I’ve gotten a single night 8 hours of sleep! I need to work on that this weekend! (it is my birthday, after all, I’m entitled to some extra sleep)

  • I usually wake up between 0430 and 0600 without an alarm clock. I like to run in the morning and get it over and done with, besides it being a great way to start the day.

    If I wait till the end of the day I can think of way too many excuses! I also have a hard time figuring out when/what to eat before an afternoon run.


  • p.s. The Girl Who Played with Fire is amazing! I couldn’t put it down!

  • man how do you do those early runs! haha so crazy! i usually do my runs after midnight since thats when i get of work. but its so busy at work now i couldnt do my 5+ miles i wanted yesterday :-/

  • I like running the morning WAY better than at night. For some reason running after work is hard on my stomach and it never feels right during my run! I just wish I had the motivation to get up as early as you do to do my runs in the morning!

  • Mornings are no friend of mine! I’ve been getting up earlier this summer for running purposes, but my preferred wake-up time is probably 8 or 9 AM. 5:45 this morning hurt – I’m surprised I was awake enough to recognize you guys when we crossed paths 🙂

  • I wish I could get back into morning running but I just value sleeping in too much! So I run at night which means not very much at the moment bcos of the heat/humidity…fail 🙁

    Pommes frites! There’s a french cafe here called Barbette that serves amazing ones with dipping sauce too. So good.

  • Have seen the movie “the girl with the dragon tattoo”? I love that book.

  • I wake up at 5:00 and I am running at 5:30. I love the early morning runs 🙂 You just gotta get use to it!

  • Oh, sweet pommes frites! The sight of those make me very sad I had to delay my vacation to Belgium 🙁

    I used to be a morning runner– up around 4:15 a.m., but since injury, I too have been burning more of the midnight oil, and often getting my workout on in the afternoon.

  • Your CSA box looks great!

    I wake up at 4:50am and head to the gym. Hopefully soon I’ll be heading out for a run instead since I’ve started running again post injury! I can workout at night, but it gives me so much energy that I can’t fall asleep!

  • Great entry!


  • burning the candle at both ends = story of my life. and i wouldn’t have it any other way! (then again, that’s probably why i needed my vacation…)

    i’m usually up by 6 during the week…sometimes 5:45 if i’m trying to make an early yoga class. i’m most productive in the morning and more socially productive after work, so i like to get out of bed and get things done in the am. i really forget what it means to sleep 8 hours a night, for better or worse.

    can’t wait for tonighttttt!

  • Pommes Frites is right in my hood! Never actually been there, though…I’m afraid I’ll get addicted!

    Awesome workout, sounds really tough!
    And wowww the CSA photo makes me wish I could get one! Being the only roomie in my apartment who eats food of nutritional value and not having much time (during the academic year) to cook new recipes, I think I’d be worried about using it up.

  • I haven’t been getting much sleep either lately and have to admit that I’ve had a few too many Starbucks shots in recent days as well! There is just something about fries in a cone with special sauces that makes it a totally different experience! They look delish!

  • Dude, I hope you get some good sleep tonight! As you now know, I’m an early riser – I heart mornings and early a.m. runs. Those miles flew by this morning – loved it! 🙂

    Jealous of your CSA loot!

  • Oh wow I have such a weakness for french fries. That restaurant would be dangerous for me!

    I have to run in the morning!

  • Carissa

    mmm. Pommes Frites. *drool*

    I am usually up around 5:15-5:30 unless I have a long run in the morning, at which I am up around 4:30 or so. I run early because I avoid the heat and traffic.

  • ahhh, the long days of the early morning runner. always tiring, yet fulfilling.

    these days i’m still adjusting to my long-ass commute, but otherwise i’d wake up early to run (or at this point, do yoga). i wake up around 6:15 just to get to work on time. oy! i’m hoping that come september i can get into a better routine – i’ll be working in manhattan, so things will be easier for sure!

    okay, those pomme frites looks AWESOME. may have to cave and be a good girlfriend and get some with BT. hah.

  • Erica

    Hi, I usually run the park around 6am. Actually without sounding like a groupy…I spotted you and your friends this am when I was entering the reservoir path. I got excited to see my fave blogger actually running 🙂

    I was hoping for some advice. I usually run 3-5 miles a few times a week but want to run a half marathon. Do you have any advice for building mileage? I seem to hit a wall. Maybe I’m not eating enough carbs the night before? Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!

  • my ideal time to run is around noon but i’m now being a real morning runner since starting my job. and i totally feel you about burning the candle at both ends! i feel like i never have a moment to breathe!

  • Hey Erica,

    Next time you see me in the park – say hi! We can run some miles together 🙂

    If you’re looking to add miles for 1/2 marathon training, my best advice would be to slowly build up. Perhaps you can try adding 5-10 minutes to one of your weekend runs every week. When you can run 10 miles (or 90 minutes) continuously, you should be ready for your first half. And some extra carbs (pizza! toast! cereal!) the night before a morning run certainly doesn’t hurt. Good luck!

  • I switch up when I run all the time. I don’t like having a rigid schedule because it becomes more of a chore and less fun. So I decide either the night before or that day when I feel like running.

  • Maureen

    This is regarding your previous post: do you find that your recovery socks really work? I am thinking of getting a pair because I feel like a lot of runners are using them these days.
    Oh and I also ran the Bronx Half Marathon and finished second in our age group…sounds great doesn’t it?! Wait until you hear the whole story. I was running late to the start because my boyfriend and I didn’t give ourselves enough time for the subway service early Sunday A.M. SO SLOW. We waited over thirty minutes for the C train to take us from Central Park West (72nd) to 125th St. I was SO annoyed because the bf told me we would only need one hour to get from the upper west side to the Bronx. WRONG. he wanted to run together,which prior to our arrival at the starting line sounded like a good idea. But it turns out the whole time I was mad at him for making us miss the start that I was practically sprinting to get away from him. Adrenaline Rush. I called nyrr to report that something must have been wrong with my chip because there is no way that I averaged 6:52 and my watch showed averaging 7:32. An nyrr employee told me that it could be that I crossed the starting mat in a strange manner. (I have never heard of that before)Who knows?! But I will never forget this race and hopefully will have a better reason to run fast in the future. Lastly, I hope my name will be taken off the list as second in the 25-29yr female group, as I have requested.

  • Erin

    I usually get up at 4:45 and hit the gym from 5:30-6:30/6:45… depending on what it is. Spin classes or lifting weights :). (Not a runner due to some serious back issues).

    Random question: I’ve been reading your posts for quite a while now and I know you don’t count calories (yay for you!!).. I was wondering if you wear a heart rate monitor – I’d be curious to see how many calories you burn during a typical workout. I know it is all dependent for an individual, but sometimes it’s hard for me to manage calorie dense foods for workouts (aka.. my nemesis of peanut butter!!)

  • My soul cries at how early I have to wake up to run in the summer! I have to go in the morning because of my work schedule

  • Erica

    Thanks so much for the advice. I will start building slowly (I bike on alternate running days but may try and run more). And I will certainly say hi next time!!

  • I have to get up before six for work so and that’s early enough! So I run after work around 6 oclock. If I’m doing a longer run I stick that on the weekend

  • Megan

    i love morning runs! im usually always up around 6.30 or 7am ..i love the mornings! i was always a morning person. 😀 cant wait to read that book!

  • Pommes Frites! I used to work down the street… it was deadly.

    I TRY to work out in the morning before I start the day, otherwise I keep pushing it back to “after breakfast” then “after lunch” then “later”…. you get the idea.

  • I am definitely an AM person. I feel good when I can get up at 5 and walk to dog, work on writing or exercise (if I don’t plan to in the evening), but lately I just can’t get myself up til 5 30 or 5 40. Makes for a rushed morning!

  • I am an AM person all the way. During the week, I’m always up no later than 7am…sometimes as early as 5am…on the weekend it’s USUALLY no later than 10. Even if I drink myself silly the night before, I have a hard time sleeping in. But…that’s what naps are for 🙂

  • I used to always run in the evenings or afternoons, but recently I have been running in the mornings. I always have struggled with morning runs because A) I always wake up very thirsty and hungry and B) I can’t run with much in my stomach. What is your advice? I try and hydrate well the night before but I still am really thirsty. I usually have to wake up 1 hour before I run to drink lots of water and have a bit of fuel.

  • holy shiz those fries + dipping sauces. those sound soooooo good right now!

    i can’t run in the mornings. i mean, i can but they are never very good. ideally i would like to run at 10am, but that usually doesn’t happen with that thing called work 🙂