Last Day in Santa Fe

Happy weekend! I’m back in the big apple and am putting my feet up after a 15-mile run (more about that later). But first, my last day in New Mexico was so much fun! I started the day with an easy 4 mile run and then Jess and I took the Rail Runner train from ABQ to Santa Fe for a day of exploring.

In Santa Fe we stopped at a little cafe for lunch. I protected my head and face from the desert sun with a straw hat and giant sunglasses =)

Oh my. I love enchiladas! I ordered the adovada pork enchilada (a local specialty) and devoured it along with rice, pinto beans, and pozole.

I like it spicy!

After lunch I headed to the Georgia O’Keefe museum. As an art history major, I loved Santa Fe! From the museums to the galleries on Canyon Road, this town was full of beautiful art.

We also spotted some very cool landmarks – including a very old church (St. Francis Basilica) with Romanesque architectural influences. Art history nerd alert!

And the Palace of the Governors – a public building that has been in continuous use since 1610. 400 years, crazy!

Mid-afternoon the heat was starting to get to me and I was feeling tired and cranky. Thank goodness we stumbled upon a chocolate shop that served homemade coconut milk ice cream! The shop girl told us that the coconut was actually pressed locally – how cool! I also bought an “aztec brownie” that happened to be gluten-free. Instead of flour it was made with quinoa flour. It was very dense and full of cinnamon and cacao nibs. Unlike anything I’ve had before – I liked it! It didn’t even last the train ride back to Albuquerque…

A gorgeous sunset closed out my final day in the Southwest.

Saturday was a long travel day, but I managed to get my butt out the door for a 9pm run when I got back to the city (umm, after taking an unplanned 3 hour nap). I just ran 3 easy miles, but if felt good to get my legs moving.

Weirdo confession: I am a very nervous flyer and every time I fly, I buy a bar of Ritter Sport Chocolate. This little ritual started about 4 years ago when I was on spring break in Europe and now I don’t like to fly without having some Ritter Sport in my tummy. It doesn’t hurt that this is delicious chocolate! YUM. I thought about only eating 1/2 the bar, but who was I kidding? I ate the whole thing.

After staying up way to late (oof jet lag), I dragged myself out of bed for a long run date with my girl, Shelby.

I fueled up with a peanut butter chocolate chip larabar (new flavor!).

And then I ran 15 miles.

I ran about 3 miles solo, met up Shelby for another 5 or so, and then joined some other teammates for the remaining miles. I don’t have a Garmin, so of course my mileage is an estimate. However, I ran for 2 hours and 20 minutes, so I’m pretty sure it was at least 15 miles. But still. I want a Garmin, wahhh. I don’t know why exactly, but I felt GOOD today (even though it was, like, 90 degrees and sunny). Maybe it was the company? Or the slow pace? Whatever it was, I’ll take it! No gu or anything on the run, but I did make 4-5 water fountain stops.

I finished my run and had one thought on my mind – something cold and sweet. How about a mocha frappuccino? The NY Times says it’s a good idea =)

Woo, I am sweaty. And I smell. But I’m feelin’ good!

Refuel: Greek yogurt, peanut butter, grapes, and Nature’s Path Heritage Flakes (my fav cereal btw).

Now, I need a nap.

Question: Do you have any “lucky charms” or superstitions about anything? Racing, traveling, test-taking, etc? I can’t be the only one who thinks chocolate will prevent my plane from crashing. Heh.

  • Ada

    I am glad you had a nice trip and it was great running (no pun intended) into you today! Let me know if you ever want to grab a bite:)

  • Sounds like a great way to end your trip! I didn’t know there was a train you can take between the two cities – that’s so cool! I wish it was easier to travel by train in the US.

    I can’t believe you ran last night and another 15 miles today. You are hard core. I wish I could do it! I want to do it. Hopefully when I’m running again….

    Superstitions – I usually eat the same meal the night before a race. Especially a big race. I ate it once and did really well the next day, so I just stick with it. When it comes to travel, I always print off two copies of the boarding pass – always freaked out I’ll lose it and they won’t let me on the plane!

    Welcome back to NYC!

  • Great job on the 15 mile run! I think it is a great idea to run different parts with different people.

    Superstitions- Surprisingly, I don’t have any running rituals as far as food goes! For test taking, I believe that caffeine is essential. Back in high school, I remember taking the ACT with about 3 cans of diet mountain dew 🙂

    Anyways I love your blog and because of you, I tried fage 0% greek yogurt for the first time. I eat at least a half cup of it every day. It is amazing!!

  • regan

    I have a superstition about flying as well… I have to touch the outside of the airplane before I get into it. An old boyfriend used to do it and calls it “tapping the bird”. I started doing it about ten years ago, and it’s a must for every flight. Silly, I know. Maybe I should switch to chocolate before flights instead…

  • Awesome run! How is the new larabar? Sounds delicious.

    I get very nervous about flying.I’ve only been on a plane twice.

  • I am about to get on an airplane in Minneapolis, and here is exactly what I will do as the plane takes off (I’m terrified of flying): shut my eyes, cover my ears, and count to 100 twice. I understand that I look like I am out of my mind. I don’t care. Rittersport would probably make more sense, and be more delicious, but it is what it is.

  • The only time I don’t feel guilty about napping is after a long run!

  • you should totally buy a garmin!! LOVE mine and can’t run without it!

  • I love Georgie O’Keeffe! So jealous of your trip 🙂

    I don’t really have any lucky charms, and I’m SUCH a nervous flyer that nothing (and I mean nothing) helps. Boo!

  • Your blog leaves me hungry! I love, love, love Cholula! Hope your vaca was a blast.

  • What an awesome trip! Love all the southwestern goodness you got to eat – oh my!
    I am procrastinating a run right now — you’re 9pm-er is giving motivation 😛

  • what purdy scenery out there! i’ll have to make the trip, one of these days. maybe first i should get a job and save money? yeahhh.

    i’m actually not very superstitious. i have a lot of habits and things, but i wouldn’t call them superstitions. i guess i’m just not a believer. hmmm.

    looking forward to my first run in a couple weeks, and eventually a fifteen miler… rock on girl!

  • Wow – amazing pics, girl!
    I could tell you were having a BLAST at Santa Fe 😀

  • Whoa, I think I need to adopt your chocolate superstition! I don’t really have any. Although, I went through a long phase in high school where I had to jump up and touch EVERY doorway I went through. And then one day I severely sprained my ankle doing it. And that was the end of that!

  • Just found your blog and love it! I’m a distance runner too (looking for a BQ this year!) and of course, I LOVE food. Traveling…like it, except for the plane rides. Never used to mind planes, but have since become anxious whenever I fly. My superstition is that I must touch the plane with my right hand and enter with my right foot. Weird, but makes me feel somewhat relieved 😉

  • Hi Megan! I’m just wondering if/how you cross train. I run a fair amount (though this heat is killing me!) but I take a weekly boot camp class at my gym and will usually do the elliptical/spinning/kickboxing another night. I think I need instructors telling me to do push-ups or I’d ignore my arms entirely 😛

    Just interested in your thoughts on cross training for runners. Thanks!

  • In high school and college I ate a peanut butter and honey sandwich for breakfast before every test!

  • Great run today! The company was good indeed! 🙂

    I don’t have any superstitions, per se, but I sleep with a stuffed walrus that I’ve had since I was 14. And I don’t sleep very well without him. I’m a weirdo.

  • I’ve never had a problem flying but I get super car sick on road trips if I don’t bring a cooler with really cold berries and fruit. They’re so refreshing that it helps me from getting nauseous!

  • When I used to play basketball I would always have the same free-throw routine. Once I realized my percentage was in the 80’s (which is really good) I wasn’t going to be changing anything about my routine!

  • Kristan

    I thought I was the only one with an “I must purchase this for every flight to ensure the safety of the plane” tradition. So happy I am not alone! I always purchase a pack of spearmint gum and a magazine I never end up reading because I’m too nervous on the flight.

  • You are adorable in that big floppy hat! I loved that pic!

  • Everytime, the night before a race, I have to wear my 1st ever race shirt (yes, it’s looking pretty bad by now), and of course, I have the same exact brekfast: oatmeal, banana and a small cup of coffee.

  • I love it- Ritter Sport is awesome! My little superstition whenever I fly is that if I have a flying companion, I have to hold their hand as we take off. It’s definitely residual from when I was a kid and my mom would hold my hand, but now I make my boyfriend do it! He’s thinks I’m a crazy person, but it makes me feel better. 🙂

  • Why no hydrate?

    I have recently started running. I’ve noticed that I never see runners with a water bottle? Why is that? Do you run with a water bottle?

  • Katerina

    its an interesting question – noticed the same.
    I am glad you had a nice holiday – i found your blog by chance and its great inspiration – i am training for my first half marathon in september and get here many useful tips!

  • Superstitions. Well, I always listen to the same songs before a race (works really well for marathons).

    Sounds like a lovely trip. Gorgeous sunset picture!

  • Love your blog…and I’m hungry now! 🙂

  • Meagan

    I want those new Larabar flavors, but I can’t seem to find them anywhere!!! I get nervous when flying as well, isn’t that normal!?!?!

  • Gorgeous sunset picture!!!!

    Like Kaitlin above…I also have a caffeine superstition. I’ve always been good at job interviews, but I feel that when I have a little extra kick, I tend to do better! I think because it makes me a bit more talkative (which I am already outside of interviews) and really let’s my true colors show when my nerves have taken over. I have received an offer at all but one place since HS, so perhaps it is my good luck charm! Haha

  • Amy

    I think I saw you running on Sunday on the Harlem Hill (you were heading south and I was running north as part of the NYC Tri). If I see you again, I’ll stop and chat, but I figured you’d understand since I was part of the race…