Good Beer in Brooklyn

I’m a big fan of social media. It helps me stay in touch with my friends, share my favorite recipes, and sometimes I even win stuff!  I follow Whole Foods Market on Twitter and was lucky enough to win a pair of tickets to the Good Beer event at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music). According to Edible Manhattan: “Good Beer at BAM offers an intimate setting for breweries, food artisans, and we who love them, to raise a glass (or few) to the role beer plays in the contemporary culinary culture.” I can toast to that!

The event started at 4pm, but seeing as full time job > beer drinking, I didn’t show up until 6:30pm-ish. Luckily, that still gave me 1 1/2 hours to sample the goods! 

Big thanks to Amy Cao for accompanying me to this fun event! Hooray for NYC foodies 🙂

My first beer of the evening was a taste of Blue Point Brewing Company’s Toasted Lager. Love this Long Island brewery!

I needed a little carb-y goodness along with my brew, so I sampled a jalapeno pretzel with honey mustard sauce from Sigmund’s Pretzel shop.

I mixed things up by having dessert first! The Ukrainian Cafe Glechik was serving up traditional Eastern European cherry-filled pierogis and pastry squares. YUM. The pastry had a dozen or so layers of flaky phillo dough filled with a light cream.

I paired my sweets with a summery Red Wagon IPA from Fire Island Beer Company. This IPA wasn’t too hoppy or bitter and I really enjoyed it.

Next, Amy and I explored the offerings upstairs –

I sampled a brushetta topped with tomato and oyster (or maybe it was clam?) from Roberta’s Pizza.

If you read my blog often, you know I’m not a big meat eater, however I make an exception for events like this. I don’t cook meat at home, but I’m a foodie at heart, so when I have the opportunity to sample delicious, local cuisine – I’m going to partake! The open-faced pulled pork sandwich from Jimmy’s No. 43 was quite possibly the best thing I ate all night. It was flavorful and juicy and just plain delicious!

Washed down with a sample of Peak Organic summer ale.

My second favorite of the night? Lightly dressed shrimp on a toasted roll from Luke’s Lobster. Mmm, summer!

I had a bite of organic valley cheddar cheese with chutney. Quality cheese, but a little boring considering the other food options.

And a glass of Abite Purple Haze. This beer was so light, it went down way to fast!

I was intrigued by Good Fork’s forbidden rice and pork dish – it was good, but required utensils. My hands were a little full (purse, camera, beer glass, plate), so it wasn’t the most party-friendly dish.

I had sampled quite a few beers by this point, so I decided to nibble on some Orwasher’s bread to soak up the booze. This bakery uses fermented grape skins as a leavener (yeast) – how cool is that??

I still had room for one of my favorite wheat beers – Southhampton Publick House Double White.

My last samples of the night were a freshly griddled tortilla filled with cotija mexican cheese, chicken (??), squash blossoms, and a green chili sauce. YUM. This was amazing! Unfortunately I didn’t get the name of the restaurant (I blame the beer…)

Paired with a Blond Bombshell from McNeill’s Brewery.

Phew, that’s a lot of beer for a weeknight, eh? I love going to wine/beer/food events (see recaps of Taste of the Nation and Vosges chocolate tasting), so I’ve learned a few tricks along the way.

  1. Be selective – you’ll have a lot to choose from, so don’t eat something just because it’s there. When you arrive at the event (wedding, baby shower, cocktail party, etc), survey the scene and only sample what looks unique or delicious!
  2. Only have a bite. It’s unfortunate, but if you try to eat everything you’ll get way too full (or drunk!). My strategy is to have a big, juicy bite and then throw the rest away (or even better – share with a friend!).
  3. Get some exercise and eat cleanly earlier in the day. When I have an indulgent night planned, I make sure to squeeze in a run and eat lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein for breakfast/lunch.
  4. Enjoy yourself! Fancy events and tastings don’t happen every day (unless you’re Frank Bruni), so enjoy yourself! You can always have a salad tomorrow.

In terms of running, I’ve been struggling a bit this week. I don’t know what’s wrong with me – BLAH. I DID manage to make it to the track on Tuesday, but it took quite the effort to get me there. I fit in a quick 3 miles on Wednesday (a short run is better than none, right? right?) and then ran 6 miles on Thursday. Unfortunately it was Megan vs. treadmill and the treadmill won. I got a little too interested in an E! True Hollywood Story on Miley Cyrus and slipped off the belt. Ouch. I am now sportin’ a pretty sweet brushburn on my right shin and a bruise on my left arm. I hit the floor about 1.25 miles into the run, but picked myself up and carried on for another 4.75 miles. At least there’s that…..

Also, 5k in Prospect Park tomorrow and you can still sign up! All the cool kids are doing it. Plus me.

Question 1: Anyone else ever fall off a treadmill? 

Question 2: What’s your favorite beer? (Can you tell I’m in weekend mode?!?)

Edited to add: Swollen and red ankle/shin. Thanks Treadmill!

  • Jen

    OMG falling off the treadmill is one of my worst fears! I have to hold on when I watch TV or I feel like I’m going to fall off…I almost did once. Scary. Glad you’re okay!!!!

  • Anne

    Oh no! I really feel for you on the treadmill. One time I hopped off it to get a towel, and thinking that I had paused it, I jumped back on, only to go flying! I actually ended up bruising my knee and had to take a couple weeks off from running. I think it was more embarrassing than anything when everyone came running over to see if I was okay. Um yeah, just majorly clumsy.

  • I never fallen on the treadmill, but I have tripped pretty badly, just the other day. Mu favorite type of beer are blondes. I prefer lighter beers.

  • Awww I feel for you! I fell off the treadmill once in college and created an extremely large scene in the packed gym by flying off the end of it after trying (and failing) to pick myself back up after slipping. I have a large scar on my knee 🙂 Ahh, memories…

    Beer: I enjoy a good hoegaarten, guinness, hefeweizen, etc.

  • I hope you aren’t too banged up from the treadmill. Of all my days on the beast, I’ve never fallen off, but that is probably lucky considering I try to read, listen to music, and keep myself from drowning in sweat all at the same time.

    My favorite beer is STELLA! I fell in love with the Belgian brew when I was living in London and now it has a special place in my heart 🙂

    Cheers to the weekend!

  • this is a small, small world. my friend thomas, who lives in brooklyn, knows amyblogschow – he told me about her blog when i started mine!

    too weird.

    happy (almost) weekend!!!

  • Ana

    Purple Haze!! i live about 45 minutes from Abita Springs and Abita beer is the best!

  • That sounds like an amazing beer event. I love beer! My favorite is Fat Tire from New Belgium Brewery – really, any of their beers could be my favorite. I also love Abita Purple Haze. It’s brewed in Louisiana and when I visited New Orleans for a race, I drank it by the gallon. 😉

    Sorry about the treadmill fall! That hasn’t happened to me (yet) but I have tripped and fallen on the trail numerous times. It’s never fun.

  • I can’t believe you fell off the treadmill!! I kind of want more details – how did people react? Were you scared/shocked as it happened? Embarrassed?

    My fave beer at the moment is spotted cow from wisconsin – so refreshing in the summer!

  • Yikes! I’ve never actually wiped out on the treadmill but I’ve come close in a “holy-crap-I’m-gonna-fall-no-wait-I’m-gonna-hop-off-the-back-really-awkwardly” kinda way. Glad you were ok!

  • Angharad – Haha, the treadmill incident was quite embarrasing. Several people came over to ask me if I was okay and a trainer offered me ice. Just for you I’m posting a photo of my lovely brushburn 🙂

    Lesson learned – I am a klutz and should probably stick to running outside.

  • looks like an awesome event! Do you follow the WF’s in Union Square? I’m pretty simple when it comes to beer – blue light is my favorite and it saddens me that you can’t find it on tap out here.

    Sorry about the treadmill fall – hope your leg feels better soon!

  • Good tips on foodie events. I always get too excited and grab everything I see. Im scared they will run out of food 😉

  • courtney

    i fell once and skinned both knees + bruises all over my arms. i seriously looked abused. now i’m super cool and wear that belt clip – better to look silly than deal with those injuries again!

  • gahhh. you’re right. i would have LOVED that event. oh well. there’s always next time…oh and peer pressure.

    those pretzels remind me of TON! ahh what an awesome time that was.

    i think i’ve come close to falling off once..

    favorite beer… maybe st. bernardus

    ahh oh so good.

  • i love how you go to all these fun foodie events. we need to find something like this to attend together. you know, that isn’t $1500 a ticket…

    so, ok i laughed a little at the falling off the treadmill. but: back in my running days, one time, i tripped and fell while on the first mile of a run. i went down face first onto the concrete and skinned my right knee…but i picked myself back up and ran another 3 miles. i realized about halfway through that there was something wet on my right shin, and i looked down and realized i was bleeding all over. yeah, unintelligent. my point being: i guess everyone goes down at some point? 🙂

  • Sigh. You live such a glamorous life. Even your treadmill faceplants are glamorous. Even those pierogis which kind of look like brains in that picture are glamorous. Looks like an amazing night!

    I am sure I’ve fallen off the treadmill, but hopefully I fell on my head hard enough to forget it. Beer, on the other hand, is a much more exciting topic: basic order in a boring bar is Yuengling. When I can find it, Fat Tire. But I’m constantly widening my horizons! And Leinie’s Honey Weiss has a very special place in my heart.

  • sarah’s comment cracks me up, but it’s so true – you attend the best of the best foodie events! next time, i’m comin’ with.

    never fallen off a treadmill, but i have dropped many things – and suavely left them on the ground, until i was done with the treadmill, as if i meant to do it. yep. 🙂

  • I love that you’re a beer drinker 🙂 I’m not too adventurous…I stick to my Bud or Miller Lite! Those eats look yummy, lucky girl 🙂

  • Free? Awesome! Free involving beer and food? Just downright amazing! LOL

    Sounds like such a fun time. I would have to say the best beer I’ve ever had was a stein I got at the Hofbrauhaus in Munich, Germany. Nothing has ever compared.

  • Madeline- Greens and Jeans

    Somehow I think it is vey fitting that beer drinking and falling off a treadmill are in the same post! I once dropped my iPod, stepped on the iPod and slid off the treadmill and hit my chin on the belt. Of course te gym was super crowded and everyone stopped what they were doing to stare at me. Awesome.

  • Yikes sister! You seriously gotta keep your eye on the mill!!! Shoot.

  • Sorry that happened – never fallen off a treadmill myself (knock on head), but I’ve managed to fall and scrape my knees pretty badly on the sidewalk.

    As for the beers…quite a few near the top of the list, and I know what you mean about getting the lay of the land first! My favorite beer when I go to the brewery that makes it (The Hunter-Gatherer, Columbia, SC) is their Pale Ale. The rest of the time, I’m partial to Shock Top and Harpoon IPA. Feel better soon!

  • i use a mechanical treadmill at home and it seems adquate for basic exercise..~

  • i prefer to use mechanical treadmills over electric treadmills;.`

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