Fueled by Enchiladas

Hello! Greetings from the American Southwest. Yesterday my friend and I visited a little town called Madrid. It was originally a mining town, but became a “ghost town” by mid-century. In recent years it’s become an artists colony with lots of cute little shops. I made sure to hydrate and re-fuel well after yesterday’s 5-mile run to make sure I had lots of energy for sightseeing. Whee!

One of my favorite spots was Java Junction – an iced coffee was SO refreshing in the 100 degree sun. Yikes.

After a few hours of sightseeing and shopping, we headed to Sandia Peak where we took a tram car to the top of the mountain. We were 10,000 feet up at the top and as we hiked around I definitely noticed the altitude.

At the base of the mountain we decided to watch the sunset over the desert and grab dinner at Sandiago’s.

We started off with crispy tortilla chips and salsa (salsa = vegetable, right??)

And then, my friends, I had the best plate of Mexican food EVER. I left VERY full, but how often does a girl get to indulge in cheesy blue corn enchiladas, black beans, and red & green chile rice with a sunset view? SO delicious. I left some rice on my plate, but devoured everything else. The blue corn tortillas were filled with zucchini, summer squash, black beans, cheese and topped with the local specialty – green chile sauce!!

Full of tortillas, beans, and cheese, I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. Reason #456786 why I love vacation – 8 hours of sleep every night!!

After breakfast and more sightseeing, I moseyed over to the gym at the University of New Mexico (they don’t ask for IDs!!) and hopped on a treadmill. Normally I favor outside running, but uh…it was 97 degrees outside. I ran a version of today’s scheduled Central Park Track Club tempo workout, making a few adjustments because of the altitude.

  • 1 mile warm-up (~9:00 pace)
  • 3 mile progression run (7:30, 7:15, 7:00 pace)
  • 3 mile cool-down (~9:00 pace)
  • Total: 7 miles in 58:45

I felt a little out of breath, but otherwise good.

When I was finished, Jess and I whipped up a quickie lunch:

OJ + seltzer and quesadillas made with flour tortillas, jalapeno havarti cheese, sauteed mushrooms, and salsa. Ready in about 10 minutes flat.

Staying healthy on vacation can pose some challenges, but it’s definitely possible. Below are some of my tips:

Staying Healthy on Vacation

  1. If you can’t fit in a formal workout, move any way you can. Bike, swim, walk everywhere, take the stairs, or do squats and lunges in your hotel room.
  2. Stay hydrated! Especially in dry climates and during the summer – your energy levels and digestive system will thank you. My personal favs are lightly sweetened lemonade, unsweetened iced tea, iced coffee, and ice water.
  3. Limit the alcohol. You’ll be much more likely to tackle an a.m. run if you choose a bottle of beer or glass of wine over a fishbowl sized margarita.
  4. Consider the vegetarian option at restaurants. Non-meat fare isn’t always healthier (hello pasta with alfredo sauce…), but it can help you get more fresh fruits & veggies. Fruits and veggies are hydrating, full of fiber, and packed with nutrition.
  5. Don’t sweat it. If you overindulge at dinner (see cheesy enchiladas above…) or miss a workout, it’s no biggie. It IS vacation after all! Just plan on running a mile or two longer tomorrow morning or having a light dinner to balance things out.

Question: What’s your dream vacation destination? I’d love to visit California and run the Big Sur Marathon!

  • i want southwester food 🙁

  • gahh southwestern*

  • You look so pretty in that pic! Thanks for your stay healthy on vacay tips! Have a blast!

  • I want to go to South Africa and cage dive with great white sharks! Love your healthy travel tips:)

  • There’s a lot of places I want to visit. Top on the list is a trip to Australia/New Zealand/Philippines.. and an Alaska Cruise. I also wanna make it to Italy.

    Plus there are places in the US I really would like to visit: Seattle, Portland, Boston, and many many more!

  • New Zealand! Or Japan! Or Nova Scotia (I’ve never been to Canada or Mexico)! I need to get out more. And now it’s more expensive to renew my passport…booo…

    Anyway, you look like you’re having a brilliant time. Those enchiladas are absurd. And I think you’ve guilted me into doing a tempo tomorrow morning. Enjoy the rest of the vacay!

  • I’ve always wanted to do the Big Sur marathon! Lets do it next year, okay?

  • You look relaxed and like you are having fun!!! YAY!

  • I have a lot of dream vacations…Italy, Croatia, Australia, French countryside(along a few Tour de France mountain stages), Japan, etc.

    Did you see this article about the San Fran Marathon? http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703283004575363214110587160.html

  • What a great vacay! And those enchiladas look to die. I have a million dream vacation destinations! Greece, Italy, Figi and New Zealand are at the top of the list. Now I just need to win the lottery…

  • Looks like your having such a great time!! How fun!

    I would LOVE to go to Spain and Tuscany. I also really want to visit Sonoma and Napa. I think that would be so beautiful and peaceful.

    Enjoy your time out there!

  • I would also love to explore more of california! I’ve been before but I feel like there is more for me there!

  • I would love to go to the bahamas and relax on the beach. Come one out to CA, spring and fall are perfect weather.

  • AHHHH SO MUCH FUN! I have never been to that part of the country and have always wanted to go. I love the idea of ghost towns being turned into artist’s colonies – my kind of place 🙂

    Ummm…I am absolutely dying over that delicious looking plate of enchiladas. I want those. Now.

    Happy vacationing!

    Enjoy 🙂

  • I’m impressed that you’re keeping up with the running in high altitudes! I get such bad altitude sickness, I don’t think I could handle it.

    Great healthy vacation tips!

  • Great tips! Sounds like you are having a blast! ALl your pictures are so pretty

  • Your vacation looks gorgeous! I LOVE the Southwest, and want to go back ASAP. I also really want to go to New Orleans!

  • Hey you are training in altitude! 🙂 Chips and salsa … well everything, in fact, looks tasty. Have fun.

  • Love the pics! I’m jealous of your enchiladas AND 8 hours of sleep every night! (It’s been one of those weeks!) I’d DYYYING to go to Greece! I’m greek and I have family there, so you’d think I would have gone by now. Just as soon as I have the money, I’m there!

  • I’ve never been to California but have often thought about going there to run the Big Sur Marathon! Other than that, Morocco and the Canary Islands are at the top of my vacation wish list.

  • CA is pretty cool, I want to Run in Japan, I think it would rock more then I could IMAGINE@

  • Yeah, careful with that altitude! My husband has bad sinuses and he gets crazy dizzy and lightheaded whenever we go high.