Clamcakes and chowda

Happy Monday blog readers! I’m back from a weekend of good food, wine, ocean, and friends. It was definitely a few days of indulgence, but I tried to keep things somewhat balanced. My college housemates and I ventured to Rhode Island this weekend for a little get-away. Saturday involved a 5am wake-up call and traveling, so I decided to take the day off from running. Every 10 days or so, I like to take a complete rest day from any sort of formal exercise – no yoga, no running, no spinning, etc.

Our seaside motel was small, but clean and steps away from the beach.

Even better? There was a BYOB seafood shack next door!

For dinner, the four of us shared a bunch of different seafood platters – fried cod, flounder, shrimp, scallops, clam strips, clamcakes,  lobster salad, coleslaw, and french fries. Maybe fried food isn’t the healthiest option, but you’ve gotta try the local specialities, right?? I especially enjoyed the clamcakes. They reminded me of Southern hush puppies – fried dough with yummy bits of clam mixed in, yum.

With a cup of clam chowda! The soup had big chunks of potato and clams and just a touch of cream.

With wine, of course.

We took some wine to the beach and worked off our dinner with a walk and game of catch. I actually woke up sore the next day from pitching the ball. Yikes, does this mean I’m getting old?

After 9 hours of sleep (yessssss!), my running buddy and I woke up to tackle a run along the beach. Before we hit the roads, I snacked on a lara bar

The weather was quite humid and sunny, but our route along the ocean and past Point Judith lighthouse kept us entertained. We ran for 1 hour, 16 minutes (about 8.5 miles) and then jumped in the ocean. Whee! The cold water felt awesome on my tired, hot legs.

Some iced coffee was necessary.

Whole grain bagel + veggie cream cheese + iced coffee = perfect post-long run fuel.

We spent the rest of the day froclicking in Rhode Island and then headed home just as the weather started to turn cloudy.

The weather in the city last night was gorgeous – mid 70’s and dry with a cool breeze. I took the opportunity to head out for another run. I looped around the paths of Central Park for about 30 minutes (3.5 miles) and really enjoyed myself. It was the perfect relaxing way to end my weekend! I ended up running 12 miles total for the day – it would have been better if I did it all at once, but sometimes you gotta be flexible.

I followed run #2 up with a clean, green salad – organic arugula, sliced cucumbers, parsley, feta cheese, hummus, sriracha sauce, and kashi crackers. And there may have been some haagen-dazs ice cream for dessert…It’s all about balance, right?

Question: What are your thoughts on seafood? I really DISLIKE sushi, but I enjoy salmon, tuna salad, cod, flounder, and shrimp!

*Special Announcement* – Want to run a 5k this weekend? The Central Park Track Club is hosting its first annual “Founder’s 5k” this weekend in Brooklyn. The course is fast and shaded and registration is still open!

  • I absolutely loooove seafood, though I usually prefer grilled or pan seared. I could be a vegetarian if not for fish, actually. Salmon, scallops, and shrimp are my favorite, but I’ll eat barbecued eel and baby octopi as well 🙂

    I love the PB chip Larabars too!

    And sometimes it’s kinda fun to do doubles…they make me feel like I’m intense!

  • I like all fish and shrimp, sometimes lobster and crab but no clams bleh :p

  • We must have opposite tastes, because sushi is literally the ONLY seafood I eat nowadays. haha.

  • sounds like you had a great time! I’ve never been to Rhode Island, but would love to check it out!

    I like some fish, but not usually shell fish. I really don’t get why all the seaside towns deep fry everything when it’s so fresh! That makes no sense to me at all!

  • I like all kinds of seafood (ok, except sea urchin. Anything that is nicknamed “pudding of the sea” does not need to be in my stomach.). I love sushi, though! Have you tried rolls with lots of sriracha sauce in/on them? Methinks you might change your tune! 🙂

  • yay for a fun beachy weekend! I love all seafood! I usually order some sort of fish at restaurants and make it at home when I have time. mmmm. flounder and scallops are top favs

  • Sounds like so much fun! And I know I’ve said this a MILLION times before, but I just love how balanced you are with your eating. You don’t freak out if the healthiest foods aren’t available, and you always do the best you can with what you’ve got. AND you enjoy yourself. I just love it! It seems like such a healthy mentality…one I hope to have one day!

  • Looks like such a FUN weekend. You’ve got such a great attitude toward fitness and food. Love love love it!!

  • Madeline- Greens and Jeans

    Aw, I love rhode island! I like seafood, but not anything with a shell! I’m going to shoot you an email in a bit with a question on my marathon training plan since you are my running guru!

  • Eileen

    Very cute bathing suit!

    I love most seafood, but I really dislike it breaded. I always feel like the breading makes everything soggy.

  • seafood, beach, running, and ice coffee… ahhh sounds perfect to me!

  • Yummy! I am picky about seafood but when I find something I like I REALLY like it. I don’t like sushi at all either but crab, lobster, cod, salmon…

    Your bathing suit is so cute!

  • hey Megan, I was on LinkedIn and you randomly popped up in “People You May Know” among people I actually do know.. I thought it was really funny because I read your blog and recognized your profile! Not sure why that happened though…
    Glad you had a fun weekend!

  • Oh man, I LOVE sushi. I actually enjoy most fish. Sometimes the smell of seafood gets to me – especially shrimp, but I’m usually game for anything. Your hushpuppies look delish!

  • I love all seafood…but lately I seem to be on a shrimp kick!

  • Dislike sushi? This is blasphemy!

    I love pretty much any seafood. I enjoyed lots of lobstah and chowdah when I lived up in Boston 🙂

    Glad you had an awesome trip! Can’t wait for the race on Sat! 🙂

  • What a fun getaway! I love taking semi-spontaneous trips like that, especially when they involve good food and drinking on the beach.

  • Looks like a fantastic weekend! If there was a time to chill at the beach, this was it. Also, that drink and straw picture is fabulous.

    never had seafood, so I can’t comment on the question. It does seem so…fishy…Actually, funny story: at an old job, an editor brought in an entire tin full of calamari TO THE OFFICE. It was literally the most horrific thing I had ever smelled, so I asked if she would bring it into the kitchen. “NO!” she yelled. So I got up, picked up my notes and found a new computer in another room. Later than night she got laid off. Ahh. Journalism. And THAT’S what happens when you eat squid!

  • Ahh I love vacation! Weekend getaways are so fun – that’s all I’ve been doing this summer since I don’t really have any formal vacay time to take – makes the world of difference to just get out of the city!
    Post-run breakfast looks amazing by the way!

  • LOVE seafood, including sushi. I could probably go vegan if not for my love of seafood. Even in elementary school, the first time anyone asked me what my favorite food was, the answer was “fried flounder.” Maybe, for those of us from the coast, it’s in the blood?

  • There is something about fried food – fish in particular – that screams at me to EAT IT. 🙂

  • I’m a huge fan of seafood in all it’s forms, but lobster rolls are what I hold on a seafood pedestal.

    Glad you had a fun weekend getaway with your pals!