Greetings from the Southwest! I’m in Albuquerque for the next few days, so stay tuned for lots of green chiles and some desert running.

First and foremost, the winner of the lara bar give-away is…

Tiffany says:

Took the survey!!! My favorite larabar is pb& j. I am amazed at home much it tastes like a pb & j sandwich. All of the flavors I have tried so far, I really like though, :) .

Tiffany – send me your mailing address: runnerskitchen [at] gmail [dot] com

Yesterday seemed really long, luckily it was also full of (mostly) fun stuff! Tuesday began with a 5:30am wake-up call and a 6am bus to La Guardia airport. I am in love with the M-60 bus! It only took about 30 minutes to get from my apartment in Harlem to the airport. SO much cheaper than a cab πŸ™‚

Healthy food options can be hard to come by when traveling, so I did some advance planning. I packed a 1/2 pint of blueberries and a baggie of Fiber One + cinnamon for breakfast and bought a greek yogurt and bottle of water once I passed through security. It was a healthy, fiber-packed breakfast! I enjoyed it while reading my new book (Run by Matt Fitzgerald) while waiting to board the plane.

I also packed a sliced summer squash to nibble on mid-morning. Throughout my various flights I stayed hydrated with multiple glasses of ice water and tomato juice.

Once I arrived in New Mexico, it was nearly 3pm East Coast time, so I snacked on a clif z bar to hold me over till lunch.

After I was reunited with my ABQ hosts (hi Jess and Edgar!), we stopped by a cute vegetarian restaurant called 20 Carrots for lunch.

I sipped on a homemade lemonade (fresh squeezed lemons!) and devoured the “sunny burger” – a patty made up of sunflower seeds, oats, and veggies. Served with homemade corn salad and tortilla chips. YUM.

After some more exploring (umm…I rode a bike outside for the first time in over a year! and didn’t crash…thank goodness), Jess and I found a rooftop bar with $1 beer specials. The beer was Boulder Brewing Company’s seasonal ale – what a deal!

Later on, we ventured to the Flying Star Cafe (a popular ABQ locale) for some food. I sipped on an iced mocha (made with whole milk!) and then later ordered a mango iced tea, 1/2 BLT on 9-grain bread and a green salad. The salad came with a yummy avocado vinaigrette.

The flying star also featured a delicious array of delectable desserts….I might have to return to sample some of the pies and cakes!

I just finished my first run in ABQ (Wednesday a.m.) – I took it nice and easy since we’re at about 5,000 feet altitude and I’m not used to it. I ran 5 miles in about 44:00 minutes and felt good. Yay! More Southwest adventures await!

Question: What’s your take on exercising while on vacation? Do you scale back on your running? Seek out gyms? Any advice for staying active?

  • Those desserts look really good! I love BLT sandwiches. They’re the best. I usually don’t do any workouts on vacations, we usually walk sooo much.

  • How did you find a Fage yogurt in an airport!? That is always my problem in airports, no healthy yogurts, just parfaits or Yoplait.

    I like to do running (not your kind) or walking or gym cardio on vacation. I save the strength training for at home usually.

  • If I’m staying in a hotel with a workout facility I definitely hit up that. But usually with vacationing, I do a TON more walking and that helps with staying fit. Also if it’s a beach vacation walks, volleyball, frisbee, playing in the water all help!

  • Rooftop dollar WHAT?! I’m moving to ABQ!!

    I usually just run when I’m traveling. Not as far or as fast as at home sometimes, but that’s ok. I love exploring new places in my running shoes!

  • I have to admit, I’m awful about exercising while on vacation. I always have the best intentions and throw my running shoes in my suitcase but somehow always seem to have too much fun and opt for sleeping in instead of going for a run. Hmm, yeah, I should work on that. πŸ™‚

  • I make a point of continuing my running and yoga while on vacation, but accept that my workout schedule may not look the same – no track workouts, for example. Also, on vacation I usually run for time, not distance. Hard to fit in swimming, though.

  • Maren

    Oh wow that sunny burger looks amazing! Glad ya made it there safely! I usually still run when I’m on vacation, but if I don’t have a lot of time, I sneak in some plyos in the hotel room! Hope you’re havin a wonderful trip!

  • Ro

    I love to run on vacation! I love it because I feel better about completly induldging in the food of the area (ex: gelato in Italy). I was recently in Ireland, Wales, and Englad and ran almost every day. You expierience the cities and towns differently that way then you do on a bus. And it is kind of cool to say that I have run in various countries! I do scale back though, I usually only run about 3 miles and like to do so outside as much as possible. While in Dublin, the city was kind of rough and since I did not completely know my way around and it would be way early in the morning when I ran, I decided it would be better to use the hotel gym. I never am disappointed though if I don’t get to run a lot because after all it is vacation–you’re there to sight see and tour and relax a little!

  • Tara Zalewsky

    Hey there πŸ™‚ I’m a runner that recently moved from Albuquerque to Pittsburgh. If you’re interested there’s a nice long trail along Tramway that runs between the city and the foothills. (Take I-25 North from Albuquerque to Tramway). I’d do it almost everyday I lived there. It goes past the prarie dogs πŸ™‚

    I love your blog, and was excited to see mention of NM! Stop by Fei’s Cafe on Central across from the University of NM for great Asian vegetarian and boba tea πŸ™‚


  • I love to exercise on vacation and see new places!

  • Tammy

    my advice…plan a vacation around an athletic event. Example….we are visiting my sister in CA in April and have decided to plan it around the Big Sur marathon. So not only will I exercise plenty there (26.2 miles!!) I will need to make sure I keep at it until then too.
    Your pictures look quite yummy!

  • I always plan to take the bus to the airport, and then never do. I TOTALLY need to. You’ve inspired meβ€”again! I really enjoy working out on vacation. If I’m short on time, I do things that really get my heart pumping quickly, like sets of squat jumps or manmakers or knee raises. It always makes me feel good. And of course, I do any extra walking possible. I think it’s important to remember that the little things DO make a difference. Have a great trip!

  • I’m horrible on vacation when it comes to running. I always have the best of intentions, but then end up not doing it at all πŸ™

  • I love running on vacation – it’s fun to explore new places via running, I think πŸ™‚

  • Ada

    Growing up I spent every summer in Abq, it’s so beautiful there! I hope you have a great trip and it was nice seeing you (albeit for a split second) the other day:)

  • Mmm I love Boulder Brewing Co beer. Especially seasonals. I miss beer but pregnancy health comes first these days!

  • It depends how long the vacation is. If I’m only gone a couple of days, I’ll try to get a bit of exercise in and not worry about it too much. If I’m gone for longer, I’m usually pretty good at finding time to work out – going for runs is definitely easiest.

    So I’m originally from Texas, but I’ve never been to NM… though I think that I would run/bike/hopscotch there for a piece of that pie.

  • awwwww ABQ!!! The land of mi familia! I love love love flying star-the green chile enchiladas are TO DIE FOR! I hope you are enjoying your stay! Make sure to put green chiles on everything πŸ™‚

  • I definitely work out on vacation. If I take more than 2 days off from exercise, I feel completely out of it. Before I started running, I would find a local gym to get some strength training and cardio in on the elliptical, but now that I am a fan of running, I hit the streets in the neighborhoods. I try to stay in my routine and not scale back at all.

  • Wow – southwestern food! It’s my favorite, not much more I can say than that.

    I always train on vacation and work trips (particularly on work trips, as I don’t usually have a car – great way to explore).

    I hope you enjoy Matt F.’s book – I’ve found it very helpful.

  • If I’m staying at a hotel and I’m nervous about running in the area I’m staying in, I’ll check out the gym. Otherwise, I love using running as an excuse to check out the area!

  • I always stay active on vacation even if I don’t get in formal workouts. Lots of walking definitely helps! My husband and I also have a TRX system and we take that with us a lot too…it is so easy to loop over the hotel room door and get an awesome workout in!

  • Flying Star is great. I’ve been there several times, and it was my cousin’s go-to coffee shop in Albuquerque. The place with incredible salsa is called ‘Sadie’s’: http://www.sadiesofnewmexico.com/

    There’s always a wait to get a table, but it’s definitely worth it.

  • saturday

    Oops, comment number 23 was me, but I forgot to change the name.

  • Ethan

    I rarely run on vacation, but I bike everywhere. When I’m traveling locally (by car, bus or train) I bring my bike with me. If I fly, I usually rent something. It’s a great way to see a new place, and you can cover so much ground as long as you don’t mind showing up sweaty at a new restaurant.

  • My boyfriend and I usually take city vacations, so I exercise by walking the city instead of taking the subway or a cab.

  • I’m an early morning riser so I usually make time for a run or body weight exercises in the mornings on vacation. It just makes my day start off great when I can sweat a bit. Looks like you’re going to have a blast!

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