98 degrees and rising

Nope, my blog post isn’t referring to the quadruple Platinum record released by a popular 90’s boy band, but rather to the record breaking temps that NYC has been hit with this week (103 degrees in Central Park yesterday afternoon, woo).

I started my morning in a very summery way – iced coffee from the cart near my subway stop and a big bowl of sliced peaches, banana, and wallaby maple yogurt. This yogurt is “Australian-style” and much different/thinner than Greek yogurt, but I like it! The consistency reminds me of kefir.

And then I had two fiber one chewy bars. Why do they have to taste like candy bars?? So good, but I know 18 grams of fiber at once (9g per bar) is probably a bad idea.

I was frantically busy all day and so lunch was gobbled up at my desk – a big container of arugula, chopped celery, croutons, and a morningstar farms spicy black bean burger with monterey jack.

Thanks to twitter, I found out that the Cooking Channel was sponsoring a People’s Pops  give-away about a block from my office. Around 3:30pm I ventured out in to the heat for a delicious (and free!) raspberry-basil popsicle. Yum.

Around 5pm I left the office to rush uptown for an appointment. I made a pit-stop to pick-up my CSA veggies, and then hopped back on the subway going downtown. With about 50 bajillion bags (including two large totes of vegetables), I zoomed into my gym to drop everything off. After a quick change-a-roo, I was back out the door for a 2.25 mile-ish warm-up to the E. 6th street track. Phew, still with me? It was a crazy hour and a half.

I did some strides and then got ready to pound out some track intervals in  the crazy heat. Big ups to fellow hardcore teammates who braved the heat. Are we insane? Uhh, probably.

The assigned workout was a pyramid: 2 x 800m @5k pace, 600m @5k pace, 400m @3k pace, 200m @mile pace. Recovery was 200m with a 400m recovery between sets.

This is how it went down:

Activity   Distance  Duration Pace
Warm Up   2.25 mi  00:19:00    8:26 min/mi
Intervals   800 m  00:03:08    6:18 min/mi
Intervals   600 m  00:02:19    6:12 min/mi
Intervals   400 m  00:01:27    5:50 min/mi
Intervals   200 m  00:00:39    5:13 min/mi
Intervals   800 m  00:03:06    6:14 min/mi
Intervals   600 m  00:02:17    6:07 min/mi
Intervals   400 m  00:01:25    5:41 min/mi
Intervals   200 m  00:00:38    5:05 min/mi
Recovery Run   1  mi  00:12:00    12:00 min/mi
Cool Down   2.25 mi  00:19:00    8:26 min/mi
I felt surprisingly okay during this workout (perhaps I’m becoming acclimated to the heat??). Drank nearly a whole bottle of water while running and a Gatorade after. Felt slightly woozy after I finished cooling down. Oof.

After a 2.25 mile ish cooldown, a shower and a trek back uptown, I unloaded my CSA bounty. I don’t think anything makes me so happy as fresh vegetables. Gorgeous!

This week’s share included:

  • green lettuce, arugula, kale, broccoli, yellow squash, cucumber, beets, radishes, scallions, baby bok choy, and chard.

I also picked up a few more essentials from the grocery store – a block of tofu, peaches, blueberries, hummus, and Greek yogurt.

I felt a little nauseated post-run (oh, summer heat), but I made myself eat some dinner anyway. I tossed together some arugula, sliced zucchini, about 1/2 cup hummus, some kashi crackers, and sriracha sauce. Not exactly gourmet cooking, but it did the trick.

After I rehydrated and ate I felt back to normal, so I ended the night with a few helpings of mint chocolate chip ice cream. Yummmm.

Around 11pm I got the urge to cook – it’s going to be a busy week, so I thought I’d prep some food ahead of time. Stay tuned for the yummy (and veggie-packed!) recipe.

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Question: How are you staying cool this summer? Any tips for the rest of us?

  • Is there any way to keep cool these days? I do not have a/c here upstate so have been sitting writing in shorts and bikini tops to keep cool. LOL!

  • I am usually with y’all on the running through the heat part, but you folks win after last night. The fact that you made it that many times around the track without passing out is incredible. Yay for horrible running weather! Bring back the snow!

    I have no tips…other than to find libraries, hunker down with a magazine or your laptop, and save your energy bill at home.

  • No, I don’t have any tips other than chug water likes it’s your J-O-B! My AC only works when it feels like it so I am totally roasting–it’s terrible!

  • First, I keep the oven and stovetop off-no overhead fan in my apartment! So your salads look very appetizing to me! I also always douse my head in water before a workout, it stays in my hair for a while. Lastly, I wear as little as possible while running, as long as “the girls” have enough support: http://stellashopper.com/2010/07/sports-bras-in-action/

  • veronica

    Wow, great job in the crazy heat. I’ve been getting up at 5 am to run. And it’s hot then, but not nearly as hot as it is after work. I spent last evening sitting in an inflatable pool.

  • I have officially declared myself insane for signing up for a fall marathon considering that I live in Arizona. It is supposed to be 108 degrees here today. My only real tip is get out early and drink tons of water. It’s not too bad out at 5am!

  • mmmmm… the hummus on your salad is calling to me! Glad you made it through your crazy afternoon:)

  • I never run in the summer, so I am very impressed with your efforts to run in the heat. You’re amazing!

  • Wetting down my head, and running in the shade. Lots of water.

  • Smoothies always help remedy a hot day. I have a run tonight and it’s going to be around 95 degrees! My first scorcher of the summer.

  • I’ve been running early on weekend mornings and after 8PM on weeknights. Also snacking on frozen grapes cools me down quick after a run.

  • Complete, utter insanity out there last night. It was almost dream (nightmare) like conditions. Awesome work out there!!!

  • I know this HAS to be killing you guys. Being in Texas I am definitely used to the heat but I know that you guys are not! This has to be hard. Kind of like when it snowed here this winter and I thought I was going to literally freeze to death! haha! My inly tip is to run early and hydrate hydrate hydrate!!!

  • I’m a bit used to the heat, having lived and trained in south Florida for 18 years before moving to SC. I am considering picking up one of these, though – looks like it has potential…


  • I dooo cherish youuu for the rest of my life, you don’t have to think twice. I willll love you stillll, from the depths of my soul, it’s beyond my control…

    Amazed that those lyrics are still on the tip of my tongue!

    Fiber one bars taste so dang good because the first ingredient is crack. Well actually it’s chicory root extract (??) but I’m pretty sure that’s just a disguise.

    Awesome job on the intervals! I’m glad you didn’t melt on the track! 😉

  • Unrelated: I think I went to a 98 Degrees concert back in my younger days…

    I’m staying cool by staying in my air conditioned office as much as I can…and not thinking about my Con Ed bill when I crank up the a/c at home. For running, I’ve taken a water bottle the past few days because it’s been SO brutal. Nice job on the track – seriously don’t know how you did it!

  • Where do you have a CSA in NYC?? I didn’t know they had them here. Any yay for free pops in this weather!

  • AdrienneCarolyn

    Keep your facial and body moisturisers in the fridge…feels AMAZING after a post-run shower!!

    I also will randomly rinse my feet in freezing cold water a few times a day…kinda makes me seem weird in the office 🙂

    Oh, and eat tons of cucmbers…cold crunchy watery goodness…and beer…not so healthy but works like a charm!?