Sore Legs

Tuesday’s 12 x 400m workout really did a number on me. My legs were still sore Thursday evening, but I decided to go ahead with the planned tempo run (nothing hurt, just general tiredness). In preparation for what I was sure would be a tough effort, I tried to eat extra well throughout the day (no junk!).

I started off with some overnight oats – in a mostly empty jar of sunflower nut butter, I mixed oats, greek yogurt, almond mik, and cinnamon. I let this all sit in the fridge overnight and then topped with a sliced banana in the morning.

sunflower seed butter

overnight oats

I also sampled another Kardea bar – this time I tried the chai tea flavor and it was really good! I enjoyed the combination of black tea, cardamom, and cinnamom in the bar.


My day was non-stop busy, so lunch was eaten at my desk (wahhh, I wanted to go outside…) – I served some celery sticks with my homemade spinach-yogurt dip.


And then enjoyed a whole wheat wrap stuffed with hummus, mozzarella cheese, sprouts, and sriracha sauce.


It was a long afternoon. I needed a $4+ mocha light frappuccino like whoaa.

mocha light frapp

And then I went to the gym. Holy hell. I almost died. I was pressed for time, so I started out with a brief 1/2 mile warm-up and then moved on to the tempo:

  • 3 miles @ 1/2 marathon pace (7:10 pace)
  • 2 miles @ 10 mile pace (7:03 pace)
  • 1 mile @ 1ok pace (6:53 pace)
  • 6 miles in 42:30 (7:05 pace average)

This was a tough, I think my coach was trying to kill us when he assigned this workout.

I finished up with a 1/2 mile cool-down and the fastest shower ever. I skidaddled downtown for a dinner date with my gal pal Katie. We checked out a new casual vegan restaurant that’s been on our radar – Terri. I rehydrated with the “live long and be green” juice – made with apple, cucumber, spinach, Lemon, ginger. And for my din-din, I chose the Portobello Chimichurri sandwich that included pesto mint puree, grilled portobello, zucchini, red & yellow peppers, and red onions on whole wheat bread. It was pretty good, but it could have used some tofu or cheese to bulk it up.

mint chimichurri

green juice

Then I went home and realized I locked myself out my apartment. FAIL. And I didn’t know when the roomie would be getting back.


Luckily, my super isn’t above breaking and entering. He removed the lock and doorknob so I was able to get inside. The downside to this little operation was that Alma and I spent the night without a functioning door.  We live in Harlem. Who’s jealous of my glam NYC lifestyle???

Not one, but two Skinny Cow ice cream bars were necessary.


And some peanut butter from the jar. Lots. It was that kind of night.

The latest from True/Slant: How to make running more popular than baseball.

Moooo-ve over Gatorade, drinking this beverage after working out can burn fat faster.

Question: What’s your fav summertime drink? TGIF. I need a cold beer.

  • Word. Beer in the summertime is the greatest. Except for maybe Pimms but who has time to chop up all that fruit?! Not me.

    Your runs sound a bit hellacious this week – here’s to a more relaxed weekend? PB out of the jar = no shame. It’s like an instant stress reliever!

  • Katie

    Oh no! I can’t believe you got locked out…what a sad ending to a lovely dinner date! And I agree about the sandwiches — I could have eaten two of my wraps! Hello, bedtime snack the size of a legitimate meal…

  • I had sore legs today. Long run on Wed and then hills today. Nearly didn’t finish.

    Your tempos were great!

    Fav summertime drink – sangria, beer, white wine that is really cold, water.

  • Good thing you didn’t join us outside for the workout. The only word I recall from TR’s pre-run words was “suffer” … he wanted us to suffer. Thankfully, I’m racing on Saturday so no full workout for me. However, I saw the looks of those who did and … it was not a pretty sight.

  • Nice workout – what made you choose the TM instead of outside? (ehm, ok, anything besides the obnoxious humidity?).

    Fav drinks are probably an iced tea lemonade from SBux or a frosty hoegaarden-type beer with lemon. mmm

  • Dude, I don’t think a single person felt good in that workout! I applaud you for completing it. Luckily, I decided a week beforehand that I was going to do a small taper for the 3k at Icahn this coming Tuesday since I won’t be at the mini 10k (I’m sad I’m missing it; I’ll be on vacation)

    I’m surprised we had a workout so tough on thursday after tuesday’s was supposed to be “one of the hardest tests of our training cycle.” Anyways, I would’ve probably eaten 3-4 skinny cow ice cream pops, which would still more nutritious than the Ben and Jerry’s “AmeriCone Dream” I calorie-splurged on!

    Oh yeah, I’m not sure if the “website” I posted will work for non-strands users, but I had a VERY similar yogurt concoction for dinner last night!

  • I have no patience for smoothie-making or washing blenders, so Light Chocolate Silk is my go-to post-run quickie. I like choc soymilk more than the real thing. Also, I think you would really like this killer vegetarian restaurant I went to in Asheville. Summer cocktails are the bomb. Whip up a pitcher of Pimm’s Cup and get back to me.

  • P.S. My favorite Pimm’s Cup recipe (from my friend Katy):

    1/2 English cucumber, sliced
    1 lemon, sliced
    2 c Pimm’s No. 1
    1.5 cup lemonade
    1.5 cup ginger ale

    Let the cucumber, Pimm’s, and lemon hang in the fridge overnight. The next day add the rest. Stir.

  • My legs have been stiff as hell this week, yes! I’m not sure if it was Tuesday’s workout or Wednesdays mileage, but my calves are soooo tight. Ugh.

    Beer is definitely my go to summer drink. I’m cracking one open just as soon as I get my butt to the gym and get my workout done…I am totally avoiding it… 🙂

  • Okay, your 1/2 marathon time is faster than my fastest mile time! That’s awesome. 🙂

  • What a great workout and that picture of you and the face is adorable!! 🙂 Have a great Friday!!

  • Favorite summertime drink? I’m obsessed with water. haha but other than that? Probably beer.

  • mmm cold beer = perfect summer time drink. I’m pregnant so my strawberry juice with ginger ale will have to do:)

  • Sometimes Starbucks = So necessary
    That workout sounds like a killer! Did you rest in between?

  • life IS overwhelming. i’ve been feeling the same way lately – in fact, if I had locked myself out, i would have effing lost it. i applaud your much more gracious response to the whole situation 🙂

    guess we just gotta take it step by step, to-do list by to-do list and day by day, huh? better this than be bored, right? and yes, i am asking you these questions so you will confirm them, further rationalizing my decision to fill my life with way too many things.

    happy weekend lady!

  • So, I normally like to steal y’alls workouts, but..heh…not that one. That’s just a lot of FAST running. You did awesomeface though. On the treadmill, no less!

    Btw, that’s an adorable picture sadness. Someday I need to tell you the creepy Harlem apartment stories I gathered last year. Precious.

    Summer alcoholic drink? PBR, if it’s ice cold. Yeah, I went there. If the beer is lukewarm, then mojitos. Mmmm.

  • Jacqui

    You got locked out!! Oh nooooo. That’s the absolutely worst! I’m so sorry about that 🙁

    My summer drink? ice coffee, and ice cold gingerale. I’m such a baby 😛

  • Ellen

    Oh my goodness, yes, getting locked out is the WORST! Glad you got in. Well, my fave summertime drink is iced coffee, but I usually end up getting it hot because I drink it slower, which means more time to enjoy it 🙂

  • Getting locked out bloooooows! At least you were able to get back into your apartment!

  • Favorite summertime drink is absolutely lemonade! Glad you like the Kardea bars, the spices really come through in them I thought.

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