Running is my drug

C-r-a-n-k-y. That’s what I was last night. In fact, that’s how I’ve been feeling all  week. On Monday I headed straight home after work and climbed in bed with a jar of nutella and a book. It felt good to take a rest day, but it did nothing for my bad mood. I was feeling lethargic and blah yesterday…definitely not in the mood for a track workout. I’ve said it many times, but I’ll say it again – I’m probably only motivated and excited to run about 50% of the time. The other half of the time I really have to convince and cajole myself. But you know what? It always makes me feel better. As Ke$ha would say: Running is my drug. It’s a natural anti-depressant!

As I warmed up to the East River Track (about ~2 miles), I gave myself a little pep talk. I think at points I was actually talking to myself aloud. Luckily, I blended in with all the other crazy New Yorkers talking to themselves.

 When Coach described this interval workout, it sounded h-a-r-d. I’m not going to lie – just hearing about what we were in store for made me want to lie down in the grass and take a nap. Fortunately, I did not do that.

Yesterday’s assignment was a ladder workout:

  • 400m, 600m, 800m, 1000m @5k pace with 200m recovery (400m recovery after the 1000m)
  • 800m, 600m, 400m @3K pace with 200m recovery

And here’s how it went down –

Activity Reps Distance Duration Pace
Warm Up 1 x 2.14 mi 00:19:00 8:52 min/mi
Intervals 1 x 400 meters 00:01:34 6:18 min/mi
Intervals 1 x 600 meters 00:02:24 6:26 min/mi
Intervals 1 x 800 meters 00:03:09 6:20 min/mi
Intervals 1 x 1000 meters 00:03:55 6:18 min/mi
Intervals 1 x 800 meters 00:03:04 6:10 min/mi
Intervals 1 x 600 meters 00:02:17 6:07 min/mi
Intervals 1 x 400 meters 00:01:24 5:37 min/mi
Recovery Run 1 x 1 miles 00:12:00 12:00 min/mi
Cool Down 1 x 3 miles 00:25:00 8:20 min/mi


I was pretty pleased with this workout. I ended up leading my group for most of the intervals and that helped me to focus on the pace. I was also able to get faster for the second half of the workout – hooray! Afterwards I was so much happier – I practically skipped out of the track and on to my cool-down.

Even better than a successful track workout?? Ice cream with the team! We stopped at Lula’s Sweet Apothacary on E. 6th St and since I didn’t have a camera with my sweaty-self, please accept this stand in (from the last time I went):

Vegan Peanut Butter Fudge ice cream (made with cashew milk)!

Lula's vegan ice cream

Ice cream is delicious, but of course I needed some additional fuel when I got home –

Wasa crackers topped with nutella and sliced banana and a bowl of strawberries with Greek yogurt.

nutella and banana

And then I attacked the peanut butter jar as I packed my breakfast and lunch for the next day. Ehhh, no veggies in sight. Good thing I had a salad for lunch!


The latest from True/Slant – Pickles: Your new summer training buddy.

From the NY Times: Exercise and its role in burning body fat, regulating blood sugar, and controlling cholesterol levels.

Question: If you there was a pill you could take to stay trim and be healthy, would you still work out?

  • That is an interesting question. If there was a magic pill that would keep me fit I would still workout but truthfully I would probably enjoy my workouts more.

  • dude. i attached the same kind of peanut butter jar last night AND this morning. twins?

    i would still run ’cause i like it! yes, one reason that i run is to stay fit, but it’s also FUN! i miss it. 🙁

  • and by attached i mean attacked. i’m so smaaaat!

  • Random funny: my husband calls CPTC the “cranky pants track club.” I have no idea why. Whenever I am wearing my orange bra around he’s like, “Oh, is it cranky pants time?” It’s kind of hilarious.

    Anywho. Glad you felt better after the workout! I felt fantastic too!

    I’d like to think that I’d keep running/working out even if I didn’t need to for physical reasons! Running is definitely a mood-boosting drug for me too. And things like yoga – well, I just like the way I feel when I’m done with it!

  • Without a doubt, I would still workout! 🙂

  • I can definitely relate. There are plenty of times when I’m not in the mood but remember that I always feel better after a run. Don’t want to ever give up working out- the feeling I get after a run or any incredible workout could never be replaced by a pill!

  • Ellen

    Ohh good question. Yes, I would still work out, but probably just 3 times a week compared to my usual 6!

  • Ooof that workout doess look hard. I start to dread XC season and speedwork just looking at it. But looks like you ran it really, really well, so kudos! And I’ve never heard of making ice cream with cashew milk…it sounds intriguing…was it still just as rich as good ol’ Ben and Jerry’s? The vegan ice cream I like is Tempt Chocolate Coffee Biscotti (made with hemp milk), but I can definitely taste a difference in the richness. Tempt is better when I want a lighter treat. If I could take a pill to stay trim and healthy….well gosh, I think that would just be too good to be true! I’d probably still run because I love to compete, but I might stop running after college, whereas I don’t plan to right now.

  • I would still workout, but honestly… probably less. Exercise is a great stress reliever!

  • Definitely still workout (swim, yoga, run). It’s great that I’m losing weight right now, but even if that stopped (and it will at some point, smile) I’d still want to run like I do and more.

    I might start eating more indulgently though.

  • Hey, I live on 3rd and C! I run on that track all the time haha. I would definitely still workout. I like doing races, so that’s a good reason to stick with it

  • Pill or no pill, I would definitely still run for sure. I would probably nix the cross training, though 🙂

  • Yikes – I’ve that workout on my schedule tomorrow, a pyramid workout on the roads.

    BTW, we (my wife, really) tried your oatmeal/choc chip recipe – it was a big hit at our house. Fortunately, my 10 year-old was kind enough to save me two today. I didn’t tell him yet that I’d been snacking on them at work all day (between patients) and that I’d already eaten 6 of them before I got home.

  • Totally agree…running is so my drug and I get withdrawal without it! Nice workout…

  • I was visiting NY yesterday and today and “treated” myself to a nice morning run along west side highway…i’m so jealous you have such great places in the city! I must admit I was thinking to myself…i wonder if runner’s kitchen is out running somewhere right now! hahah 🙂

  • I hear ya. I was in SUCH a bad mood when I left work today, and I knew that while it might feel good to just curl up in a ball in bed, pounding the pavement was the only thing that would really make me feel better. So yes, I’d definitely still work out if there was a magic pill. Maybe not as frequently, but for sure.

  • Truthfully, I dont think I would run much, but I really do know I would still do it. And yoga. I definitely run for fitness but I also just love the feeling it gives me. And yoga is for my sanity!

  • Truthfully, I dont think I would run as much, but I really do know I would still do it. And yoga. I definitely run for fitness but I also just love the feeling it gives me. And yoga is for my sanity!

  • I run for fitness, but also for my soul! Maybe I wouldn’t get up quite so early though…

  • i’d definitely still exercise cause i love it! i think once you find what you love to do, it’s less about being motivated and more about spending your time doing something you enjoy – hence why you were at the track on a tuesday night or why i was in yoga class. plus, there’s really nothing that feels like that high afterwards, right?

    i need to go back to lula’s soon. future date, perhaps?

  • Um…I think my answer is pretty obvious, but no. Not only is running my drug, it’s also my hobby, my social outlet, and my main source of conversation (I’m kind of a boring conversationalist). On the other hand, I would 100 percent take the lifting pill and the stretching pill. No doubt.

    But yaaaaaaay to the workout! I like leading intervals. It makes me feel badass. I want to go to Lula’s too.

  • Sometimes my motivation for working out is just the feeling afterwards. SO good.

    Glad you had an awesome run!

  • Eileen

    Great workout! Just for perspective … your cooldown pace is my half-marathon pace. 🙂

    I would definitely still exercise, no matter what pill was available. It clears my head and makes everything better.

  • Kent – I’m so glad you liked the oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe. I almost baked another batch last night 🙂

    Eileen – Hehe, my “3 mile” cool-down at 8:20 pace was a generous estimate. I wouldn’t be surprised if I was running 10:00 pace and the mileage was actually more like 2.5 miles vs. 3.

  • Oh my gosh yes I would still workout. Exercise keeps me sane and energetic. I just don’t feel like myself without it… A pretty good addiction I’d say?

  • We’ve been racing a lot lately. Maybe crankiness is related to the mental stress from all the racing/pressure?

    That ladder was work. Even Sid skipped the 1k and half the downward ladder and he’s bionic. 🙂 Great splits!