NYRR Mini 10K Race Recap

In thinking about this race recap, I debated about whether I should be completely honest with you, my readers. Here’s the thing – on Friday night I went out to celebrate a friend’s birthday. I had a lot of fun, but I also was a very little irresponsible. I didn’t get home until 2:30am and I’d had more than my fair share of champagne and cake. This wouldn’t be so terrible except for the fact that I was signed up for the NYRR mini 10k Saturday morning. Usually I’m pretty good about my pre-race routine (hydrate, sleep, yada yada yada), but for whatever reason I guess I just felt like cutting loose on Friday. I woke up feeling pretty crappy on Saturday morning (6:30am wake-up call, woo), but I decided to suck it up. It was my own fault that I stayed out too late – so I decided to make the best of the situation. I downed a lot of water and caffeinated with an illy iced cappuccino (love these!). My pre-race fuel was a slice of ezekiel toast with pb & j and a luna bar.

pre-race breakfast

luna bar

After taking the subway down to Columbus Circle and dropping my bag at the gym, I set out on a 1.5 mile warm-up. I’m not going to sugar coat it – I felt hungover, tired, and dehydrated. Ugh. Luckily, once I got on the starting line the energy of the crowd and my proximity to Paula Radcliffe and Kara Goucher (two.feet.away.ahhh!) revitalized me a bit. As the gun went off, my brain shut off and my legs just took over. We headed up Central Park West and I hit the first mile in 6:49 and the second mile in 6:47 – much faster than I expected. At this point the endorphins started to kick in – that’s the only way I can explain how I ended up running so fast. I slowed a bit on the 3rd and 4th miles (Harlem Hills), but I still managed to PR and finish in 42:35 (~6:52 pace). That’s about 24 seconds faster than the Healthy Kidney 10k I ran a month ago. I honestly don’t really know how to wrap my head around this – obviously I’m really happy with a PR, but I’m also a little disappointed in myself. If I had actually slept for 7-8 hours and abstained from Andre, I’m sure I could have gone even faster. Or could I have? There’s so much about running that’s unknown, so much that’s dependent on the mind and not the body. There were races where I felt like I did everything right and yet still crashed and burned (i.e. more college races that I can count and ahem…the 2009 Boston Marathon). Anyway, I suppose the point of my honesty in this post isn’t too encourage pre-race partying (actually it’s a BAD idea), but to show you that your pre-race prep doesn’t have to be perfect. Things happen, you’re only young once. And sometimes, you can have your cake and eat it run well too.

Note: Even though I ran fairly fast, I was still 43rd in my age group. Damn. NYRR road races are competitive. I need to start running small town races. It would be nice to win something, heh.

Big thanks to my CPTC teammate who snapped this photo at mile 5 – isn’t my facial expression precious? Kidding.

Mini 10k

I finished up with a 1.5 mile cooldown and then a bunch of teammates and friends (including fellow bloggers Shelby and Sarah!) convened for an impromptu picnic.


In an attempt to consume more post-run protein, I downed a chocolate muscle milk light. Pros – it contained 20g protein. Cons – too expensive and tasted artificial. Next.

I also ate some cherries and snap peas. My body was craving produce.

Muscle Milk

Oh yeah, and about 3 or 4 oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies. I gobbled them up in the locker room of my gym. I was hangry.

oatmeal cookies

As an aside, Jacqui is my hero. This girl downed 2.4 lbs of Whole Foods macaroni and cheese post-race. Plus 26 (yup, 26!) ketchup packets. WIN.

Mac and cheese


The rest of my day involved a lot of showering, napping, and eating. I feel like I can’t really the convey the quantity of food I consume on long run and race days. I’m constantly having bites of this and spoonfuls of that. The highlights from yesterday afternoon/evening included a big bowl of Fage Greek yogurt with a chopped apple and a crushed granola bar.

yogurt and apples

A LOT of Trader Joe’s valencia peanut butter with flax seeds. Delicious.




Anddd some adult beverages, including a sangria made with star anise. Amazing!

star anise sangria

Mediterranean appetizers – grilled eggplant, falafel, whole wheat pita, and hummus. Yum.




And a few more beers in the Village. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy being 25 and living in NYC??

Phew, what a weekend. But before I sign off – I want to feature some homemade cookies that were sent to me by a fellow foodie friend. These chocolate chip cookies were based on the famous NY Times recipe published back in 2008 and they were delish. I’m not even going to tell you how many I ate on Friday, hehe. Thanks Brian!



It’s been a busy weekend on the NYC running scene – check out the coverage over on Running Shorts!

Question: What’s your favorite way to celebrate post-race?? (If your answer is beer, I won’t judge).

  • AR

    That’s pretty awesome, actually. 😉

    I once started a race while possibly still drunk (since the hangover didn’t hit until AFTER I finished) and ran one of my faster 5ks in the past few years. I still don’t know why. But I think part of it is getting out there and just not THINKING about it. Clearly nothing to get in the habit of doing, but its nice to know how you can do everything “wrong” sometimes and end up doing well: your training won’t lie even if you don’t set yourself up for success per se.

  • That finish photo is priceless. You can definitely see some of the struggle there.

    I think your body is so used to racing and kicking the speed in when it needs to that you can slack a bit on your pre-race routine and still be a-okay. I hope to get to that place at some point.

    I didn’t end up running this race because I got out of work too late on Thurs and Fri and couldn’t make it to NYRR to sign up! So mad I didn’t plan ahead more.

  • Agree with above. Sometimes when you don’t expect much of yourself you’re able to just do how you feel and focus on your body. I hope this race inspires confidence in you that while being hydrated (I recently read a running times article that’s making me drink a lot more water: http://runningtimes.com/Article.aspx?ArticleID=18677) you can run so, so much faster! I’m still sad that I could race AND be there for the post-race brunch! We’ll have to do it again soon, but we have our Brooklyn craft/food fair coming up on the 26th!

  • Oh, and Jacqui is AMAZING! So much lycopene running through her right now…

  • Hey! I actually saw you at the race 🙂 We were lined up pretty close in the corral and then you passed me around mile 4…
    My dad was taking pics at the finish around 42-43 min because I told him thats when I should be coming in and there were a few of you in there…I can email them to you if you would like 🙂 Congrats on an awesome race even if you didn’t feel so awesome…

  • Nice job! If my pre-race night was like that someone would have to scrape me off the roads 🙂

    Favorite way to celebrate after a race definitely involves treats like pizza or cookies. Can’t really go wrong with the pizza/beer combo!

  • We ARE only young once, and with a race sched as intense as yours, a few pre-race mistakes (ie, alcoholic beverage consumption) are totally acceptable. Congrats on your sa-weet PR! Hummus looks delicious… Where is it from??

  • And you still set a PR, wowza girl!
    Fro-yo is definitely my post race celebration!

  • I would go ahead and say you OWNED yesterday – no sleep, alcohol-infused blood stream, gross protein chocolate drink – but I think that title has to go to Jacqui. You come in second, though! Thank God for young metabolisms, sheer athleticism and work ethic. And that work ethic is totally applied to your drinking AND your running. I shouted obscenities back at Manhattan last night, btw. Fuggedaboudit.

  • Champagne: it’s good running fuel! I’ve been trying to convince myself of this for years.

    Sadly, for me, it’s resulted in belly flab rather than PRs. 🙂 I’ll keep trying though!

    You totally rocked it yesterday – and I had so much fun last night too! 🙂

  • Nicole

    Congrats! I set a PR for my half marathon in New Orleans…between the amazing fried oysters and wayy too many hurricanes it was bad haha I’m pretty sure I wasn’t sober until the end..its true though, anything goes! 🙂

  • Andre has gotten the best of me many a time. Congratulations on the PR!

  • You are amazing! A PR with a hangover! WOW!

  • Maybe it’s the ‘prep’ work you did on Friday?! Haha. In all honesty though, I feel like if your training is up to par and you generally take good care of yourself/get enough sleep then the night before you race is just not something that is going to ruin all of that.

    I can never sleep before a race but I just don’t think it matters if you’ve prepared well leading up!

    Um and HOW EXCITING that you were feet away from Kara Goucher and Paula Radcliffe!!

  • Laura

    Congrats! You are so super-duper speedy! You should definitely make it a point to do small town races for hardware. Placing in my age group was one of my New Year’s Resolutions (haha) and I actually did it in a tiny race in Florida! I think racing in NYC skews our perception of things a bit. Did you snap a pic of Kara and Paula? Were either of them visibly showing?
    Congrats on a great race!!!!

  • Dear yum town….
    I just discovered T.J.’s Flax Almond Butter, HOLY crap, yum town… Along with everything else you have pictured! Great run pic too!

  • Thank you for all the race congratulations! I promise to be a more responsible role model/runner in the future 🙂

    Sofia – the hummus is from a place called The Hummus Place (original, eh?) in the west village.

  • wow! Great race! Congratulations! I agree, running is a crazy sport and you never really know what’s going to happen until you’re out there on the course. I love the mini 10K – one of my favorite races – but was out of town. Great to hear your recap!

  • Congrats on the new PR! Post race soft serve on a warm day is always welcome 🙂

  • Jacqui

    I was just thinking – You should probably post my e-mail address so that I can be the recipient of judgy e-mails from “nutritionists” far and wide 😛

  • @Jacqui – Way to be the cause of the obesity crisis. And the oil spill. AND the ketchup stains on my shirt.

  • Jacqui

    @Sarah – Noooooo don’t make me the cause of the oil spill! I can’t take anymore of those cute, oil-covered duckies in the dawn commercials. I literally almost called one of those animal groups and gave them money.

    Ketchup stains – guilty!

  • Whoa! You’ve got quite the pace sister! I definitely agree you should do small town races. You’d seriously win them all.

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  • Eileen

    I think you’re in a zone. You train REALLY well, you have natural talent, and most of your food and drink are very nutritious. Congrats on the PR, and don’t overthink it!

  • Congrats on the PR! I think you can’t beat yourself up too much about what could have been. Like you said, you could do everything right and it wouldn’t end up like you hope. So celebrate the PR that you do have! Maybe champagne does make great running fuel.

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