Night running tips

Happy Summer! Yesterday marked the summer solstice and since I had the day off of work I was able to enjoy it fully 🙂

The bestie’s wedding was b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l and the day went by too fast. My hair salon appointment was scheduled for 8am on Sunday, so I dragged myself out of bed at 6:30am for a quick 4 mile run. It was early, but the only time all day I had to squeeze in some training. There will always be something waiting to get in the way of your runs (work, family obligations, happy hours, late nights…), but I try not to give myself the option of bailing. Buckle down and get it done! Plus, running early in the morning (or after a long day) makes me feel hard-core.

After my early a.m. run, the day flew by. Isn’t the bride gorgeous??

Jen and Jesse

All dressed up with my buddy Joe.

Megan and Joe



I snapped photos of my delish wedding dinner, but uhhh eggplant parmesan doesn’t photograph so well. Especially in black and white. Luckily cake and ice cream ALWAYS looks good 🙂


I think I danced every song and by the end of the night my feet were so ready for a break. Monday was spent in recovery mode (oh, open bar…). I celebrated the first day of summer with many hours of bare feet and cut off jean shorts. And a 3-hour nap.


What’s summer without a GIANT ice cream cone? Some friends and I went to Hillside Farms Dairy for a post-dinner treat. I devoured my chocolate-peanut butter waffle cone. Yum.


Did you notice anything missing from my day? Nap? Check. Ice cream? Check. Run? Oops.

To my mother’s dismay, I headed out for a night run shortly before 11pm. My new Nike compression shorts are wayyyy short, but I love ’em!

Night run

In an ideal world, we’d all be able to run during daylight hours or indoors, but sometimes you need to run super early or quite late. It’s possible that your gym will be closed and your training buddies will all be asleep. What to do? Running in the dark can be a viable (and safe!) option. Here are my tips:

  • Tell someone that you’re headed out for a run and let them know the route you’ll be taking and approximately how long you’ll be gone.
  • Bring identification (I love my road ID) and wear light colored/reflective clothing.
  • Do NOT wear headphones. You need to be aware of your surroundings.
  • Stick to well-lit streets and paths. If there’s not many cars, I like to run in the center of the road. There’s less chance of pot holes and it feels safer in case there are any creepers hiding alongside the road.
  • Think about investing in a headlamp or bringing along a flashlight.
  • Go slowly and focus on lifting your knees – if you shuffle, you’re more apt to trip on uneven pavement and pot holes.

Bored with corn on the cob? Try this tex-mex inspired corn salad.

How exactly do you prepare rhubarb? The June 2010 Food 411 newsletter has all the answers!

Question 1 : Have you ever eaten rhubarb?

Question 2: Do you have any night running tips?

  • Your blog is my favorite! I love how HC you are about running, your running times always inspire me! Thanks 🙂

  • I get way nervous running at night by myself, which is kind of dumb because I probably am just as likely to get kidnapped or something in the middle of the day.

  • Heather

    If I ran at 11PM, I would never get to sleep! Usually I try to get all workouts finished by 8PM. (I also don’t like to run after eating dinner.)

  • I’ve never ran at night, I’m more of an early morning person myself. But the same type of things apply. I try to stay in the middle of the road and keep my headphone volume low. Great tips!
    Glad to hear you had fun at the wedding!

  • I absolutely will never run at night alone again. I was grabbed by a man on a busy, well-lit street just after the sun went down. I got away, but it TERRIFIED me and I don’t want to ever put myself at risk like that again

  • Nicole

    Great tips! I run at 5am and never leave home without my MACE! Fortunatley, I’ve never had to use it. But just carrying it attached to my shorts, makes me feel much better.

    Great day to run!
    ps. I totally LOVE this blog!

  • I usually bring my cell phone the first time I run alone in an unfamiliar area until I feel comfortable…I hate running with it but it does make me feel safer…
    The wedding looked like a blast…love the bridesmaid dresses and the nike shorts!

  • I’m lucky to live in Nyc, I could never run at night in my parent’s town.. but I occassionally do here.

    I LOVE strawberry rhubarb pie. YUM

  • My husband will NOT let me go out for a run at night but fortunately we invested (more someone gave us) a treadmill so I can run indoors anytime! It’s nice. But it does take up space and is kind of annoying.

  • Glad you had a good time at the wedding. That ice cream cone is easily bigger than your head! 🙂

  • Great night running tips, I have nothing to add. I also don’t run at night anymore but that is just due to my schedule – I used to run at night and I loved it.

    I’ve eaten rhubarb only in dessert form – pie, crumble, sauce, etc. Best with strawberries I think, regardless of what the 411 newsletter says.

  • I don’t run at night, but when it’s pitch black out early in the a.m. I just make sure I’m extra aware of surroundings, never listen to music and stay in more well-lit spots. There always seem to be runners in Central Park, which makes me feel a bit safer.

    I hate rhubarb! I don’t even like the word rhubarb, actually 🙂

  • I love rhubarb! Especially rhubarb crumble!

  • Great tips! I usually run alone in the morning in the dark and it can sometimes be scary. Here’s a random note though…most attacks on women happen late at night versus early in the morning. Not that it can’t happen at any time of the day but I think that is worth noting…

  • I just made/ate rhubarb for the first time about two weeks ago – I made a rhubarb/strawberry crisp. Very delicious.

    Looks like a beautiful wedding.

  • VeganRunner

    My night-running tips:
    1. Run opposite the direction of traffic, especially if you are running in the road. Then you can see vehicles heading towards you.

    2. Run with someone if possible.

    3. Bring a phone–and turn it on! A lot of phones have tracking devices so that if you don’t get back in time, someone can track your phone. You can also use it to call a friend if you get lost.

    4. Take a martial arts class (you should do this anyway).

    5. Go buy a treadmill.

  • I always make sure to have my RoadID and a whistle with me at night. I wear a headlamp (dorky, I know) or use a small hand flashlight.

  • Ellen

    Napping and ice cream? Sounds like my perfect day! I occasionally go running in Central Park when it’s dark, and although other people were out, I just didn’t feel that safe. I like your tips though, no headphones is definitely a good rule to follow!

  • Rhubarb crumble = yum.
    I’ve never been night running. To be honest, it strikes me as a bit stressful with all the considerations you have to make. Mainly I think I’d be scared of potholes and crazy people…haha.
    No headphones would be a must for me!

  • Congrats to your bestie! And to you, too… it’s a big step when that happens!

    Great night running tips. I always wear my RoadID when I go out after dark, keep money in my shoe, and avoid places I know are secluded.

  • Jesse

    Strawberry Rhubarb Pie is my favorite way to eat rhubarb! Did you get some from your CSA?

  • Jessicat

    Love the cut-off tee! (hope I was of moderate inspiration for such craftiness…). 🙂

    Night running tips are looking good, I would probably only emphasize that awareness of surroundings should increase ten-fold. Those cars are just going to roll through those stop signs, and those bikers are just going to peel down those paths…it’s really up to you to be on high alert. Otherwise, I generally find running in the evening to be incredibly peaceful!