Kohlrabi and Froyo

Summer. Hot. Running. Those things have been the theme of the last few days. On Thursday morning I ran 3 morning miles with Alma. Run #1 and Shower #1 of the day. Later that evening I met up with CPTC for a tempo workout in the park. Man, it was brutal. Close to 90 degrees and humid. Yuck. The assigned workout was 2 x 2 miles @ 10k pace with 1 mile recovery jog in between. I knew I had to dial back my effort because of the heat, so I ended up running marathon pace (~7:35 pace) instead of 10k pace (~6:50 pace). My splits were 15:12 for the first 2 miles and 15:07 for the second set. I felt decent by the end, but it was still a hard effort. My mileage for the night was 8 miles (including warm-up and cool-down), so I totaled 11 for the day. Not bad for a Thursday!

After chugging loads of water, I refueled with a pb & j shake from my gym: 1.5 cups apple cider, big scoop of peanut butter, frozen banana, frozen strawberries, and 1 scoop of whey protein. Delicious!

pb&j smoothie

And thennn it was time for cookie baking and Real Housewives of New York with friends! I want this pink Kitchenaid mixer so badly…

cookie baking


3 chocolate chip cookies warm and fresh from the oven assisted in my refuel efforts 🙂


I got home around midnight and was still SO hungry, so I toasted up a slice of Ezekiel bread and topped it with hummus and cheese.


Ehhh, Friday was a less than stellar day. I was really upset that night (for reasons I don’t want to talk about on the bloggie) and did not end up running. However, Alma chased down the ice cream truck and brought me chocolate ice cream in bed. That was pretty awesome. Thanks roomie!

Sometimes shitty stuff happens, but I’m not going to let it ruin my summer, my day, or my morning. SO, on Saturday I did what always makes me feel better – long run with friends!

I ran 12.25 very sunny and sweaty miles in 1:47 with the company of some wonderful running buddies. It was hot (mid-80’s), but there was a decent breeze and we made sure to stop frequently at the water fountains.

At the end of my run, I bought an ice cold Gatorade from a street vendor. Is there anything better after a sweaty, summer run??


Well, if anything can top Gatorade, it’s frozen yogurt from Bloomingdale’s. I cannot express the love I have for this stuff. Thank you Jacqui for introducing me to it and changing my life for the better! Hehehe.

Obviously I did not have my camera with me (summer running = sports bra and shorts minimalism!), but luckily google images saved the day! I ordered a “small” peanut butter – so perfect after a long run. And I love that the “small” size is actually ginormous.


Apparently all that bridle path and reservoir running in CP made my legs very dirty –


After cleaning up (hello, cold shower), I decided to tackle a strange veggie that was included in last week’s CSA pick-up: Kohlrabi! This root veggie reminded me of a cross between broccoli and raw potato. Interesting! I cut off the pokey things, peeled it, and shaved 1/2 into my salad.


I mixed together a big bowl of CSA arugula, kohlrabi, Eggland’s Best hard-boiled egg, shredded mozzarella, hummus, garlic croutons, and sriracha sauce.

farmer's market salad

Perfect. I followed up all those veg with a slice of ezekiel toast with coconut butter and chocolate chips.

Coconut butter on toast

I’m getting ready to go on a running adventure – I will report back later! Here’s hoping it’s successful 🙂 Can you guess where I’ll be going???

Question: What’s the weirdest fruit or veggie you’ve ever eaten?

  • Weirdest fruit or veggie? I am probably the most boring person ever because I am pretty mainstream with my cooking. I am usually only adventurous when I go to resturaunts.

  • artichoke? its not really strange, just strange LOOKING!

  • Ellen

    Aww, I hope you’re feeling better. Ice cream and good friends do help though 🙂 And you have such a wonderful attitude…that will help you through.

    I’m never ever adventurous in my eating. I stepped out of my box a couple times to try brussel sprouts, but I just didn’t like ’em. At all!


  • omg I loooooove bloomies fro-yo…I have one of those frequent buyer cards because I go there so much…I love the PB and the coffee.

  • Jicama is, to me, the weirdest veggie I’ve ever eaten, probably because I still don’t quite know what to do with it other than shred it into salad.

    Brussel sprouts on the stalk are the weirdest veggie I’ve ever *seen* (I love me some brussel sprouts) – I didn’t even recognize them the first time I saw them. Totally science-fictiony-looking.

  • Bloomies fro-yo = mouth watering 🙂

    I’m pretty vanilla when it comes to veggies/fruits eaten. I remember being pretty proud of myself the first time I roasted beets (which means I definitely need to be more adventurous!)

  • Yessss! A long run ALWAYS helps those less than pleasant situations in life. Sorry you had a rough patch:)

  • dear megan,
    i am sorry you were having a down day. though i can’t be your partner in run-therapy at this time, i am certainly down for some fro-yo-therapy + girl talk. i am a good listener and avid ice cream/ fro-yo eater/ eater of delicious foods in general. so i’m here. 🙂 but anyway – good for you for runnin’ yer booty off and keeping a positive attitude.
    much love,
    sofia, the formerly gimpy fro-yo fiend.

  • I’m always amazed how dirty I am after my long runs! I have had kolhrabi before and it’s pretty good, but I don’t really seek it out!

  • Strangest fruit or veggie… An apple peach… It’s crunchy like an apple but sweet and tastes like a peach. I can’t wait for the farmers market to have them again this summer!

  • Whoa…you’ve got an Abraham Lincoln, feet on the ceiling thing going on in that picture. Awesome. Sorry to hear your Friday was crappy, but that froyo would brighten my day (p.s. – you in town Saturday?). Weirdest fruit or vegetable would probably be…um…taro root? I’m actually dying to try a durian, but I’m too chicken to pull the trigger and crack one open.

  • I tried to do a longish run on Saturday but got moving way too late! It was pretty humid by 9:30. I’ve got to get back in the swing of 7:00 a.m. runs on the weekends in the summer because it is the greatest feeling afterwards when your long run is done and it’s only 9 am!

  • I love kohlrabi – my parents grow it in their garden! It’s especially good with a slight sprinkling of salt. Yummm!
    I’m jealous of all your warm weather out there – all we’ve got on the West Coast this spring/summer is rain 🙁

  • i LOVE kohlrabi – so crunchy!

    and i am sorry to hear about the shitty stuff. it happens. but yes – you must NOT let it ruin your summer! you looked TOO CUTE at that wedding by the way – LOVED the bridesmaid dresses.

    happy tuesday night 🙂