I was told there’d be cake

Hello blog friends! I’m in a surprisingly good mood for being a tad sleep-deprived on a Monday. I was a bit MIA this weekend due to a weekend trip to Boston. I reunited with my college roomies for two fun days – I drank a little too much and didn’t sleep enough, but I did have a very excellent decent run on Sunday morning and a LOT of fun. Those are the important things, yes?

Before I left the city, I squeezed in a 4-ish mile run. It was supposed to be a long run, but you know…

A few hours later…I arrived in beantown!

44 Home

We had plenty of adult beverages! Including lots of fancy beers – gone are the days of “Natty Ice”. Thank goodness. However, I was most impressed with the pitcher of homemade horchata (a milky drink usually made of ground nuts, seeds, and spices)


Instead of a “sit-down dinner”, I ended up eating a lot of snacks (and cake!). It happens. There was homemade guacamole. Ole!


Mini pretzels sandwiches with a melted rolo in the middle. How cool, easy, yummy is that?? I want to try it with a mini pb cup next.

pretzel rolos

Someone brought homemade hot pepper jelly and served it over cream cheese. Holy, moly, this was good. I would have never tried this at home, but now I am intent on recreating it!

hot pepper jam

Someone loves Smitten Kitchen as much as I do – margarita cookies! These were a little sweet, a little salty, and the perfect accompaniment to party drinks!

margarita cookies

Homemade soft pretzels. Soft, sweet, dough-y, salty. ‘Nuff said.

soft pretzels

A strawberry-milk chocolate-jack daniels pie in a pecan crust. Amazingly delicious.

strawberry chocoalte pie

Homemade flan!


And the piece de resistance: Red velvet cake. Cream cheese icing. Friends. Beer. I couldn’t ask for a better Saturday night.

red velvet cake

red velvet cake

If you look closely, you can see the chocolate whiskey and beer cupcake in my hand. I failed to take a photo, but I can assure you they were wonderful.


It was a fun night.


The next morning…well, that wasn’t quite as much fun. I chugged some water, ate a fig newton, and then Hannah and I  hit the roads for a decently long run – 9 miles!

We rewarded ourselves with Starbucks iced coffee 🙂


Some post-run stretching occured. With a towel on my head. An apple was eaten at some point.

Picture 026

And then we ate a very yummy brunch at a greasy spoon in nearby Somerville – The Broken Yolk.

The Broken Yolk

I ordered a Greek omelet (spinach, tomatoes, oregano, and feta) with homefries and whole wheat toast.

Greek omelet

Shortly after, I was back on the bus to NYC….Why do fun weekends pass by so quickly??

Need some running inspiration? Read about the girl who ran 50 marathon in 50 states in less than 25 months!

Question 1: What’s your favorite omelet combination?

Question 2: What’s your favorite Smitten Kitchen recipe?

  • wow, can I PLEASE be friends with your friends!? They make all my favorite foods! Haha…this reminded me how tasty homemade peanut butter pretzels are:) Glad you had a good weekend!

  • Looks like a fun weekend! My favorite omelet add-ins is spinach, mushrooms and cheese!!!

  • That entire spread sounds absolutely delectable. I too love Smitten Kitchen, especially now that her posts have pictures of her adorable baby!

  • Ahh I think it’s so weird when bloggers from other states end up in my neighborhood! I hope you liked the Broken Yolk – I’m a big fan of our Somerville diners! We have a bunch!

  • Wow Megan, I never would have recovered from such an enormous food coma! You have amazing friends!!!

    As for omelettes, I love love love veggies. Give me some broccoli and cheddar (one of my FAVE combos) or spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions…actually, I bet an eggplant and parmesan omelette would be delish. You could cover it with marinara (b/c I can’t STAND ketchup on eggs!) and serve with focaccia.

    Nice to see you back and posting. Looks like a great weekend. 🙂

  • What a fun weekend!! My new favorite omelet add in is pesto. I shouldn’t be surprised seeing as it automatically makes pretty much everything more delightful!

  • Jessicat

    I am a lover of all things smitten kitchen, honestly, so I feel the need to categorize my likes –

    Sweet: blueberry crumb bars (when bluebs are in season…), and chocolate caramel crack(ers) (totally not just for passover).

    Savory: A lover of all things olives, I just made her pistachio tapenade and have been spreading it on everything. I’m thinking about asking salt if it wants to go steady…

    Drinks: The “tart marg”. It’s really not too sweet, super refreshing, and it made me feel super sophisticated while everyone else was drinking adult versions of slushies on cinco de mayo this year!

    See you soon!

  • Hey, you should have a weekend with amazing friends and ridiculous food. Oh wait. YOU DID. Y’all are adorable. My friend Maia bakes bread for us when we come over and it’s awesome…but she’s moving to Boston too!! Boo.

    The best omelet I ever had had caramelized onions and apple chutney. It was ridiculous.

  • Your Boston friends are way awesomer than mine – that food looks amazing!

    Not a huge omelet fan, but when in Rome I like spinach, asparagus, tomato and goat cheese.

  • Looks like a great weekend! Wow – you have some friends that are seriously creative cooks!

    I agree – this past weekend flew by in a second! I hope the week flies by just as fast…but I doubt it.

  • Sounds like you had a super fun weekend! I’m headed to Boston for a few days in September with my husband…just might have to hit you up for some food recs 🙂

  • Ashley

    I was wondering how many days you typically take off for recovery after a half marathon and if you feel it’s beneficial to do an easier workout when you’re still sore. I’m not an elite but not a new runner by any means, (have run two marathons, several shorter races) but I ran a fast (for me) half on sunday and set a new pr (1:49:35 seconds woo-hoo!!!!! lol) and i’m pretty sore but i’m also feeling pretty antsy lol. I’ve been walking the last two days but I’m wondering if it’s ok to get my cross-train on tomorrow even if I still feel sore and what you generally do.

    Also, how much do you eat on lighter workout days? I feel STARVING all darn day the last two days even though I definitely ate back enough on Sunday and have just walked the last couple days. Have you ever dealt with this?

  • Carly

    My favorite omlette is a western (ham, peppers, onions) but lately I have been getting into the veggie omlette (sans mushrooms because they’re always canned mushrooms- gross!). My all time favorite smitten kitchen recipe is the whiskey and beer cupcakes! They are absolutely outstanding, and my all time favorite. They also happen to pair oh so nicely with my favorite holiday- St Patrick’s Day!

  • Ellen

    I’m so jealous, I miss my college friends SO much! And oh my goodness, I am totally stealing that pretzel/Rolo idea for a cookout I’m going to this weekend. GENIUS. I love egg white omelettes…I usually go for a western kind..peppers/ham/cheese. I keep it simple.


  • How’d I find your blog? I have no idea… But I do know.. That after scrolling down and looking at all the yummy treats and eats, and knowing that you are a runner, that eats very similar to me.. I am so following this blog! 🙂

  • Just found your blog – thanks so much for the shoutout! Now that I’m done with marathons, I’m focusing a lot on describing my experiences and hopefully providing inspiration for other runners… hope you like it 🙂