17 miles and a scuttlebutt

So, where was I at 11pm Saturday night? In my bed. Sleeping. Hope you had a drink for me!

I hit the sheets early because I had a.m. long run plans with my running buddy Jacqui. I fueled up with some coffee and a banana with dark chocolate dreams peanut butter. Plus at least 4-5 more spoonfuls of crack dark chocolate dreams from the jar. And I wonder why my stomach hurts….

dark chocolate dreams

dark chocolate dreams

Whatevs, all that peanut butter must have fueled me well because I felt really good on today’s run. I wanted to do at least 12 miles, but I ended up running 17. Why, you ask? I wish I had an answer for you. I guess I was just feelin’ good. I ran 1.5 miles to the Engineer’s Gate where I met Jacqui, from there we did 10 miles together, and then I started to head back home. We battled gusty winds (25-30 mph!) for most of the run and they just started to subside a bit as I neared my apartment. I figured I should take advantage and run a few more miles, I ended up running some sunny loops of Morningside Park. After 17 miles and 2 hours, 34 minutes, I was ready to call it a day. I wore the Pearl Izumi’s for this run and LOVED them. No IT band pain at all. Woo-hoo! I only had a few sips of water fountain water throughout my run, so I ended my run at Rite Aid and snagged a Gatorade. Apologies to the cashier who had to touch my sweaty $10 bill.

Gatorade tasted amazing after all those sweaty miles, but why do they have to add “caramel color extract” and “glycerol ester of wood resin”. WTF.


I wore the Nike+ to get accurate mileage/time – 17.01 miles in 2:34:10 (9:04 pace). I felt relaxed the whole time, nice and easyyyy.

17 miles

I immediately hopped my sweaty self in the shower and then gobbled down a luna bar as I walked to the subway.

luna bar

After reading NY Mag’s pick for Best Vegetarian Sandwich, I knew I had to try one of those bad boys for myself. So to Brooklyn I went!

Saltie is a tiny sandwich shop located in the Williamsburg neighborhood of BK. The name Saltie refers not only to the nautical theme (Saltie = ocean going ship), but also to the menu’s offerings. A salty post-run lunch? Yes, please!


(Can you spot the hipster?)


After that monster long run, my body wanted calories + electrolytes and my “Scuttlebutt Sandwich” delivered. I received two THICK slices of house-made foccacia with hard-boiled egg, feta cheese, parsley, radishes, black olives, capers, pickled scallions (!!), and aioli stuffed in between. This was a serious sandwich, but oh-so-delicious. I cleaned my plate. There’s not much seating in this little place, but you could always grab a few sandwiches to go and enjoy your grub outdoors. They also have homemade ice cream (salted caramel, rhubarb, oh my!) and if I weren’t so full of foccacia, I would have tried it out. Next time.


Scuttlebutt Sandwich

Hi Agnes and Bill! My dining companions + Williamsburg tour guides:

Agnes & Bill

With a full belly, I hopped back on the L and returned to Manhattan. I stopped at Whole Foods for some essentials and then walked the mile or so back to my apartment. Seriously, blog friends – if you do a long run, try to walk a little bit later in the day. It will do wonders in preventing leg stiffness and soreness!

I snagged a coffee at Whole Paycheck and enjoyed it with a lavender shortbread that I bought at Saltie. Lavender shortbread sounds so gourmet, doesn’t it? It was buttery and delicious. Mmm.

Lavender shortbread

I’m sure I’ll have more peanut butter a real dinner later, but for now my tum is feelin’ pretty content. And best of all? I’ve run 56 miles this week and my IT band doesn’t hurt. Huzzah! I seriously cannot wait to start training for the NYC marathon. Here’s hoping that motivation can stay with me for the next 6 months!

Happy Mother’s Day – elite runner Kara Goucher is pregnant!

Wondering what to eat before and during a race? Sports R.D. Leslie Bonci has the answers.

Question: What’s your favorite SALTY food?

  • That’s great about no IT Band pain after 17 miles! Sounds like you had a perfect day to me, and the sandwich looks delish!!

  • I keep hearing of salted caramel ice cream, but until I actually get my hands on some, I love peanut butter

  • I love pretty much anything salty. Chips, crackers, popcorn…that kettle corn stuff that’s both sweet AND salty (heaven)…

    I chuckled at your sweaty $10 bill. I’ve made a habit of stopping a little bodega-stand-thing in Columbus Circle after runs in the park and I think the guy is starting to recognize me as that chick who gives him damp cash. 🙂

  • I also love Dark Chocolate Dreams PB! 17 miles is amazing, I am pretty jealous 🙂 One day I’ll get there, reading your blog is so inspiring! Anyway that sandwich looks yummy – I never thought of combining a hard boiled egg with feta (but I guess everything taste good with feta cheese anyway)!

  • Yay! Stupid overuse injury, begone! And, not to be gross, but I bet sweat is the least nasty substance poor NYC cashiers have to deal with. Ick. And bravo on the 17 miles!! I wanted to get in a last long, long run before BK, but I was not having it today. Ah well.

    Totes jealous of your Saltie venture. If I read one more Serious Eats post about how awesome that place is, I’m going to build scream (with lust for the Armada).

  • Sara

    So glad you enjoyed 17 healthy miles today! I keep coming back to your blog for inspiration that there is life after ITBS.

    Are you planning on running the Mini 10k? Especially now that Kara and Paula will be running?

  • You’re a machine! I’m glad to hear your Pearls are working out for you!

  • you are a BEAST with the mileage. not sure how you do it! rock on girl.

    saltie looks yum. will have to stop in! and yes to a drink (or two) soon – it’s pretty much all i do these days. sad but true!

  • YUM, that sandwich sounds and looks delicious!

    I also went for a long run yesterday – my knee’s been hurting a bit so I went even slower than usual and still ended up with a scary looking red bruise around the area that was hurting. I’m going to look into seeing someone about it today – really wish I hadn’t ignored all of my friend’s advice when they told me to get it checked out last week! 😛

    As for my favourite salty snack? I *love* puffed rice chips, like Crispy Minis. I can eat a few potato chips and be able to stop – but put a bag of Crispy Minis (or comparable store brand) in front of me? It will be gone in one sitting. 🙁

    – Alison

  • I do love sweets, but I would say I’m definitely a salty snacker. Pretzels are my downfall…don’t let me anywhere near a bowl of them at a party! But what’s one step better? Trader Joe’s peanut butter filled pretzels. HEAVEN.

  • You are so awesome…I love it! My favorite salty snack is preztels!

  • Liz

    I can no longer keep DCD PB in my house…It’s worse than crack for me!!!! Awesome job on 17 miles!! Woot-woot!!

  • Claire

    I knew Kara Goucher didn’t run Boston for a reason! Can you imagine how speedy her child is going to be, with two insanely fast parents? I want those genes.

  • Nice run woman!! It’s soo funny, I can’t wait for my marathon training to be DONE and you can’t wait to start. Ahh I remember those days back in January when I couldn’t wait to train – they are long gone for me now. I think you are going to rock NYC this fall. 🙂

  • Yeah, this is going to be predictable… french fries. I just love them with all my heart!
    Way to go on the 17 miles – I ran 10 yesterday and honestly felt like I had plenty of gas left in the tank – yay!

  • Go you with 17 miles! I always wonder if I should push myself farther when I’ve reached my goal distance and feel good, but I still want to avoid injury since I’m building up distance. Looks like it works for you though!
    Fav salty food HAS to be dark chocolate covered pretzels – sweet and salty = YES PLEASE!

  • OMG, next time I want to cry at mile 4.5 I’ll think of your 17 miler–it’ll nip the pity party in the bud. Way to go!

    I’m a sucker for tortilla chips. Like, koo koo for cocoa puffs for them. It’s mortifying and sad but I can eat a whole BIG bag and not think twice (I try to think of it as an accomplishment, but still…)

  • 17 miles, wow, great job!
    I love pretzels, with PB of course 🙂