Attention: We interrupt this week’s healthy living blogging for a dose of “20-something, living in the city”. Vegetables and moderation will return next week. Maybe.

Wednesday began with 7 sweaty sunny miles around CP and the reservoir with my girl, Jacqui. And then after work, I headed over to my favorite nail salon and treated myself to a pedicure. Actually, the pedicure wasn’t so much for me as it was for the people who have to look at my toesies. Running half-marathons does not make for pretty feet. Just sayin’.

After my pedi, I met up with bloggie friends Leslie and Katie for happy hour. Our attempt at finding a rooftop bar = major fail, but we did manage to find a 2-for-1 martini special. I opted for the french martini and the chocolate martini.

Major props to Katie – she took the following photo of our drinks….


AND introduced me to the amazingness that is The Lite Choice, almond butter flavor. The lite choice isn’t your usual froyo shop – they emphasize natural and organic ingredients and you can get any flavor you want, any time. I ordered a small almond-butter flavor (made with fresh ground almonds!!). Heaven. So much creamier than Tasti D-lite.


It was some time around this point that I realized how lucky I am to be young, single, and living in NYC. I’m sure there will be a time when I’ll want to settle down and have kids (mom, don’t hold your breath), but for now it’s pretty great to get post-work pedicures and indulge in martinis and froyo for dinner (note: I didn’t have just froyo for dinner, more snackage continued once I got home).

The good life continued on Thursday with some very economical eats. If I’m going to make a habit out of happy hour, I need to be diligent about packing my breakfast and lunch!

Meal numero uno was a bowl of overnight oats – greek yog, almond milk, oats, strawberries, cinnamon, and sunflower seed butter all mixed up and chilled in the fridge overnight.

overnight oats

Rice cake

My morning snack was two brown rice cakes topped with more sunflower seed butter. Rice cakes are kind of boring, I don’t think I shall be buying them again. However, they did the trick in keeping me energized, so I hit up the gym during my lunch break for a progression run.

  • mile 1 -8:20
  • mile 2 -8:00
  • mile 3-7:40
  • mile 4-7:20
  • 4 miles in 31:20

Feelin’ good, but sweaty, I rehydrated with an iced coffee. Water probably would have been better, but I was feelin’ rebellious.

iced coffee

Meal numero dos involved two slices of ezekiel bread with hummus, mozzarella cheese, sprouts, and sriracha sauce. A delightful combo.


I was going to have an apple for dessert, but then I ate jelly beans instead.

jelly beans

After work I hightailed it to Brooklyn for a “breakfast for dinner” party. How fun does that sound? Unfortunately, circumstances caused me to leave before food was served, but I did sample the bloody mary and sangria selection (priorities, right?)

bloody mary


“Dinner” ended up being some snacks on the subway – lots of chili lime cashews and a clif z bar.


I ended the night with a little birthday celebration for my gal pal Sofia. She chose the hip E. Village locale Sunburnt Cow as the meeting spot. I swear I’m not usually this cool. More drinks were had and I managed to head home in time for about 5 hours of sleep. Too many drinks? Probably. Real life 20-something behavior? Definitely. And besides, being perfect isn’t any fun!

vodka and soda

Sunburnt Cow

(Thanks for the photo Sofia!)

Question: What’s your favorite way to cut loose? Happy Hour? Going shopping isntead of the gym? An ice cream sundae? Healthy living = balanced living!

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  • Love to cut loose and may this weekend a bit. Depends on the mood what I do, though. Could be mojitos and a book in the sun, happy hour with friends, shopping…LOL!

  • I’m having so much fun with our happy hours. I don’t think I necessarily NEED liquor to cut loose (ha) but it certainly is nice to have good company. I also like to veg out in bed with a good book.

    Glad you had fun at Sofia’s party! And you are definitely more than cool enough for exclusive clubs 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  • Cut loose = Oreo. Double. Stuf.

  • so glad you came! officially in love. who says who’s cool, anyway? i rolled into a village-y kind of plaid shirt scene in a cocktail dress, pearls and a shit-ton of makeup. to each his own!

    oh, and perfection is for chumps. the roomie and i have a “failure is cool” graphic tee image on our fridge. rock.

  • sounds like a ton of fun – but I’m sorry you couldn’t enjoy the breakfast for dinner party! What a great idea!

    Now I have to try The Lite Choice. I always just thought it was a rip off when a ton of old Tasti-d-lites turned into TLC. Didn’t realize they use all natural ingredients. Thanks for the tip!

  • A big bowl of candy oats is my way to cut loose and stay fueled!

  • I am dying to try the Lite choice. Sounds like my kind of shop!

  • Anne

    Shopping and eating…two favorite things! Just curious…do you find when you eat like you did the past two nights, your running suffers? As big a foodie as I am, I just don’t indulge that often because then I can’t get a good workout, but I know it just doesn’t effect some people.

  • This is pretty funny, as I definitely had the thought just yesterday of “I will need to eat vegetables next week.” Yo, our arteries can handle it now.

  • Can I answer your question with “all of the above?” 🙂

    I am having a pretty non-healthy week too. I’m just lumping it all in to race recovery and telling myself I’ll get back on the wagon next week!

  • You found almond butter flavored fro yo?!?! I am already in love and I haven’t even tried it yet! So jealous! A breakfast for dinner party sounds awesome. And so does some sangria!

  • Almond flavored fro-yo? Holy yum…that had to have been awesome! I also LOVE your earrings in the picture…you are such a cutie! 🙂

  • Happy hour!!! I can’t even remember the last time that happened since I’m training for a marathon, but I do enjoy my nights out every once in a while. 😉 You’re so right balanced=healthy!

  • isnt sunbutter SO good? i am addicted to it. i love that.. healthy living=balanced living. so true!

  • wow, i look very sweaty in that photograph. regardless, i’m so glad you came on thursday! obviously you know my response to this, i believe letting loose is an essential – and most importantly, normal – part of balance. i want to make time for all the things i love – it ranges from “healthy” things like yoga classes and getting vegetables at the farmer’s market to happy hour and ice cream and staying out late on weeknights. it’s all necessary. 🙂

  • j

    The only way you can get me to eat a rice cake is to smear it with a thick layer of nut butter+jam (although that combo’s pretty good on anything I supppose….)

  • What a fun night! I love any time I get to spend with my girl friends! Nothing like a day of shopping wrapped up with a cocktail to make me a very happy gal

  • Ahh I live 3 blocks from sunburnt cow! Love that place. Do you live near Central Park? I wish I could get up there to run once in a while… 🙂

  • Ellen

    It’s so refreshing to see that you aren’t perfect ALL the time 😉 I’ve had TLC for dinner before too! It’s so good, especially the peanut butter…they grind the nuts right into the cup, it’s awesome!

    My favorite way to “cut loose” used to be numerous alcoholic beverages, but in my old(er) age, ice cream has been doing it for me lately. Hangovers are the worssst and they make me so lazy!