Homemade peanut butter ice cream

What do you get when you combine a weekend of sun and 85 degree temperatures and a brand new ice cream maker? HOMEMADE ICE CREAM! I based my creation on a recipe from the Peanut Butter & Co. cookbook. I am mostly happy with the result, but I think it’s going to take a few tries before I completely figure out the process. I’ve been reading up on homemade ice cream-making tips (did you know adding vodka can improve the texture?) and I’m already planning my next frozen experiment.


  • 1 quart of half n’ half (or 2 cups cream, 2 cups whole milk)
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 6 egg yolks, lightly beaten
  • 1 cup smooth peanut butter

peanut butter & co.

egg yolks


  • Combine the peanut butter, half ‘n half, brown sugar, and vanilla in a medium saucepan and heat over low until the sugar is dissolved.
  • Take 2-3 Tbs of the warm cream mixture and stir it into the egg yolks – this will raise the temperature of the yolks, so they don’t scramble when you add them to the saucepan.
  • Slowly pour the egg yolks into the cream mixture while stirring constantly. Cook over medium-low heat for about 5 minutes. 

cream and sugar

homemade ice cream

  • Pour the egg-cream mixture into a bowl and cover with saran wrap. Chill in the fridge until very cold (over night is best).
  • Plug in your electric ice cream maker and turn it on. Make sure the ice cream maker’s freezer bowl is COMPLETELY frozen. Get in the habit of storing your bowl in the freezer – makes things easier! Pour in the cream mixture and allow it to churn for approximately 30 minutes.
  • The ice cream will have a soft-serve like consistency. If you’d like it to be firmer, pop it into the freezer for a few hours. If you have the space, try storing your ice cream in a wide, shallow container instead of a tall, skinny one. This will ensure a more even consistency.
  • ice cream maker

    I topped my ice cream with some raspberry jam – instant pb&j!


    pb&j ice cream

    Running Updates: IT band is still feelin’ good – YAY. I ran 5 sweaty, but relaxed miles (45:00) yesterday and followed that up with ~45 minutes of pilates and yoga exercises. Alma convinced me it would be a good idea. It was. My hips and abs say thank you!

    Today, the roomie and I hit the roads around 7am for a morning run. I was not a fan of the pouring rain, but it still felt good to fit in 6 miles (54:00) before work. I think my least favorite part about running in the rain is having to trek back inside soaking wet. I hate the feeling of wet socks, yuck.

    I was trying to convey my crankiness.


    I have a few races coming up in the next 2 months (two 10ks and a half-marathon) and then NYC 2010 MARATHON training will begin July 1. Huzzah!

    Live in NYC? Check out this article on 10 FREE ways to get healthy (and have fun!) in May.

    My very funny friend Sarah offers up some hot-weather running advice.

    Do you have any running questions for me? About my routine? Motivation tips? Advice on gear? Leave your question in the comments and I’ll answer in a special running Q&A post later this week.

    • Sweet! This recipe looks awesome, and I’m getting an ice cream maker soon! Fun!

    • I wannnnnt an ice cream maker! I love running in the rain but I hate when my feet get all squishy!

    • Are ya doing Brooklyn half?

    • Tay

      I saw an ice cream maker at Costco and I’m seriously tempted to get it. How awesome!! And then you could make real ice cream, froyo, low fat ice cream, unique flavors, etc!!

    • Yummy!!! I love homemade ice cream. There is seriously nothing so refreshing in the summertime.

    • Here’s my questions:
      What are your thoughts on running negative splits in races and have you ever done it successfully?
      Can you explain what strides are?!


      Ice cream at your fingertips at all times? I WANT ONE.

    • Oh yum, ice cream sounds so good with how hot it is today! Glad your IT band is behaving!

    • Yum…peanut butter ice cream…do you think I could use chunky PB?

    • Heehee, thanks for the shout out. I am TOTALLY impressed with your ice cream making. That’s like a dream come true for me. Planning any crazy flavors? Need any help eating some? Eh? I’ll bring half-and-half.

    • Oh man, now in addition to the blender/food processor I want, I want an ice cream maker!

      I would really appreciate you commenting on your “rolling” routine. I don’t have IT band issues, but I get pretty tight in the legs and hips and was wondering if rolling out might help. Thanks!

    • Claire

      I have a question! I, too, am running the NYC Marathon in the fall, and I was wondering – is there a specific training plan you follow (did you find it in a certain book or on a certain website)? I’m just wondering which training plan you think is best!

    • I’m impressed. I was supposed to go runnning with a friend this morning, but when I heard that downpour this morning? I rolled right back over in my bed. (After my friend and I consulted via text whether or not we’d brave the deluge)

    • the fact that i have an ice cream maker (purchased from a yard sale) that i’ve yet to even try using makes me a little sad. one day when i’m feelin’ motivated… one day…. this looks amaaaazing!

    • Hannah

      I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and am always really impressed with how far you can run. I know running at long distances requires lots of practice, but here is my issue – after maybe 2 miles, my legs hurt so badly. To the point that they are throbbing. I’ve ran in a few 5k’s over the past couple years, but feel like I can’t do anything more than that. On top of my legs hurting during my run, the rest of the day they are sore and often throb. I now try to only run once or twice a week to not overdo it, but that doesn’t seem to make a difference. Is there a reason for this? Do you have any tips for ways to improve longer distance running?

      On a side note, your homemade ice cream looks so good! I’ve been wanting to buy one, but would like to find a soy recipe before the big purchase. I wonder if it’s as easy as using soy milk instead?

    • I really wish I had an ice cream maker so I could go make this RIGHT NOW!! Sounds delicious!

    • I’ve never made ice cream before but it is something I would like to try. I live in Chicago and have a very small kitchen so it’s hard to find the space for another appliance like an ice cream maker:(

    • Catherine

      How do you know when you need new running shoes? Do your feet/hips start to hurt or do you just asses by how worn out the soles are? It seems that I always have a hard time judging if I really need new shoes or if I am just wanting something new and pretty.

    • Nicole

      Hi! I LOVE your blog…I just wanted to know if you had any tips on how to get faster! I am trying to qualify for Boston and I am running a really flat marathon in October. I usually do speed and tempo runs every week (plus a long run) but I feel like they don’t really get me much faster..any tips/ideas? Thanks!

    • We have the same ice cream maker.

      Also, if there’s a peanut-involved ice cream on the menu of an ice cream place, I’m more likely to get it than something else.

    • Ashley

      As someone who is currently in training for a marathon, I was running how upping your training mileage affects your weight and also whether you estimate calorie intake?

    • There is nothing better than homemade ice cream! Yumm!

    • Rachel

      Hey Megan. I’m an avid reader and a fan on FB for your website! ;o) Love it.

      Okay, so I recently ran More’s Half Marathon (the pouring rain day on Apr. 25th) and developed Plantar Fasciitis. It wasn’t so bad at first and healed towards the end of the week. Unfortunately, the following Sunday (this past Sunday) I had a relay also and ran on it again. So yeah, it got worse. Now, I’ve been taking Ibuprofen here and there and just bought a Night Splint. How effective do you think the Night Splint is? Are there any other remedies you feel would work? I have a Superhero Half Marathon next Sunday (the 16th). It’s still a little painful. I saw some taping techniques online. Thoughts?

    • j

      I had been running for about 2 years and participating competetively in endurance events (mostly 1/2 mary’s and 1/2 iron men) for about a year when the dreaded IT band syndrome benched me about six months ago. Do you have any tips for the return to running? I’m especially struggling with my mentality; when I know I’ve run 13 miles at sub 8 minute pace it’s soooooo frustrating to struggle trying to maintain an 8:30 pace for a mile or two. I feel like I’m starting from scratch! How did you build up your speed and endurance so quickly after your IT band injury?

    • Whoa, that ice cream recipe sounds insanely good. I’ve always liked pb ice creams so it’s probably about time I made some of my own! Me and the ice cream maker are BFF. 🙂

    • YES. PLEASE. how much was your ice cream maker? i am thinking an investment in one is needed…

      and, does it still work if you use skim? hmmmm…

    • i love both peanut butter and cheeze as the filling of my morning sandwhich.’-~

    • i am allergic to peanuts so i can only taste a bit of peanut butter even if i love it so much.;:’

    • Melanie

      I’m going to try your recipe, but I’m a little confused – where exactly do you add the peanut butter? Does it go into the saucepan with the cream, or does it get added later?

    • @Melanie – good catch! The pb should be added to the saucepan with the cream. I just updated the recipe 🙂

    • Melanie

      Awesome! Thanks so much! Can’t wait to make it!!!

    • i love the taste of peanut butter but i have peanut allergy so i cant eat it’.`

    • i have also an allergy on peanute butter but i can eat a little of it-;`

    • This is one technology that I would love to be able to use for myself. It’s definitely a cut above the rest and I can’t wait until my provider has it. Your insight was what I needed. Thanks

    • peanut butters are very tasty, the only problem is that i have some very bad peanut allergy `*,

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